Shoulder tendonitis and keto or carnivore diet


There are different types of veg…starchy, non starchy, and sugary.

Middle one :kissing_heart:


I ate then and still do now mostly the green leafy non starchy types, the ones your mother made you eat, collard greens, spinach, dandelion greens, mustard greens along with carrots, asparagus and broccoli


Yeah, right choices, same here.


Sometimes I like chick peas anchovies olives grape leaves and feta cheese in my green salad


I still have (tinned) chick peas in my larder.

I understand!


Off topic:

My stretcher! …:


I boil my own chickpeas after soaking them overnight and draining them. You dont have to cook them as long as they say. I use the three chickpea test. After simmering them awhile get 3 peas on a fork if all three are soft enough they’re done.


You will be fine!


You dont know that to a certainty…lol. I cant eat chick peas anymore too starchy


You like the spicy mix with your chickpeas I just add butter salt and pepper


That’s why that tin has been in my stock for years…I won’t throw it out…just in case. I am ketovore.



Ketovore? Whats that? You know it has an expiration date don’t you?


I mainly eat/construct/plan my meals around meat or fish.


But i do eat mushrooms, and some veg at times.

I am, at heart, a carnivore. Just not yet…


I eat all the same things you do I have ■■■■■■■ mushrooms in the freezer from a Russian store. Im an omnivore whose given up on grains to see if my shoulder heals. they blocked the word s h i t a k e

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The name of that mushroom is properly spelled “shiitake” with two 'i’s. And if you spell it that way, it won—'t get censored.

Programmers call this the “Scunthorpe problem,” because it’s a non-trivial exercise to programme in such a way that the bad word gets blocked but not innocent surnames and place names such as Scunthorpe, which is a city in England.

P.S.—The programmer Tom Scott has a wonderful rant on YouTube about the Scunthorpe problem.


You’re very knowledgeable on the carnivore diet. Do you follow it strictly all the time and how long have you been eating this diet? Thanks

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I got interested in nutrition because of some lectures on YouTube by Robert Lustig, M.D., Ph.D., Ll.M.; Stephen Phinney, M.D., Ph.D.; and Peter Attia, M.D.

What I know about carnivore is not from personal experience, since my situation prevents me from eating that way, but from reading posts and watching lectures by such prominent carnivores as Amber O’Hearn and Georgia Ede, M.D. Amber is a citizen scientist who has researched both keto and carnivore, and Dr. Ede is a psychiatrist who uses diet in treating her patients. There are a number of Web sites and YouTube channels dedicated to the carnivore diet, some of more value than others. I avoid Facebook and Twitter like the plague, as well as the comments section of YouTube, which is a sewer.

Daisy Brackenhall, the host of the Ketowoman podcasts, is also very knowledgeable about the keto and carnivore diets. I believe she eats a certain amount of plant foods at the moment, though I know she has also done carnivore.


Same here :smiley: And I have a high-carber SO who would gladly eat it but it’s such a tiny amount and working with it for a tiny dahl… I keep forgetting about it too… But one day I will cook it! :wink:
No idea what to do with the jar of black olives we got though…

I often went for the flavorful vegetables where a little was enough, I needed them for a dish or I really loved them. I am not good with restrictions (where I feel I am restricted, if I don’t want something, that’s okay). Keeping my carbs low was enough hardship for me. Skipping my darling green peas, carrots and onions, nope, I didn’t do that on mere keto.
There are almost no bad choices for keto, it’s very individual.

I didn’t know it is called that, thanks for the education as usual! :smiley:
But yeah… I met that problem. I wasn’t the programmer who did that part and it was annoying as there are Hungarian words with a bad word in them. Like deer, its Hungarian name contains the same word that the misspelled shiitake, just that too in Hungarian, of course. Magpie has the same word…


Any opinion on Mickhalia Peterson? I saw some of her podcasts last week and they got me interested in keto and carnivore? Thanks