Sources for body weight exercises

(Butter Withaspoon) #21

Until a few months ago I had the flexibility to do a pistol squat, but not close to enough strength. Then I injured a knee, then today I banged up the other knee. After early enthusiasm things are on hold for a few days. Oops.
That first strength session a few days ago was fantastic though, I got a bit pumped in the quads

(Mark Rhodes) #22

Paul, just to point out, those with sarcopenia and T2D have a higher rate of mortality in their early 70s. I might make this a separate post but I need to read the study more fully first. @BuckRimfire you might be really interested as well.

As Clay Butler pointed out in LMHR on FB its not the 70 year old with strong bones and healthy muscle fading away in hospitals. More muscle mass allows one greater resources to draw upon in fighting infections and other health crisis.

(Mark Rhodes) #23

The there is this :

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #24

It’s also worth noting that cholesterol is an important part of the immune system, so keeping LDL up may contribute to a lowered rate of all-cause mortality (as observed, but not acknowledge, in a number of large, well-funded studies).

(Bob M) #25

That second study was in mice. Is it translatable to humans? Maybe, maybe not.

For that Japanese study, you have to watch for the healthy user effect. In other words, healthy users have more muscle mass, less sarcopenia, and they skew the results. True? It’s unclear, but possible.

(Joey) #26

Still, it’s an impressive study given that training mice to perform bodyweight exercise is extremely difficult. :wink:

(Bob M) #27

Mice studies are always hard to interpret. I think they are better at finding mechanisms that might be applicable to humans.

But many believe that muscle mass is good for longevity:

I’d like to believe this since (1) I tend to gain muscle mass somewhat easily; (2) I’ve been lifting for the last 40+ years; (3) I still like lifting after all that time; and (4) for me, lifting is by far the best stress-relieving exercise I’ve found.

But to the extent I want something to be true, I’m hesitant to believe studies are true. Especially those that agree with my biases, but that have flaws where if they didn’t agree with my biases, I’d ignore them.

(BuckRimfire) #28

I also find pistol squats to be a challenge in every way: balance, flexibility and strength. My hip flexibility is OK, as I can keep my unsupported foot off the ground (barely) but my ankle flexibility is a problem and tends to throw me off balance backward as I get low enough.

My spousal critter and I like to do them with mutual assistance at scenic locations. For a squat using the right leg, the assistant stands to your left, offers their left hand/wrist for you to grip with both hands, and cups their right hand under your left elbow, then follows you through the squat giving support as needed. I can almost do the first couple of reps without support, but my balance certainly needs help. I still hope one day to pull off a couple of these without assistance. I should gently stretch my ankles more often.

A couple of days ago, we did five sets each here:
Good times

(Joey) #29

Just confirms what many have observed lately: Not only are we entitled to our own opinions, we’re also entitled to our own science. :grimacing:

(Pete A) #30

Sources for bodyweight exercises?

Your body weight.

(Bob M) #31

True, but if you want to tell my 12 year old daughter to train using her body weight, what resource do you use for that?

(Robin) #32

A 14 year old boy.

(Pete A) #33

Resistance exercises using one’s own body weight.

I use my 150 lb body all the time as my weight.

Aside from my dumbells.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #34

Is there a source detailing what exercises to do? I’d hardly know where to begin.

Also, how does this differ from isometrics? And do any calisthenics count as body-weight exercise?

(Pete A) #35

I do 50 counter pushups everyday, planks, leg lifts more. Dumbells every other day. Qigong more yoga type things every day.

My body weight is my source.

It’s grown a lot with consistency in almost 5 years. And less than 20 carbs a day.:slight_smile:

(Robin) #36

Those stretchy resistance bands would qualify for this, yes? I have friends who use them and have videos they watch.

(Pete A) #37