Skin issues - candida die off

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I’ve started keto and removed all sugar on the same day. After a couple of weeks I got a horrible rash on my right forearm.

Did anyone experience any skin rashes and what did you do about it?

Thanks in advance.


Try googling ‘Keto Rash’ - I never got it but I believe it is not uncommon.

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I eat half a punnet of raspberries when I get a rash.
Goes away.


Yes, I got one - but many months into keto. A severe armpit rash in my right pit, which I treated with natural medicine (raw honey, coconut oil, covered by cotton wool etc) and it retreated. But then a mild one emerged in my left armpit, which continues to this day.

Unlike the initial rash, it’s not highly sensitive or and scary looking angry red - just pinkish. I figure it’s some kind of detox running its course via the sweat glands. I do vary my carb levels and rarely am “zero carb” - so doesn’t seem to be carb withdrawal related. I also take in a good amount of antioxidants (and Vit. C via weekly berries).


I got a fungal infection (rash) on my skin a couple of weeks into keto, don’t know if it was candida or some other type of fungus. I had it on both of my legs and it looked awful - really red but not itchy. I self-diagnosed it as a fungal rash as it looked exactly as many of the fungal rash photos I found online. I treated it with an antifungal cream from the pharmacy and the rash went away in about two weeks. I did google the keto rash back then and found that my symptoms were totally different to what most articles described. Prior to getting the rash I was not aware that I had a fungal infection in my body, I had had one like 15 or so years ago that was treated with oral medication and which I thought had been completely cured.

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I had a terrible keto rash almost all over my body. It was flaming red bumps that itched so much that it was torture. I used apple cider vinegar on it, and olive oil too. Ice cold compresses when it was really just too unbearable. Some people help themselves with berries and/or upping their carbs a bit, but that would stall my weight loss. It had to run its course however. There is no treatment for the cause unless one wants to quit keto WOE - so I treated just for the symptoms. I am so thankful that it finally subsided, but the brownish red spots turned pink and then more pale, and some are even still visible on my chest. I am just so happy not to itch anymore.