Sous Vide all the things!


(AnnaLeeThal) #1

I’m taking mental inventory of everything I have in my deep freeze. I’ve been thinking for quite a long time of what I can do with the beef tongue that is vacuum sealed, then I found this recipe.

It seems like the perfect method to prepare tongue! @Brenda wanna come over for dinner? lol :joy:

(Krishna) #2

That sound like the perfect way to cook tongue. Let us know how it turns out!

(Bacon for the Win) #3

I love tongue! let us know how it comes out.

(AnnaLeeThal) #4

I may put it in tonight.

(Bacon for the Win) #5

see how long it will take and plan accordingly. We put the roast in and the finishing time messes with our plans for the morning. Looks like we’ll be getting a later start than what we had planned.

(AnnaLeeThal) #6

36 hours and counting

(AnnaLeeThal) #7

It turned out amazing! I thinly sliced the fatter part of the tongue and gave it a quick sear in butter in the hot pan. The rest I’m chopping up/shredding for taco meat.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #8

What’s it taste like? Still like beef, or more like organ meat?

(AnnaLeeThal) #9

It tastes like beef, but kinda rich. Not particularly organy. Very tender. Fatty.

I’m gonna be honest here. I have had this tongue in my freezer for a very very long time. I didn’t know if it would be freezer burnt or not. I did not taste a bit of freezer burn. Now I feel ok about the liver and heart I have in there too.


A searzall is the perfect companion for my sous vide. I use mine to sear everything, i actually have two. This tongue with the torch would be insane.

(AnnaLeeThal) #11

This might make my husband get interested in cooking.

I use a scorching hot cast iron skillet. It gets the job done.


You can use both at the same time, torch the food while its on the cast iron. Also If what you are searing has an odd shape the torch can get those details too.

Your husband will love it, i guarantee. The searzall is cheapest on amazon but you can get the propane and TS8000 torch (important to get this model) cheaper at any hardware store.