Skipping a breakfast - good idea?


(Stanislav Jirák) #1

Just theoretical question…
I’ve tried skip my breakfast today and it made no change in hunger to me. God, since on keto, I’m usually not hungry at all and have to force myself into the process of making a meal :slight_smile:
My nutrition is well-balance I guess, I even use potassium and magnessium suplements before my workouts.
Heard intermittent fasting brutally increases IGF-1, so wondering if I skip my breakfast most of a week…

(Dread) #2

Breakfast literally means “break fast”. So if you ate that day, you didn’t skip breakfast.

To answer your question though, skipping your morning meal is fine. You can do it forever. I don’t eat at all during the week, for instance.

(bulkbiker) #3

I gave up on breakfast when diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes… I credit this and a ketogenic diet with bringing my condition under control and me loosing almost 100 pounds.

(Stanislav Jirák) #4

Wow, seems quite too advanced for me. How you meet nutrition needs? I assume, you do not do lifting or a cardio…

(Siobhan) #5

I do one meal a day pretty much every day and havent died yet. @brenda does heavy lifting and does OMAD as well I think.

Keto is all about “eat when hungry, dont when not” so if you arent hungry in the morning why eat? If you need to eat you will get hungry, believe me. Your body knows what it needs.

(Stanislav Jirák) #6

Keto is such liberating! Another reason for me, I’ve made good choice!

(Dread) #7

No, I don’t really do much for cardio aside from chores and yard work, my job is a lot of sitting, some walking. I do lift though, mostly on my fasted days. Kettlebells and bodyweight.

As for energy needs, ketones baby. I eat big on the weekends, meat and fat.

(Brenda Zorn) #8

I prefer to lift heavy, fasted. Meaning I haven’t eaten breakfast. I lift between 9 am and 4 pm. I usually eat after 4.

(Steve Browne) #9

When you refer to using those salt supplements, are you referring to ketone salts, BHB like the ones on the market? If so which one are you having good results from? Thanks

(Brian Ernst) #10

By eating the nutrition I need in my other meals or single meal. I lift and do cardio. Just recently I’ve been jogging 18 miles a week. If I eat breakfast it tends to make me hungry, so I skip breakfast so I can keep on going burning body fat and being happy until next main meal. Cardio wise I tend to have unlimited energy, I can keep on running and running, my knees are what keep me from going more than too far.

If I want to workout and need an energy boost, I have coconut oil or peanut butter.