Smelling Food During a Fasting Period

(Cathy Schroder) #1

I’m currently about halfway through an eighty hour fast. It will be the longest I have fasted so far. I’m fine with not eating and I’m fine with seeing food, but I’m finding it difficult to smell food. My husband decided to cook bacon before I left for work (he do won’t be doing that tomorrow!!) and now my work colleagues are eating lunch next to my workspace and I swear I have a bionic nose - I can almost sniff the individual ingredients.

Does anyone else experience this and if so does it get better?


Ha! Two days ago I went to a pizzeria with a bunch of friends while I was going into day 3 of a 7-day fast. I discussed what my survival strategy was in this post:

7-day fast

(Cathy Schroder) #3

I’m fine with not eating, and I haven’t told anyone at work that I am fasting. It’s only that the smell of certain foods (bacon and melting cheese seem to be the favourites) seems to trigger stronger hunger.


That is one of the things that slays me when I fast, I won’t cook dinner for my husband, but he reheats meals from the freezer that smell so good Im ready to grab the meal from him and wolf it down. So I planned long walks at dinner time, timing my return to a time beyond what should have been past dinner. But every day for a week he didnT heat up his dinner until I was back…and I walked for over an hour and up til darkness. I haven’t done extended fasting since. When I asked him why he hadn’t eaten, he said he wanted to get things done while it was still light. Really??


Drink, drink, drink…when you are in the presence of food smells. Water, mineral water, coffee, tea.

And a lot! At the pizzeria, I demolished a 1-litre bottle of mineral water. I do the same in other venues…usually coffee or tea. I love the taste of earl grey tea…so it helps immensely.

(Cathy Schroder) #6

To be fair my husband was really good when I explained that he was making it a little harder than it needed to be. He has promised to eat breakfast a little later if he wants bacon!


That’s wonderful!!!. I don’t get that level of support.:slight_smile:

(Cathy Schroder) #8

That certainly makes things harder than they should be. He’s pretty good to be honest, just doesn’t always think of these things unless I point it out. Plus I threatened to do the same next time he has a fasting blood test!

(Richard Morris) #9

Oh yes that’s definitely “a thing”. We get a smelling super power when we fast. I sometimes walk through food courts identifying the spices used to make the foods on show.

(Cathy Schroder) #10

I have solved my hunger by putting a drop of Jasmine Essential Oil just under my nose! No more melted cheese for me.

(tim_debbie) #11

oh yes…I’ve had to stop putting the bone broth on in the slow cooker overnight , if I’m fasting.


Very interesting!

(Jessica K) #13

They say when you lose a sense, it heightens others (like people who are blind tend to have better hearing) soooo I can see why this would be true!


Interesting perspective. Never thought of it that way.