Slightly worried about lack of hunger

(David Cooke) #1

So after letting my weight (and carb consumption) slowly rise for a year or two, I decided to go for it and lose weight, not very much compared with some folks, about 6Kg would do it. After the initial three days or so, things settled down and my hunger almost completely disappeared. I am down to my desired weight after two weeks, BMI 22.5. 5 x 18/6 IF and 2 x OMAD weekly.
What I see as a problem is that I have very little appetite. According to My Fitness Pal I don’t eat enough fat or protein despite my efforts and I run about 40 Km weekly. Lust for carbs or beer completely gone. Running performance seems a bit feeble at present.
Does this mean I was still metabolically flexible, fat burning, does it mean I should cease fasting? Maybe I should eat carbs once a week?
Sorry if this question is a bit disjointed, basically I worry that I am overdoing Keto…

(Ronnie) #2

You need gin and tonic.


(Ronnie) #3

(for the slight worry, lol)

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I was thinking red wine. [Also joking, but not as much.]

@cooked Satiety is an essential signal and I’d be inclined to weigh it very heavily in the mix, absent a history of any eating disorder.

What you don’t say is how long this has been going on? Just two weeks?

If so, please give yourself some time before drawing conclusions about how hungry you ought to be when you’re not.

And worrying that your running performance has gotten feeble is also somewhat off mark - because it’s no surprise at this early stage that it would be. It’d be more surprising if it weren’t.

Read “The Art And Science Of Low Carbohydrate Performance” by Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney. If you already have, this would be a good time to dust it off and read it again… as you’re experiencing much of what their research is about. And it sounds like you’re doing just fine. Keep up the great work! :vulcan_salute:

(Butter Withaspoon) #5

The hunger felt when fat adapted can be gentler, less intense than the more desperate and urgent food cravings on a higher carb diet. I rarely feel a strong hunger, it’s more a time to eat signal. If I enjoy eating then I call it hunger, when I stop enjoying eating, then I know I am satisfied.

My other thought is that at a BMI of 22.5 I would ease the time restricted eating to the 2MAD and ditch the OMAD days. :woman_shrugging: maybe that would help?

(David Cooke) #6

Thanks, yes you are right about OMAD, that was a two week crash course to lose weight quickly and today is the last day for the time being.
So what you are saying is that I must still have been fat burning even after ‘sinning’ for a few weeks and gaining, good to know. My long runs happen on Sundays and I decided to carb up the night before this time and see what happens.(French fries + beef etc). Meanwhile I will stay with the 18/6 IF.


I only would add carbs (without feeling a need for them specifically, it happens to some people) if it was impossible to eat enough without them. I would bring in some helpful items (dense, easy to eat, not so satiating…) and even play with timing first.

My hunger vary a lot but I have weeks when I have none. I still have an urge to eat so it’s fine. It’s a bit annoying if I never meet my hunger for a longer time - but it’s worse when it’s too strong and frequent. My fat adaptation hunger is softer but it still can be pretty annoying and insistent.

If you are that type, you can just eat without hunger and appetite. Or don’t stop when the hunger disappears. It’s not always possible but some of us easily do it most of the time. One way or another, we should consume enough food.

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“French fries + beef?” I wonder … Do these opposites attract? Or, once inside your body, do they repel? :wink:


Not eating enough and fasting is what destroyed my metabolism. Be careful. Especially with all that running, people who do tons of cardio will murder their metabolism much faster than someone who doesn’t.