Spam meat okay for ketogenic diet?

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Hey there, I started the ketogenic diet and been on it for 11 days. I noticed positive changes already, one being my blood sugar has dropped and I feel mental clarity. I decided to just switch to this being a lifestyle rather than a diet but I’m learning the cans and cannots of it in what you can eat or what is legitimate keto friendly meals or snacks. One of my questions is, is spam meat a doable snack or will it push you out of keto and Diet Pepsi?

(Stephanie ) #2

Everyone’s body is going to respond to foods differently. For me spam and diet soda has not affected me in any way. I have lost 60 lbs so far. Give it a try and see how your body acts.

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If the carbs are within your macros, Spam shouldn’t kick you out of ketosis. Is it the best quality whole food meat you can eat? No. Do I keep Vienna Sausages on hand in case I have an emergency meat snack need? Yes.

Diet Pepsi is another story. It’s not good for you but some folks can drink diet soda and it doesn’t effect them, others have problems with them. You’ll have to self experiment.


Just check the carb count, but most I’ve seen/used are quite good and no issues. We get the plain as well as a Smoked Flavor, and we use it here and there with mostly breakfast foods, but also mid-day or evening meals. :slight_smile: … I’ve actually seen quite a few others eating it. Just check out the ‘What did you Keto today’ threads. - Here’s the link for the most recent one, if you haven’t yet.

Image of some Spam, along with some other tasty meats… :yum:

@PetaMarie … and yep, we also always have many cans of Vienna Sausages in the cabinets. But honestly they are actually there for Pups. :slight_smile: … Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always enjoyed them myself, but haven’t been eating them for a while now. (Not to say I won’t, just been using them for the Pups)

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I fully expected to find a lengthy post by @juice, with screenshots, telling how Spam deserves to be its own food group etc… but I see @Digital_Dave beat him to it. :smiley:

Personally, the smell of it cures me of hunger… so in that sense, it’s great for keto from my POV. However, to each their own. Spam is fine as long as you can stand it.

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I thought it was you, but someone posted a story about a friend of theirs who was a bit overweight, but not seriously overweight, and after only cutting out their daily habit of drinking Diet Coke, they were able to lose all their extra weight. I don’t recall the person changing anything else about their diet.

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We’re tag-teaming it across timezones for more effective coverage.

Got a schedule setup in an online scheduler, just like our one about rules for noobs.

But yes, it probably should be its own food group. Closely related to [spoiler]actual[/spoiler] meat, but not quite.


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I could not have said it better. :slight_smile:


Y’all just haven’t had spam Hawaiian-style. You can’t appreciate art until you’ve met the artist.




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No but when I was on low carb last time I didn’t change anything but started drinking diet root beer and gained weight as if I was drinking regular pop. It took me a while to figure it out but when I stopped I started losing again.

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One caveat with non-sugar sweeteners is that every one of them seems to affect someone’s progress on keto. Fortunately, what doesn’t help one person may be fine for another. A couple of years ago there were forum members who had the time and patience to test themselves against various sweeteners (inferring an effect on insulin from the pattern of glucose readings). Some people found no effect from any of the sweeteners, but others found that one had an effect, even if the others didn’t. (This whole process would be a lot simpler if we could test insulin at home.)

While a non-sugar sweetener may not legally be sold in the U.S. if it affects people’s glucose, there is no requirement for such sweeteners to have no effect on insulin. The result is that manufacturers run tests to prove to the Food and Drug Administration that their product has no effect on glucose, but no one can afford to investigate any possible effect on insulin, and the manufacturers aren’t about to pay for such tests, because the FDA doesn’t require them.