Shoulder tendonitis and keto or carnivore diet


You use it until your problem is resolved, that can be very different for different people. People fixing digestion and leaky gut typically resolve pretty quickly, usually within a couple weeks. When I use it for my elbow tendonitis when it acts up and won’t stop It usually starts behaving again within a week. When I really push my shoulders and they start it’s typically a vials worth to get them back, but relief typically begins within a week.

The go-to dose is usually 250mcg 2x/day. I personally use 500mcg 2x/day, but I’m also a 230lb dude.

The issue with collagen peptides is that you get everything they give you with all complete proteins. Collagen peptides are a protein with the tryptophan missing. So whether it be real protein or just a protein powder, you’re getting all the same benefits (and) you now have real complete protein that your body can use otherwise. The difference that some nitpick is the amino concentration of glycine which is high in the collagen peptides, which is very cheap to supplement in otherwise. Way more bang for your buck to just use a real protein powder and then add in glycine (if) you even wanted to.


I disliked salads even as a vegetarian, my only salad had no dressing just a bunch of warm fried onions :smiley: I had 40g net carbs allowance back then. If I eat raw vegs, that’s just grabbing a small amount of them and that’s it, never understood the charm of mixing and adding water or even dressing. But each to their own.
Balsamic vinegar is too sugary, yes but apple cider vinegar is very low-carb and we only use little so it’s quite fine for keto or relaxed carnivore for condiments. I use some vinegar as I eat picked eggs, it’s an insignificant amount of carbs, really. My sugar free mustard is way worse and I use more of that… I surely reach 0.4g net carbs with that sometimes :smiley: Still matters little in my books.

Figure out what is your goals and how your body responds to your food. You don’t need to follow some strict set of rules without a good reason… I know that it’s best for me to get really little net carbs from non-animal sources, I am unsure about lactose but eggs and meat carbs never bother me. So I try to eat accordingly. While others need to avoid a bunch of plants, no matter how low-carb or little amount.


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I have a partial tear of the left shoulder rotator cuff (supraspinatous) from years ago. Foolishly went to the gym one day without warming up with light weights immediately started decline bench and felt the snap and warm feeling in that shoulder. Barely got the weights back, drove home, iced it and waited two weeks before I could get a drs appt with my family physician. Had difficulty lifting my arm or putting it behind my back. Sleep was barely tolerable. After the MRI, I saw a shoulder specialist who conservatively gave me home exercises to do with resistance bands, didn’t help much. Next appt with him he gave me a shot of cortisone which immediately resolved my symptoms till this day. Occasionally I will get a twinge in that shoulder. This past August 2021 is when the out of the nowhere pain started in my right shoulder (calcific tendonitis) and now wouldn’t you know my left shoulder (partial suprasinatous tear) is occasionally causing me pain although not nearly as bad as the right shoulder

Tears of the rotator cuff are most definitely caused by overuse and or bad form or too much weight being lifted.

My shoulder dr told me years ago ligaments and tendons are like rubber bands and when we get older than around 30 years of age those rubber bands begin to stiffen.

Why do you think top athletes go downhill after 30? Its because of the aging process. Some of us do better than others, genetically blessed or just doing things better but we all begin to age after 30.

My dr told me NOT to lift heavy weights any more after the supraspinatous tear, but I felt so good after the one cortisone shot that before long I was back in the gym up to my old tricks. I shouldve listened.

Probably overuse, bad positioning and heavy weights all contributed to my calcific tendonitis but I enjoyed the “pump” I felt after each session in the gym 45 minutes to and hour and a half.

Inadvertently back in the days when I worked out 5-6 days a week I was on the carnivore or ketogenic diet. About a half hour to an hour after a workout I was so hungry I made sure I had cooked turkey legs, thighs and chicken that I would devour, waiting for me at home.


Apple cider vinegar being fruit based should be off limits on carnivore diet no?
I love salads they keep me regular in a world where everyone I know has difficulty pooping and some have had colon cancer. The idea of raw meat or raw eggs makes me sick. Although my mom told me she used to mix a raw egg yolk in my Gerbers baby cereal along with some whole milk and blackstrap molasses. I had that cereal for years. Yes one must figure out what works best for them and modify accordingly.


Of course it’s not a carnivore item but most carnivores don’t do absolutely zero non-animal food. TINY amounts, spices, condiments aren’t the same as eating a salad or something. Everyone should decide how far they want to go, what works them best. I see absolutely no reason to be super strict, I tried stricter styles than what I like to do normally and it didn’t seem a good deal, restrictions without gain for me. There are a lot of experimenting on/near carnivore, people want to figure out what causes problems and what doesn’t.
If you want really strict carnivore, eat only beef or maybe other ruminant meat and that’s it.
The next step is only meat.
Meat, eggs, dairy and even spices, condiments to compliment the staples and processed meat, coffee and maybe tea(?) is the most relaxed carnivore style as far as I know. (At least in my circles, surely some people only consider some strict style “carnivore”.) Not everything on it is actually carnivore but they are just accents. Not standalone food items.

If you have a good reason to eat salads, I surely won’t say you shouldn’t… I can’t possibly know what is good for you and what you are able and willing to do at this point. I couldn’t even do keto many years ago, I had problems right away. My woe evolved and I changed a lot. I always try to do the best realistic woe for me (realistic = I can actually stick to it without outside force. at least now and then).
It’s very fine to converge to a woe that we can’t do yet, having crutches, off days when it’s unavoidable… I did that a lot. And we may learn that our goal isn’t good for us and go into another direction. It never happened with me (except my short term trials when I went too strict to see what happens), I just go lower and lower with my carbs and cut off more and more food items. But some people add back things.


Come on don’t you ever miss chocolate ice cream or even pork fried rice…lol


You inject this into your belly fat or take a dose by mouth ? Im confused
Where do you get this?


You inject belly fat, it’s systemic. You can either get it prescribed by an optimization doc, or buy it yourself for about 1/4 of the cost. My wife has hers prescribed, I buy mine myself. Peptide Sciences is a pretty well respected source. Some are freaked because when you self source they have to label it as either “research use only” or “not for human consumption”, it’s a legal thing (loophole really), it’s the same stuff.


You say when your shoulder acts up, has it been diagnosed? Did you have an MRI? What are your symptoms? Thanks


Two bad AC joints and had one partial rotator tear. I’ve had quite a few naps in the MRI! Also lost track of all the spinal injections.


The sad thing is that I made an awesome ice cream right in the beginning of my carnivore times (it wasn’t 100% carnivore but close enough)… And I never wanted ice cream on carnivore (or out of it) ever again.

Normal ice cream from the shops? Never ever would want that inferior watery thing (with very much unnecessary sugar that makes it even worse).

I eat fruits though so I never will be carnivore. I just do my best to stay close. Especially when it’s not fruit season (half of the year is fruit season but I can have carni days even then sometimes. like August is raging pear season in my garden, it doesn’t mean I will touch it this week. with my mouth I mean as I handle it many times a day… maybe that’s why I end up talking about fruits everywhere including carni threads… no, I just LOVE fruits. not necessarily eating them, they can offer so much more!).


Then its for your rotator cuff tear. My partial tear right shoulder is fine. Its the left shoulder calcific tendonitis thats my issue. How did you come across this injectable peptide collagen? Is it called Bellafill? Do you think collagen tablets are worth a try?


I have fruit and vegetables in my garden as well.I love pears and apples But I have to give this carnivore diet a chance to see if I get improvement… at least a month maybe more.

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Right now Im keto but if that doesnt help I’ll go all carnivore


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Its not collagen, its BPC-157 and TB-500. I don’t think collagen is worth it at all, I eat high protein so I’m getting more of those aminos than most people would who supplement with it.


BPC-157 and TB-500
So these injectibles work for you. I tried all those glucosamine chondroitin supplements for many weeks did nothing but made me a little dizzy. My joints were the same