Smoked tomato sauce (for using in other recipes)

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This is not the only tomato sauce recipe I have - for example this one EasyLoCarb Tomato Sauce is much more involved, but better to use as a condiment as it’s stewed and has a more developed flavour.

This one is my easiest “go to” recipe for making a tomato component to use in other recipes, such as Tomato glazed chorizo for Tapas.

[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Smoked tomato sauce - - tomato (70g of pulp), Fresh Basil (around 3g), Fire Roasted Red Peppers, hickory chips (for the smoker), Peeled Tomatoes: Score a cross at the end of your tomatoes, and dip them in a pot of boiling water for 1 minute so the skin becomes soft and peels easily; Prepare a tray of peeled tomatoes; Smoked Tomatos (optional): Hot smoke the peeled tomatoes for 15 minutes. We use a dedicated hot smoker, but you can also use a smoking box on a BBQ with a hood.

You can also just bake in a hot oven until they start to collapse, and add a little liquid smoke, or Worcestershire sauce to fake smoking them.; You can also skip peeling them before the smoker, and peel them afterwards. They will have less smokey flavor but it's easier to pull the skins off after the have been smoked. (also notice I am smoking some chillies you can use these later in the recipe or just buy a jar of fire roasted chili-peppers); After smoking blitz the tomatoes in a food processor, and transfer to silicone ice block molds to be frozen until you are ready to use them.; Tomato Sauce: Prepare the ingredients - for one batch that will make about a cup of tomato sauce, I use the pulp of one tomato (2 ice blocks in this case - or roughly 70g), about 3g (5 leaves) of Basil, and 10g (2 teaspoons) of fire roasted chili-peppers.; Nuke the smoked tomato ice block to thaw it, and warm it; Add the roasted chilies and blitz this mix thoroughly.; Add the Basil and give it another blitz … taste it. Tomato loves salt and pepper so make sure you season it to taste.; - [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

(Clare) #2

I live in a flat so can’t (alas) envisage me being able to invest in one of these babies until I move. But, my own way of getting the most out of tomatoes is to pop them in my knock off version of a one pot cooker, on it’s oven setting for about 25 minutes until they just start to catch. It roasts them really gently and seems to maximise the flavour. Then I just take a spud masher to them - I get a really unctuous tomato slurry. It works best with cherry toms. I find a standard supermarket punnet makes a nice quantity for a meal for 4.

(Richard Morris) #3

I get a crate when they are just starting to get too ripe for the fruit and veg shop to sell … they are perfect for this and the ice cube trick means I can cook up 6-12 months worth of tom-sauce in an hour.

(Clare) #4

I’ve got serious smoker envy. :wink:

I actually used to do the same ice cube trick with home made baby food when I was weaning my kids. I could cook a month’s worth of baby meals in an afternoon and not have to feed my kids jars of weird gloop.

(Melissa Tucker) #5

There are small indoor/outdoor smokers. Nordicware makes one-on amazon.

(Clare) #6

Lordy - just started looking at indoor smokers - I suspect I’ll soon be short of another bit of worktop space in the kitchen…

That being said - I already own a pressure cooker…

(Richard Morris) #7

Oh I think I need a new gadget