Sources for body weight exercises

(Bob M) #1

In a different thread, I said I would post a link to a person who illustrates body weight exercises. Here’s the one I was thinking of:

If anyone else has found some videos or websites that are helpful, for body weight training (including stretching, yoga, HIIT/aerobics, etc,) perhaps we can post them here.

I see people saying “I can’t go to the gym” all the time, but there are plenty of exercises to do at home, many of which require little to no equipment.

Also, cross fit has some workouts suitable for beginners and (way) beyond, and a great set of nutrition information too:


These are not free, but the Onnit classes are awesome. Six weeks of progressive exercises with clear instructions, excellent warm ups and cool downs and very creative workouts. Also there are three levels of difficulty, so you could repeat the 6 week cycle many times and stay challenged. I’ve taken the kettlebell and steel mace courses (which obviously require equipment) but there’s a bodyweight one as well.
Highly recommend.

(Old Baconian) #3

If by “body weight exercises” you mean exercises for weight loss, then be aware that studies have shown that exercise is of very little value for losing fat. But exercise has many other benefits, including muscle-building and metabolic health, and is well worth doing for those reasons, if one is so motivated.

(Edith) #4

Body weight exercise meaning strength/resistance training using one’s body instead of weights.

(Old Baconian) #5

Oh. Good to know. Thanks, Edie!

(Joey) #6

Bodyweight (= strength) training…

I’ve had considerable success constructing a personalized program I designed while drawing upon the following resources:

“Bodyweight Strength Training” / Bret Contreras
“Your Body is Your Gym” / Peter Paulson
“Designing Resistance Training Programs” / Fleck/Kraemer (includes weights)
“HIIT” / James Driver
“The HIIT Bible” / Steve Barrett
“Power of 10” / Adam Zickerman
“Strength Training Anatomy Workout” / Delavier
“Tabata Workout Handbook” / Roger Hall

Perhaps some of these might prove helpful. Best wishes :vulcan_salute:

(Bob M) #7

Paul, you don’t have to tell me. I’ve been exercising since I was 14 (15? 16?), body building, jogging, cycling (road and mountain), etc., and still managed to gain 90+ pounds. 56 now. ALWAYS have exercised. Only stopped gaining when I went low carb/keto.

(Bob M) #8

Oops…Don’t know why I forgot about books.

I have this one (you are your own gym), and another, although this one is more complete:

Of course, if you do get to the gym, I have books for that too.

(Old Baconian) #9

I wouldn’t know, Bob. I do sometimes get the urge to exercise, but I just lie down until it passes. :grin:

(Bob M) #10

Sounds good. I’m not a big believer in the “you must exercise for health” mantra, but I do feel better after exercising, and it does help reduce stress for me. Though I’m sure one could paint, visit with friends, go to church, listen to/play music, etc., and probably get similar benefits.

(Edith) #11

This is the one I currently use.