(heather) #21

I’ve made this soup twice now( the second time I doubled it) and it’s amazing… Super amazing.

(Jacqueline Porter) #22

Cream of Celery Soup
1 head of celery chopped, leaves and all
1 small onion
1oz butter
1tbsp olive oil
Black pepper
Celery salt
700 - 1000mls vegetable stock
100mls double cream
Handful of fresh parsley
Sweat the onion and celery in the oil and butter until softened. Season with pepper and celery salt.
Add the vegetable stock to just cover and simmer until soft. Blend with a stick or processor.
Add cream and parsley and blend some more.

(Cathy) #23

The secret of a great soup is always starting with homemade bone broth. My current fave is Italian sausage soup with Parmesan. Veggies include zucchini, onion, garlic, canned diced tomatoes and bell pepper.


This can work as a soup, if its thinned out; or, as a gravy.

I take kind of an Alice Waters approach to cooking food…and tend not to tinker too much with the natural form of things- especially meats. So, I roasted a whole chicken in the cast iron Dutch oven, coated with olive oil. I seasoned it with salt and pepper, chopped up a couple shallots, garlic cloves and tossed in some sprigs of thyme and rosemary. Roasted for about 70 min.
Took the chicken out to rest it. Took all the drippings, added in a pint of sliced portobellos, picked out the sprigs, and got it hot adding in some heavy cream and little chicken broth. I poured all of it into the blender…drippings, shallots, garlic, mushrooms…all of it. Blasted into the most delicious gravy.

The barely cooked mushrooms thickened the gravy up better than flour, and created a wonderful umami flavoring with chicken and quinoa.

Now, for soup, I’d add in more broth and thin it a bit- maybe leaving some small chunks of mushrooms for texture.

(Cecile Seth) #25

Yum! This is what’s for dinner tonight! Thanks!