So, Covid happened


And I gained 25 pounds :sweat_smile::joy:

I’m not too worried about it though. My boyfriend and I have finally moved in together and we both got our fitbits out and on. I am walking 10k steps a day minimum, doing 15 floors, trying to hit 5 miles a day and I am restricting calories (not a lot + eating back the ones I exercise off)

The last week I reduced my carbs back down to 50 or less then about 3 days ago into Keto range. I dropped about 4 pounds this last week, i feel and look SO much better. Idk if you guys saw my other post targeting people thinking about quitting. That was basically my life for 3-4 months. I got sick (maybe Covid but i couldn’t get tested for it and It wasn’t hospital level) So I was very limited for a while in what i had and the stores were basically ransacked (I live in NY) so I said to myself "Keto is going to have to take a back seat for a little bit till the world isn’t quite so ablaze :joy:

So, now we are getting back to it. I decide June 1st would be day 1 of Keto again but I was so excited about it I started early… I did however cheat yesterday… BAD LOL. I have 4 slices of a large pizza and an entire plate of fried dough. I was so Hangry and hypoglycemic. I had only had breakfast that day which was keto, and I did a rough workout and had 10k steps before 5pm. We ordered pizza and i planned on eating 1 piece and getting something else, but the pizza ended up showing up 2 hours after i ordered it and I had a pounding headache and was really moody at this point. I basically said screw it and ate whatever I wanted. I almost immediately felt better and them promptly passed out for 11 hours.

I got on the scale prepared to see my weight up at least a pound or two from all the pizza. I woke my boyfriend up laughing because i was still down .4 pounds.

back to keto.

(Jill F.) #2

Welcome back! Yes I did gain 3 to 5 pounds on what I call my Coronacation, lol. I have stress eaten chips, crackers, etc. I lost 40 pounds last year and I am determined to not gain it all back.
One thing that helps me is to ALWAYS plan ahead. I literally think about one meal while I am eating another. I think about my work schedule, when I will have time to eat at home, eat at work, go grocery shop, etc. I don’t ever put myself in a position to eat only 1 piece of pizza because I have ZERO self control.
I keep beef jerky in my purse and my desk at work. I will cook only 2 to 3x a week and eat leftovers. If I am attending a baby shower or a party I always eat before I go so if all that is offered is crap I am prepared. Getting caught off guard is when in my old way of eating I would make bad choices.
Congrats on getting back on track! Fitbit helps and I used Carb Manager app too when I was losing weight. I still use it when I am at a party or a drive through to see just how bad something is. It really helps deter bad choices for me. I hope some if this is helpful!


Yeah i have the Carb Manager app and have my Fitbit integrated into it. It’s been handy. For a while I couldn’t stand wearing my Fitbit but now I never take it off (except showers and charging)

The Fitbit keeps me on track for exercise. At minimum I am moving more and keeping active. I get anxiety if it’s getting to be about 10pm and I haven’t at least got my 10k steps and 10 floors. :joy: