Smoked Salmon Timbale



Here’s a great way to get rid of fish leftovers in your refrigerator. If you don’t have leftovers, no problem, use canned tuna (or any other canned fish).

First, start with greasing ramekins (I used tallow)

Line ramekins with plastic film

Make sure the smoked salmon or lox is completely defrosted

Line the ramekins, forming a smoked salmon shell

Get some leftover cooked fish filet, or used canned fish

Break down the fish into small flakes using a fork

Add dried spice and mayonnaise. I added dried dill weed, and instead of mayo, I used some leftover tonnato sauce. If desired, you can condiments like capers, sliced olives or chopped pickles.

Blend well with fork, forming a thick paste

Fill ramekins with fish paste

Finish top of ramekins with final layer of smoked salmon

Seal the top with the excess plastic film, and place ramekins in fridge for a few hours to cool and become firm

When ready to plate, turn ramekin over onto serving plate

Remove ramekin and plastic film

Final plating

Close up

Slicing into timbale

Forkful of smoked salmon timbale with mayo

(AnnaLeeThal) #2

Oh fancy fancy! Looks so good!

(Hugs & Bacon) #3

I will be trying this asap!

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(Adam L) #4

Awesome, thanks for this.

(Richard Morris) #5

what a great idea - I think I need to have a fish meal just so I have leftovers so I can do this :slight_smile: