Shoulder tendonitis and keto or carnivore diet


Just as you say for a break from meat and eggs but for now I’ll avoid any grains cereal. Did you say dairy is ok? Thank you

Were you diagnosed specifically with calcific tendinosis or did you damage your shoulder possibly from overuse?


Collagen “peptides” and real peptides aren’t even comparable. You inject those. They’re the real deal and heal like nothing you’ve ever seen. Do some Googling around on them and see what they do for people. Same deal with the optimization docs, they can give you stuff that night and day changes things. The diet will definitely help because it’ll lower systemic inflammation, but you still want to force the healing.


Dairy is animal product and many carnivores eat them. Or some of them.
But it’s a problematic group for very many. Some are fine with zerocarb cheeses, some aren’t as one can be sensitive to the protein too.
But for a not super strict carnivore, dairy is OK. Maybe not milk, that’s way too sugary. Yogurts tend to be quite sugary too… But it’s all about amounts if you ask me. But it’s easy to get very much sugar from these dairy products and if one consume them alone, I can imagine it’s different than eating the same amount of lactose together with everything else. My body surely have a problem with too dense sugar but that’s only for fruits, milk feels fine. But I am not particularly sensitive while many others are.

So… I allow everything I fancy but I try to fancy the best things, at least in bigger amounts and more frequently only those. All my staples are very much carnivore (just not the super strict “meat only” kind as you can pry my darling eggs from my cold dead hands, there is no other way. maybe if I suddenly got allergic to eggs but I doubt that). At this point I can live without dairy but they make my life easier without problems so why not? I keep my lactose consumption pretty low most of the time. Lactose feels a little off sometimes but I don’t understand as when I tried out and drank a liter of milk in a few hours, nothing happened… Cheese (I prefer the lactose free kinds) never felt off at all, I just can’t get satiated well with it and it’s not needed for me so I barely ever touch it. But it’s a nice zerocarb item if one can handle (be it physical or mental. some people can’t stop eating it until it’s too much).

So it’s individual. It’s important to notice if you feel off after eating dairy or if it interferes in some other way. Amounts and the kind of dairy matters too. And sometimes we NEED it for variety and maybe for nutrients, I had that when I was unable to eat “much” meat (like, a whole pound). Now that I can eat more meat and I still don’t get bored easily, its importance plummeted. I even can live without sour cream, wow. I already ate it in moderation but now zero works too. It made my woe simpler and that’s nice. It’s still an option for some days… But not needed. Losing the NEED for some items or food groups always feel so good and liberating… But it took time.


Have you ever heard of EPAT for healing?
What does Epat therapy do?

Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology, or EPAT, is a form of extracorporeal shock wave therapy. It is an evidence-based technology platform that utilizes a unique set of acoustic pressure waves to stimulate the metabolism, enhance blood circulation, and accelerate the healing process .


As for dairy I read only full fat dairy is ok, and as you say small amounts, full fat sour cream and yogurt in small amounts, Greek yogurt, full fat cottage cheese and ricotta, etc in small amounts and read the sugar content even of those it should be very low.

My Russian friend told me a long time ago you Americans got it all wrong. You avoid fat and cholesterol in your diet and get strokes and heart attacks even so. The body needs fat and cholesterol to function and heal and your drs and nutritionists are lying to you and feeding you pills. I say but why are they lying and he says…$$$$ to be made in pushing those pills!

Which hard cheeses can you recommend? Thanks

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Boy, I’d sure have to look at the research and data on EPAT. Sounds suspicious.


I dont know where you live but here in NJ there’s only one PT franchise that offers it and their reviews for EPAT are terrific. But who knows for sure if those reviews are legit. You can buy an EPAT machine on Amazon, there are several to choose from but I haven’t done so. I looked into it early on, last August I went to a local PT but decided to wait and try to self heal.

I just had my bacon and eggs breakfast and feel so guilty, no oat bran, no figs no dates no yogurt…lol


It makes about as much sense to me as that only fatty meat is allowed: exactly zero…
Unless low-fat items have something added but normal dairy has only 1-2 ingredients, they aren’t those abominations with various dubious additions.
Even I dislike low-fat dairy, if I forget about their existence and happen to buy some, I eat it if I can stomach that subpar stuff. As it’s perfectly fine, I just prefer the taste of higher-fat ones.

There are lots of hard and half-hard cheeses, taste is individual. My SO eats Gouda all the time, it’s nice and the cheapest tasty cheese for him in its slightly aged form. There is way more aged, harder Gouda for the ones who prefer that, of course that’s pricier. Cheddar is lovely too and my personal favorite is Masdaam but it’s rarely on sale and I can live without cheese so it was long ago I enjoyed some. But it’s really good.

You came from another world than me :smiley: And how a long way I come since then…
I dislike oats and I ate tons of fat all my life as it’s normal here… Of course there are people who go for some vegetarian/vegan low-fat route, dieter girls who prefer cakes multiple times a day on their diets over fat and people who are sick and can’t eat fat but high-fat is the norm here as far as I can tell. (If I didn’t write it before, I live in Hungary. We have pigs therefore pork way, way, way too fatty even for me! And I love fat.)
I only eat a more modest amount of fat since I went low-carb (on a normal day, not every day, I need my higher-fat days here and there) but it took effort. Fortunately it’s easier on carnivore, I get satisfied and satiated easier, with less fat now.
Dates actually sound a very good reason to feel guilty… Dates are extremely sugary, it’s obviously not a good idea to be in a close relationship with it unless one can handle it well and needs it for some reason, very serious exercise or something… But maybe there are better things for that, I have no idea, I never was active enough to need carbs (it must be very individual that which level requires extra sugar. my modest activity paired with my sugar-disliking body resulted in no need yet).


I have, that same tech has been used for years for ED treatment as well, it seems to have some good reviews, but lately its basically marketed as a panacea it seems, I’m sure it helps, but not sure how much more it’d do than what TENS does.

For me, I go with more proven stuff. I’m not against the natural or weird stuff at all, but when it comes to pain and my ability to work, and work out right, I go with proven.


I like Swiss cheese and according to you low fat or not doesn’t make a difference.

Any suggestions for salad dressing? Im guessing oil and vinegar are out unless its avocado oil but balsamic or apple cider vinegar being fruit based are not good

Any other salad dressings that can be used ? Thanks


Proven being what then? Thanks


Lots of things, proven meaning things that are proven to help vs things that are considered fringe that may or may not, I gave you a couple in my original reply.

Healing Peptides are amazing, for joints, Nandrolone (assuming your a dude) which you’re not going to get from a mainstream doc. They’d rather surgerize you.


I hear EPAT is as natural as it gets. It breaks down scar tissue allowing the body to reheal. Its been used for years for plantar fasciitis and kidney stones. However I don’t believe all the great results I see written on the PT’s website


well I had neck surgery from herniated disc and budging disc back like 22 yrs ago now? and I know this is not tendonitis or what you have and are dealing with but like Ifod said, inflammation down in your entire body makes a big difference so yea, you go Keto or ZC you will improve your body but I WATCH me very carefully and DO NOT do any lifting above my head which strains my neck, I am careful lifting heavier items cause for me on my issue, I can do alot of damage to this issue I have and I kinda think tendonitis is one of those things that is VERY physical issue on how you hurt the tendons and have that combo of lower inflammation to help you improve your movements.

I say yes, go for it to help improve yourself but be very wary of ‘overdoing’ the area that hurts with real physical issues that truly can take you into a worse area.

So physical real issues one is dealing with can’t be corrected by food but a healthier body can support improvement for issues like tendons and more but at that same time, physical issues are real hard core issues your food menu won’t fix overnight ever.

So I live with ‘watching me’ and my neck, upper shoulder area and I know my limitations to take care of me, but I feel my heathier body thru eating this way sure has given me a better stance against what I face, it could do that for you.

wishing you the best


I assume ZC is zero carbs?
With my shoulder issues any upper body workout is extremely difficult and even lower body exercises are difficult because of the many angles you have to put your arm through. Sometimes even holding the steering wheel high or turning on the radio is painful. It’s not an option for me right now.


I wont take injections of any kind anymore. I had cortisone once and only once for this condition. Down the road who knows what destruction these and other injections can do. If they work for you that’s great but not for me. I know of many who’ve had injections in their knee and other joints and down the road their conditions only worsened. Do not take offense to this. Surgery can be even worse.
I have found if you do the right thing for your body the body heals itself


You’re comparing apples and bowling balls, peptide injections are done subcutaneously into belly fat with an insulin syringe. You literally don’t feel it at all. Not even remotely the same as a cortisone shot. No shortage of studies on the peptides showing their efficacy over many years now.


How many injections did you have and what were the results?

I found this when I googled collagen peptides
Collagen peptides are used for aging skin and osteoarthritis. They are also used for osteoporosis, brittle nails, muscle strength, and many other purposes, but there is no good scientific evidence to support most of these uses.

Again but if it works for you thats what counts

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They think it’s from overuse. It happened in late 2020–first one shoulder and then the other. It got so bad that I was unable to lift my infant son. I had to go through physical therapy in 2021, which helped and healed the left shoulder completely, but the right one still has issues. I had x-rays done, which basically showed nothing.

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I’ve torn supraspanitus in both shoulders. Had one surgically repaired, but the recovery from that was so difficult (one of the 2 times I’ve gained weight on keto) and lengthy, I decided not to have surgery on the other one.

Had a “crunching” sound in my non-operated-on shoulder. Started taking collagen peptides After a while (a long time, really), that sound has gone away. While there’s no way to repair my supraspanitus, as it was completely torn, I have not been hindered by my shoulder and do body weight training twice per week. I credit collagen peptides with a lot of that, as I was keto without them, and it wasn’t until after taking collagen peptides that repair happened in earnest.

I’m not allowed to perform any type of overhead work, so I avoid that and exercises similar to that.

As for scientific evidence to support collagen peptides, those are going to be difficult studies, as you’ll need a long time. But there are some:

We could use more.