Soft waffles with bamboo fiber


Ingredients for 16 pieces
10 eggs
130 g erythriol
50 g bamboo fiber flour
50 g coconut flour
200g coconut paste
230g water
1/2 Kl vanilla powder
1 Kl salt
5 g baking powder

food processor with knife insert
waffles mould

Mix bamboo fiber flour, coconut flour, baking powder, vanilla and salt well in the food processor.
Leave the engine running. Add coconut paste then water then the eggs.
Fill apx. 2/3 of the moulds and spred the dough evenly.
Heat your oven to 200°C
bake for 20 minutes
remove the waffles from their moulds and let them cool down on a grid.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #2

I know it’s just me, so ignore. But you actually do all this just to eat something?


It’s great to have some choice.
It’s fun to use my kitchen as a lab.


This is a very simple recipe… People work hours on some lunches. I find that a waste all the time in most cases but cooking is a hobby for some of us. (I make simple things nowadays but still :slight_smile: Making the stuff is enjoyable, it’s not only for the joy of eating. But sometimes we may want a more difficult food, it happens.)

So the work is tiny here. The ingredient list is a tad long for me (but most recipe has a longer one and it’s fine) but I am a simple one nowadays :slight_smile: But for example, my wheat bread is more difficult :slight_smile: I don’t eat it, just love to make it. Still not much work is involved but not as simple as frying eggs for sure.
Baking a chicken is much work and little food, I don’t do that… Vegetable dishes? Often lots of work and can’t even satiate me. Mixing some waffle? It happens often if I am in that phase, waffles are nice :). I don’t use a food processor as cleaning mine would be much work and it’s unneeded for my waffles.

Tons of recipes has this level of difficulty and it’s very low… Just mix, put into the mold and bake…

(Ivy) #5

I’m VASTLY interested in where you get the BAMBOO fiber from?


I can order them online as paleo webshops in Hungary have it (paleo is very popular here). But other fibers work just as well. Phyllium husk has some unique flavor (and it’s way more expensive) but I couldn’t tell apart bamboo and oat fiber, they both are tasteless to me and works the same as far as I can tell, I barely used the latter as bamboo fiber is more available. And anyway, I use little tasteless fiber as it really wash out the flavors when used in bigger quantities. But it wonderfully absorbs water so a little matters a lot.


I think people buy these fancy ingredients on the internet.