Sore tatas

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Since starting keto my breasts are sore right before and during my period. I’ve been IF for the last week 4:20 and now they’re sore and it’s no where near my period. I’m guessing it’s estrogen stored in the fat cells being released but who knows? Has anyone else experienced this?

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Just wondering, is there any chance of pregnancy?


I just finished listening to an episode of Keto Talk where Dr. Adam Nally specifically addresses estrogen being stored in fat cells and being released and how that results in symptoms in women, but it doesn’t specifically address soreness.

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I have ALWAYS experienced this during that time of the month. Welcome to the club. I’m sorry you’re here lol

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I can understand DURING that time of the month but NOT DURING? NOT FAIR!

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I always have it before - so that nice period between ovulating and my period starting. It would be wierd to have it afterwards and prior to ovulation - but who knows!!

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My breasts have been kinda tender for the last month or so. I even had a mammogram because I was concerned.


I’m sorry I can’t help… I’m (gratefully!) finished with my period. This may be obvious, but is it time for a new bra? Are you jumping around more?

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My breasts were not so fondly referred to as “The cones of pain” because of PCOS. I had almost constant PMS and they hurt so bad that I couldn’t stand to even have people LOOK in the general direction of my chest except for maybe one week after a period. When LCHF finally normalized my hormones, most of this pain went away EXCEPT out of the blue I had an unusually bad bout of it. I was cursing my body out and fantasizing about having mastectomies when I discovered I was pregnant. At age 41. After 11 years of unprotected marital sex (except for getting pregnant from an IVF). I though there was NO WAY I could be pregnant. I was wrong. Keto improves fertility. Even if you think there’s no way but you still have a uterus and ovaries, take a home pregnancy test to be sure. :smirk:

(BTW, not planned but very much wanted–my surprise is 16 now).

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No to both of those but thanks for the suggestions!

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It HAS to be related to hormones. I did a breast exam and no lumps so I’m just going to relax and hope it gets better. And there’s absolutely no way I can be pregnant. And if I am it’s an immaculate conception and the world heard it here first!! :smiley:

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Actually this is one of the symptoms that has increasing gotten much better. I have had sore breasts from peri-menopause through menopause – even into post-menopause (I’m 59). They were often painful and my doctor just said to stop all caffeine. I tried that for a short period of time and I didn’t notice any difference – but I did cut back anyway.

But now, since going Keto & IF, the pain is pretty much gone. It is one of many NSV’s that I’m really happy about. It did take a few weeks after starting to notice the difference, but it is a wonderful thing.

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Oh gosh, YES! Sore boobies! Used to get quite sore the days leading up to my period, but on keto it’s pretty much agony for two weeks prior to period (no touching thanks, hubby!). It’s a real nuisance, but I do hope and believe it will get better with time.

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I’m new here and sorry to revive an old topic but please take DIM and/or Calcium D Glucarate for lowing and metabolizing excess estrogens and to lower your risk of breast cancer. The CDG will also assist in weight loss if you have a lot to lose. If you’re at your goal weight with sore breasts, just take the DIM. And don’t believe what I wrote, please do this research for yourself!

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I used to get really bad pain for the whole two weeks before my period, but over the last 18ish months it’s settled - I’ve been keto just over two years now. Hopefully you just need to allow time for your hormones to settle as keto does rebalance things, which is why it’s so beneficial with conditions like PCOS.

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I’m six months into Keto and down about 30 pounds which is halfway to goal. I’m 47 years old, periods are regular. I use progesterone cream for mood regulation. I’m suddenly having this breast tenderness issue at the “wrong” part of my cycle, it makes no sense. And some hormonal acne as well which is frustrating since all my hormonal acne had cleared two months into Keto. I read a lot of anecdotes about estrogen being stored in fat & released during weight loss but not much science on it & haven’t seen yet how long it will take to calm down. I know I’m perimenopausal so things might get weird though I haven’t had any other issues so far. Do I wait it out? Is this how it will be until goal weight? Is it just a blip? Has anyone had this go away before reaching goal? Thanks for sharing your experiences.


I realize this is a few months old, but thought I would respond that this is exactly my experience, too. Perimenopausal, but still regular, etc. Am on day 2 of EF and woke up with acne (which has never been an issue) and PMS symptoms - a little crampy and some breast tenderness. Feels like I’m 20 again, but not in the good way :blush:!

Shark week was last week, so these symptoms are definitely not regular “week before” stuff. Not sure what it’s all about. Hope we find an answer!

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Ugh, right? No need! I’m still having both symptoms. Still 25 pounds from goal. Still hoping that reaching maintenance will help?! Hang in there.

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I’ve been on HRT for the past year, and done well with it. No periods, no problems. A few weeks after going keto on January 2, I started having periods again. I don’t have a scale, but my jeans “tell” me I have dropped about 20 pounds in 10 weeks (from 185 to 165, is my best guess). I suspected my body fat was releasing estrogen and causing my periods. Glad to find a couple of sources that confirm that.

BTW, my gyno had me checked out with an ultrasound and biopsy of the endometrium to make sure there was no cancer present. She did find a small fibroid (not malignant). I am hoping that over time I can use fasting to increase autophagy and thereby zap that fibroid.