Sore tatas


Same. I’m 50 and started skipping TOM when I was around 49. I’ve been inconsistent with Keto, IF and EF since last June but every time I get a streak going I get regular again. Now I seem to be in some sort of adolescent style perpetual PMS phase with all the crap J used to suffer with :unamused:. Awesome.

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Realize this topic is a bit old–but wanted to post in case anyone else is experiencing issues with this. Just saw Gynecologist and fellow IF/Keto enthusiast (apparently she prescribes it for her patients and lives this WOL too) Anna Cabeca, MD speaking about this and other female-health topics. She recommends DIM supplement or when not fasting increasing cruciferous vegetables intake.

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Thanks for posting that. I saw that supplement suggested elsewhere and did try DIM but found no relief. Maybe mine wasn’t a good one or I didn’t use enough? I tried it about 6 months. Further along my keto journey (13 months) I don’t seem to get this symptom quite as frequently so that’s a relief.

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Just a guess, but since DIM works by promoting estrogen metabolism perhaps some thing is blocking the excretion process or something else is the root cause.

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I assumed it was the excess estrogen coming out of my stored fat causing my issues, I really hoped DIM would metabolize it faster. But yeah, who knows? I’m still losing weight but much slower now so maybe that’s giving the estrogen a chance to dissipate more easily.

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Yep! I’m one of those lucky cows that has never had any issues around that time of month, but approx 18 months ago Dr thought I was peri-menopausal (36y/o at time) now regular but god my boobs are sore from about 2-3 days pre until it’s over.


I’m 4 months into keto. Perimenopause (44). Breast or killing me! Did it resolve for you and did you find and answers? Thanks so much!

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It did get better! Not sure when or how but it did ease up. I’m 14 months Keto now and only occasionally have soreness. I suspect stored estrogen in my fat cells was released when I burned the fat & that wreaked havoc in many ways. Maybe the DIM supplement I took wasn’t a great one or maybe I didn’t take enough but I wish it had helped. I hope you get relief!

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if DIM doesn’t help, try calcium-d-glucarate. This supplement can help you get rid of excess estrogen by excretion so that you don’t recirculate it. It can also help with acne and weight loss. :slight_smile:

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Look into iodine.


Just a suggestion. Maybe consider changing the title to more accurately reflect what the topic is. I had no idea what a ‘tata’ is - thought it might be a potato!!
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