Some weeks I lose some others I don't or gain

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Hi everyone,
I started keto in Jan and lost 36 pounds. Im afraid I’m going too slow with weight loss, but I don’t see that I’m doing something wrong. I use the app called carb manager to record everything each day. I don’t understand why some weeks I don’t lose weight or gain 1 or 2 lbs and others I lose 1 to 3 lbs. Is that normal or should I lose weight each week?
Thank you so much for your time and help

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You can expect these sorts of fluctuations. As long as the overall trend is in the right direction, don’t worry about it. Also, don’t depend on the scale number as your only indicator of progress, keep track of the fit of your clothing, as well. Bear in mind, also, that the last twenty pounds take a lot longer to come off than the first two hundred, so fat loss will slow as your body reaches what it considers its ideal weight.

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I’ll simply add to what Paul said. Keto is a process of metabolic normalization and excess fat loss is a byproduct. Years/decades eating SAD damaged you. The only question is ‘how much and how long will it take to fix?’ Often during the process fixing other stuff takes precedence. Stay in ketosis consistently and you’ll be fine over the long term. Best wishes.

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@CARLA_cat Greetings and welcome to the forum!

Congratulations on what sounds like excellent progress toward your health goal. May I ask … having lost 36 lbs, are you still meaningfully “overweight”?

Losses of +/- a few lbs either way are typically about daily/diurnal water weight - it takes longer than that to build or lose muscle mass. And women are prone to fluctuation around monthly hormone cycles much more than men, so this sounds like it might be simply normal/expected weight “noise.”

At some point, you’ll reach a healthy appropriate weight for your body type and genetic predisposition - at which point, the daily/hourly water weight fluctuations will still occur and be perfectly normal.

Carb Manager can be a great tool to gain insights into what macronutrients you’re consuming, as most of us (myself included) had little idea until we really tracked and evaluated. Kudos for getting into that habit while learning more about food components.

Again, I’m wondering where you are along the path to your healthiest weight target?

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Welcome to the forum and welcome to the madness that accompanies weighing yourself regularly. I can’t do it. It’s been 14 months for me, I’ve lost more than I dared hope for and have learned that the fit of my clothes are a far better reflection of my overall journey. If you feel good, and you’re sticking to keto… you got this!

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Thank you so much everyone for being so welcoming and kind :blush: I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, I always think I’m doing something wrong. I shouldn’t focus on what the scales says, but as you said I have to think about measurements too. I was altering some clothes of mine and lost about 4 inches on my waist. I feel so much better on Keto and I need to lose more weight, so I won’t give up :wink: thank you so much again for your support and help :blush: I feel like I’m not on my own in this :blush:

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Welcome Carla!
4 inches off your waist???!!! Have you any idea what a health bonus that is? Decreasing waist circumference is one of the very BEST things you can do for your health. You are doing well, it’s a zigzag graph with the gravity tool in your bathroom- check occasionally for interest, let how you feel be a better guide

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Hi Hallie Butter Withaspoon, thank you so much as well for your kind words and your support :blush: I should be over the moon for what I am achieving, I never thought I could lose weight. I lost 37 pounds so far and my clothes are too big :grin: before I always had to get a bigger size but now I’m going in the opposite direction :smiley: I have multiple sclerosis and that’s the main reason I want and need to lose weight. Thank you so much again, I really appreciate your help :blush:

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Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my messages and to write your thoughts, and for your support and encouragement :blush:


I think it’s normal, I do keto for 8 months, and from the fourth month, my weight drops kinda slow, sometimes it takes 3 or 4 weeks to lost 1 2kg ( 2 - 4lbs ? ), it just comes down few grams and come up few gram, so just relax and don’t weigh yourself too often, I realize that the more I weight, the slower my weight drops

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Thank you so much too peipei94 for your message :blush: Yeah you’re right, I shouldnt weigh myself too often or it might have a negative effect on you and make you give up. Certainly that’s not what I need or want. Thank you so much again for taking the time to tell me your thoughts and what you experience doing the diet :blush: