Simple diagram that demonstrates weight loss


Here’s a simple diagram that I used recently to help someone understand how I employ fasting and keto in effort to lose weight. Thoughts?

3 months in and stalled, what to try?
Fast/Feast cycling
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Hullo From Sunny Brighton, UK

Oh nice. I like that. Beats the “fat is a lever” meme hands down. Keto is a wedge!

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Not Sisyphus, I trust.


Glad you brought that up, Stacy! That’s exactly the point of the diagram. If I don’t eat keto after fasting, I lose all the progress gained during fasting (rock rolls downhill). So, without eating keto, I would have to work harder to move the rock up the hill, and have full weight pushing back without a stop block.

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That is fantastic.

(David) #6

A big wedge of delicious brie.

(carl) #7

This is a perfect analogy to what’s been happening to me lately.

I started from LCHF. I have no idea how many days, it’s just what I do.

Then, I did a salt-water fast for 3 days - until my fingers got cold - a sign that my metabolism was slowing down. I lost 6 pounds.

Then, I feasted: 2x 80% fat meals for 3 days in a 6 hour window. I didn’t gain even a fraction of a pound.

Now I’m starting the whole thing again.

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Is this what you would recommend for someone at the dreaded 5-month stall (in that stall for 3ish months - was hoping it’d resolve itself). I know the stall is due to insulin sensitivity coming back a bit in the fat cells, and I’ve also heard the benefits of feast/fast cycles. The fingers getting cold part is something I’ve not thought about.
Have also verified it’s not carb creep, and waiting it out doesn’t seem to be working either.

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This image makes me hungry, something is wrong with me.

(carl) #10

Sure, why not?


You must be imagining that it is the rolling of a fathead pizza up the hill!!! :joy:

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Love the design of this diagram. Maybe the words should be “Health Improvement Journey” instead of Weight Loss Journey? We are all in it to win it, but that may be slightly different for all of us.

It’s not just weight loss, it’s health gains!!! :smile:


Yes, very good point. Maybe even “increase insulin sensitivity” instead of “weight loss journey”. So many ways to interpret how this dynamic works.

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Is there something wrong with fat being a lever?


Other than the fact that it usually ends up with someone saying that calories DO matter and you should eat all your body fat first, blah, blah. Nope!

@richard you wrote a great pice on why fat is not a lever but I am damned if I can find it. Can you link to it?

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All I know is it works very well for many people, (including myself) but not everyone, it has nothing to do with counting calories, that’s pretty redundant at this point.

Lucky we are all not the same :slightly_smiling_face:


If you notice I said “that fat lever meme” and I meant by that also all that went with it when it got pulled out ad infinitum. It was always a very fixed message with a very inflexible tone. @richard described perfectly how the argument was also actually flawed but, like I say, I can’t find it. Hopefully he will point me to it. I believe that meme also had such wonderful little snippets like “treats are for dogs” and “snacks are for babies”. This kind of attitude stinks IMO and helps no-one. But, like you say, we are not all the same and maybe some people like being patronised.

(Simon Saunders) #18

I’m not familiar with the meme, from what you’re saying it sounds very
negative and inflexible. I like what I do because of the flexibility. I’ve
also done fasting the past and I prefer the other method. In the end we
have to use the tools that are available that resonate with us.


I agree. There is a huge amount of scope and variation in this woe. That is why it is actually very easy to find something that works just for you. Fasting is a great partner but keto and fasting aren’t obligatory partners. I see so many people freaking out because they don’t want to fast or are scared or daunted by it. You don’t have to! What I love to see more than anything else is people working out what works for them and finding confidence in finally feeling that they are in control of their own health and wellbeing. Who better to be an expert in your body than you?



I don’t get your argument here. I just went to your blog page and noticed that you endorse using fasting and keto. The diagram is just a simplification of that. Here’s what you have on YOUR website:

5 Simple Steps to Get Into Ketosis

And there you have it. This 5-step formula will get you into ketosis in no time.

Start off with a 24-hour fast.
Eat low carb ketogenic meals.
Sleep more, for crying out loud!
Do some intermittent fasting every day.
Work out properly, like a fat burner, not a sugar bunny.

So, the diagram shows what you have in your website in a visual format.

So, where’s the problem?