Shoulder tendonitis and keto or carnivore diet

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Hi Trucha, I hope whatever way of eating you choose to stick to gives you some good results. Pain and limited mobility can be a real pain to deal with (pun intended). I live with a lot of chronic pain and I believe chronic inflammation is the culprit. It is with many disease processes and pain in our bodies. My 1st reason for starting keto, and then moving very quickly to carnivore, is to lose weight. A very close 2nd is to reduce inflammation and support my body to do a ton of healing - reversing insulin resistance, rebalancing hormones, tissue repair etc etc. This is a toxic world we live in, a lot of stress, chemicals everywhere, and a lot of very unhealthy damaging food.

Decide what way you are going to go - very low carb keto, with carbs coming primarily from green leafy veg and cruciferous veg, or carnivore. It sounds like you are leaning towards carnivore. Next step is to give it time. More time than you probably think. Your body needs to go through a big adjustment and detoxification, it’s not going to be done in a month. Give it at least 3 months, in my opinion, and keep track of how you are feeling - energy levels, pain, sleep, mental clarity or lack thereof etc. As the months go on I’m hoping you start to see some real improvements in these things.

If you are going to eat carnivore, I think you need to be all in. This means no plant products, only animal ones. Take as many weeks as you need to remove the plant products, then go all in and give it 3 months. A carnivore way of eating is not eating only animal products most days, with a bit of plant based food some days. In order to experience the health benefits I have heard and read you need to eliminate plant products completely. Having said this, some people following a carnivore way of eating tolerate black pepper and some spices fine.

If you change your mind at any point and wish to eat a ketogenic diet instead, get very good at reading packaging - especially the carbohydrate content. Forms of sugar and starches are put in so many different foods! The same goes for the processed meats you were asking about. Many many people experience huge benefits from eating a ketogenic diet. Both choices are excellent experiments.

I think one of the most important things about eating ketogenically, apart from keeping carbohydrates very low (I kept mine under 20 net grams a day) is to limit the amount of processed food by as much as you can. If an ingredient list isn’t short, or if it has a bunch of numbers in it, or words you don’t recognize, I encourage you not to eat it. Same goes for highly processed seed oils - canola, sunflower, vegetable oil, safflower oil etc. Choose a good quality cold pressed olive oil instead, or avocado or coconut oil. Man made polyunsaturated oils (largely our seed oils) are best to be avoided as they are strongly linked with being pro-inflammatory.

All the best and keep us posted!


Hi Megan
Thank you for your most encouraging thoughts. I’m starting off ketogenic, eating my own home grown salads and steamed vegetables, very low carbs. All the lamb, pork, beef and eggs I can consume. It’s just hard to wrap my head around the idea of all carnivore just yet. However if I do begin to see results with keto and reach a plateau, I may switch over to all carnivore but I’m really not sure. After all this is only day three and I’m craving a McDonald’s mocha frappe…lol but resisting the temptation. I’m having a hard time thinking things like salami and hot dogs are really good for you…

Take care

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Hey @trucha, those dang cravings huh? Keep resisting, for many people they pass, or become extremely infrequent. I don’t eat salami or hotdogs, I like my meat to look like meat :innocent:
I live in New Zealand so no clue what your hotdogs are made of, over here it’s a bunch of junk and some meat. Also highly processed so double no thanks. I do have some free range pork and chicken sausages being delivered today tho. Found a butcher who makes them to order and he has an extensive keto range. Something like 0.1 gram carb per sausage. I’m in!


I get my lamb chops from New Zealand & Australia and they taste pretty good. The hot dogs and salami here in the States Im sure they’re made from the worst crap ever, maybe even dog.

Did you see the podcast of Mickhaila Peterson interviewing 4 people on the carnivore diet? One woman says she eats raw chopmeat cut into cubes and freezes it. She also freezes and eats small cubes of beef fat. I wonder if she drinks human blood too…lol

I’m having a McDonald’s iced french vanilla coffee to satisfy my cravings tonight but this is only day three and I’m full of energy.

Can you be sure when you buy from a “free range” butcher that he’s not feeding his livestock something short of what you want? I wonder whose there to check on him or her.My friend wants to buy her “free range” meats from someone on Craigslist. I say no way I’ll stick with ShopRite and Aldi.

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People here are fairly trustworthy, tho I know a farmer doesn’t need to do much to call their meat free range. It’s a small specialist sausage maker business, just him with his wife handling the business side. I’m just glad to find some Gluten Free, Preservative Free, Dairy Free, Filler Free , Nitrate Free, Colour Free basically zero carb sausages made only with meat, water, salt and a few spices, depending on the sausage flavour. Casings are made from collagen.


A butcher on Craigslist in NJ… Im not sure of…good luck with yours hopefully he’s a good one goodnight

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Why are we getting so many people going from high carb to carnivore? That seems like a lot.

If you exercise at all, expect 4-6+ weeks of a transition just for keto. It takes a while for your body to adjust and produce whatever it needs for exercise. And if you’re exercising a lot, it could take even longer.

It took my body years before it transitioned from “high” blood ketones to basically very low blood ketones.

I’d say try keto for at least a month, then try carnivore.

Also, if your sole criterion for switching from keto to carnivore is weight loss, you will switch to carnivore. Why? Because weight loss is not linear. At all. I’ve lost inches (had to move my belt smaller) while the scale did not move. And if you throw in any fasting, be prepared not to know what your scale weight even is. When I was using the scale (now, I only use clothes and belts), if I fasted >24 hours, I lost 5 pounds in a day. That was not real weight loss, but it made trying to figure out what the real weight loss was very difficult.


I myself am starting with keto but I may or may not move to carnivore. But I’m questioning what’s “allowed” on carnivore. It all started for me with a podcast I heard last week from Mikhailia Peterson. I was so intrigued by her story of how she overcame her ailments by eliminating carbs that I felt I needed to try for my own ailments.


You find such people in our carnivore thread, it isn’t uncommon to eat raw meat and raw fat, raw liver :smiley:
I am the one who cook the hell out of meat but I eat pork and don’t take risks. But anyway, I love very well done meats :slight_smile: Exceptions happen but I only like raw fish. Salmon is best raw, hands down. But I only trust very good Japanese restaurants with that. Or pickled fish but they are always full with sweeteners, no thanks.

I personally am fine with processed meats, the body inevitably gets some problematic stuff (like we drink/eat microplastic, this is that age) and while we should keep that at the minimum so poor body has some chance to handle it, a tiny bit of non-perfect items are okay to me when it makes my life more enjoyable. I ate close to no seriously processed stuff on vegetarian keto but the processed meats are too good to pass. I have my standards, I avoid added sugar if possible, I am a sworn enemy of MSG and most sweeteners (I hate the taste so I don’t even care about their healthiness or lack of it) and I prefer my sausages to be way over 100% meat (it’s easier with dry ones, I think they can do 150%. of course it’s the raw weight of the meat). I looked at my soft sausages, quite okay. Not super low-carb but that’s impossible when one prefer their sausages red from paprika :wink:
I still only use it when it’s needed for some reason, like my meat was almost enough or I can use something fattier. So I don’t eat a whole sausage every day :slight_smile: And I eat dry sausage even slower, a few slices a week. Soft sausages freeze wonderfully and the dry ones last long and I have an SO too so all is well.
But of course many people can pull off carnivore let alone keto with fresh meat only. Fresh meat is the best, I don’t argue with that! I start to shift my sausage consumption to my homemade ones.

That is like Vienna sausage? We have another word for that here but proper soft sausages have lots of extra fat (pork fat tissue) so they are significantly fattier than some normal fatty pork I like to roast/fry. It’s a tad too much for me, actually… And the normal sausage has no added water, it needs to lose some or a lot.
Mine has nitrite and a few other not worrying things but it’s free from most stuff you mentioned as it should, it’s not special, thankfully. Many processed meat items have a tiny bit of added sugar but sausages are easy to get without, yay!


For me it depends on the meat how well cooked I prefer. This depends a lot on your upbringing and beliefs. For instance I like lamb medium to well done not pink inside. Burgers I like juicy some pink inside. Roast beef and most steaks I like rare. I enjoy the juices (blood) that flows when you cut into them. Pork, bacon sausage well done almost burnt,crunchy. I wont eat any meat raw, no suchi for me.
Crunchy bacon and sunnyside eggs for breakfast just now, after feeding the rabbits, chickens, cats, dog, other fowl and watering the vegetable garden.

We should exchange food ideas:
After I scrub my sweet potatoes, I cut them into slices and steam them with other vegetables. It takes almost no time to get them soft rather than putting up the oven for an hour or so. I eat the skins of the sweet potato as well.

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Here’s a good place to learn:


Thank you

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I think carnivore can be useful, and also is required for some, like Amber O’Hearn.

I just think going directly to carnivore (even if a little time on keto) will be rough. Consider the biome. If you’re used to eating vegetables, then go on keto, you’ll still be eating vegetables. That means your biome will have a shock, but some parts of it (the part that “likes” vegetables) won’t. But if and when you go carnivore, you’ll also lose that part of your biome. Going directly to carnivore means even more stress on your biome.

That’s just one example, and there are more, like oxalate dumping, where a keto phase might ease those side effects first, making the jump to carnivore easier.


No spuds I would advise. Irish like potatoes? And bread?

And yes, I am Irish, Northern Irish, British, European, Western NATO, citizen of the world…NOT necessarily in that order.

Guess? Type 2 diabetes.

Doesn’t matter what you define yourself as.

If you have T2…forget the spuds, sweet or otherwise.
I mean that in a good way (I miss the spuds, but I miss a lot of other things too- move on with best wishes).


I think you are right on. I want to reap the benefits of a keto diet first with low or no starchy carbs then if and maybe go further to carnivore, a transition period.


I was married to an Irish girl whose family loved their potatoes and beer and not much else. Once in awhile a slice or two of meat or chicken, loads of butter, bacon and not much else. When I came to dinner her mom knew enough to load my plate with whatever meat or chicken was made and just a dollop of potatoes. They all liked their potatoes a certain way some with more butter than others I could care less just give me the meat. Vegetables would often be a can of string beans but that’s it. Iusually shopped before I got there for my favorite salads, They all looked at me like I was nuts.


Times have changed.


Most of those people at the dinner table back then are all dead Im sad to say


Well, sorry to hear that.

But, you are still alive, OK!


I ate my veggies then and still do…lol!