Spontaneous fast - my first over 24 hours


Last night I got home from work at 9:30pm and was preparing to make something to eat. My last meal was 24 hours prior. So, I was in the midst of an effortless 24 hour fast. Then I realized that I wasn’t that hungry and was about to just eat out of obligation to a schedule.

I decided to see how long I could hold off without eating and then see if I could fall asleep. The real hunger never came, which I found unusual. Normally, once I start eating after a 24-hour-ish fast, I end up eating a giant meal. Perhaps the flow of ghrelin didn’t get started last night because I didn’t eat. Took a little salt, and ultimately fell asleep around midnight.

I’m on the Dreaded Day Two now, but feel fine, other than the mental anxiety of dinner-time tonight. Took some salt under the tongue just now, am hydrated, and will add some potassium tonight. If I feel the need to “eat,” I have some bone broth in the fridge.

If I make it to tomorrow night, that’d be a solid 3 day fast, a first for me. It’s interesting (liberating?) not to have a pre-set length of fast in mind. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but we’ll see. It was also interesting that I spontaneously started fasting, which I think was helpful. Otherwise, I would have had unnecessary anxiety over “starting.”

I’ll report back…:sunglasses:


I’m curious to see how this goes for you. I never consciously reduced my eating window to 20 fast and 4 feast. It just happened. I’ve toyed with the idea of just continuing, but I “think” myself out of it. I’ll get there, I’m sure, soon enough. Best of luck.


Exactly. The “think” angle is spot on. Fasting is 75% mental, from what I’ve read (and experienced so far).


And now, here I am 25.5 hours in and not even hungry…hmmm…:thinking:


This is a win already Todd, if you can just get busy reading or something, then to sleep, you’ll have even more before you know it!


Yes. Getting to sleep is a hard one for me. I used to eat myself to sleep in the old days. Tons of carbs before bed, and out like a light. I’m 48 hours in now at 8:30 and am sort of hungry. Had bone broth with salt and pepper a couple of hours ago. I was worried it’d stimulate hunger but it’s not too bad right now. If I can get to sleep and get another 8 hours under my belt, I’ll be good through dinner tomorrow since I’m never hungry during the day. We shall see…


Woo-hoo, this is really good! I hope you’ll feel sleepy…verrrrrrry sleeeeeepppyyyyyyyyyyy and awake refreshed after a well fasted, healing sleep :wink:


Thankzzzzzzzzz! :sleeping_bed:


So, I broke my fast after about 28 hours, because…I just did. This morning I feel hungover. Wish I had some fun karaoke stories to go along with this feeling.

(jilliangordona) #10

This happens to me too, and I have never been able to find a reason for this phenomenon. Weird.


Unfortunately, my old hangover cure of kettle chips all day long is unacceptable.


Yep, I broke mine at 48 hours last night w/ macadamia nuts. No reason. Just did. I suppose I should have tried to plow through to today, but I have an important talk to give in front of a lot of people, but figured that’d probably not be the best time to experiment with my first 3-day fast!