Should I throw out 5lbs of Bacon?

(Ann) #1

Bought thick sliced bacon on sale without reading the list of ingredients.
Like all commercial bacon this contains sugar and nitrates.
Is this still Keto friendly? Should I throw it away?:sob::bacon:

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #2

How much sugar? If it’s just a trace amount don’t worry, just look for a different brand next time and read the label. Either post a photo of the label, including the list of ingredients or link to it. Nitrates are not a problem.

(Ann) #3

I would buy sugar free nitrate free bacon but there’s so expensive. I’m wondering if bacon with trace amount of sugar that shows 0 carb count per serving is OK. I bought the regular thick smoked bacon from Sprouts.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #4

(Cancer Fighting Ketovore :)) #5

Its probably fine. I’m not super picky about my bacon. I buy the “Big Buy Ends and Pieces” from Wal-mart. $7.50 for about 3lbs (compared to about $5.50 for 1lb).

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #6

I buy Ends and Pieces also, but from Kroger (3 lb for $9). I’ve never had trouble with it and I think they are fattier and taste better.

(Bob M) #7

It’s not really nitrate free. They just use things that don’t “count” as nitrates. I usually don’t buy the sugar free stuff, since it gets too expensive.

(Daisy) #8

Most of the bacon I use is cured with some sugar. I am HIGHLY sensitive to sugar and most of them don’t bother me. Can’t do Oscar Meyer though. Wright’s thick cut doesn’t bother me at all.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #9

If you decide to get rid of it send it to me. Just PM me for my address…:joy::joy::grin::bacon:

Seriously though most Bacon has a little sugar in the cure. Some of that sweats out of the bacon with the water and ends up as the brown stuff in the pan, caramelized sugar. And nitrates are nitrates, doesn’t matter at all if they come from a salt or celery products. :cowboy_hat_face:

@Ketodaisy Agreed, Wright is great bacon. My favorite is the 2 lbs unsliced Slab bacon. I found one recently I like even better but I don’t think it’s widely distributed outside my area.

(David Cooke) #10

It’s SOoo easy to make your own bacon, you also need to be able to sharpen knives. Haven’t bought bacon for years and I can choose which cuts I want.

(Bob M) #11

To me, bacon is like candy, in that I can eat way too much of it. So, I rarely eat bacon now. I know that might be shocking, but there it is. I don’t however pass it up if my wife cooks it.

(Rebecca ) #12

NOOOOO!!! Don’t throw the bacon away!!!:scream:



I stopped spending insane amounts on high end bacon. The amount of sugar in them is ignorable, I’m mixed on the nitrates.

(Ann) #14

You guys are the BEST. Thank you for your response. This is really helpful for those of us who are newbies. I won’t pass up bacon on sale from now on.

(Rebecca ) #15

On a serious note…until recently, I used to pay a good bit, to get nitrate free, sugar free blah, blah…bacon. We finally decided to buy regular bacon…I have the cook time down pat and it comes out delicious! :yum:

(Ann) #16

That’s what I thought…Keto has gotten to be so expensive.
Grass Fed, Pasture Raised, Organic, Nitrate Free and so on.
I understand it’s all for good health. Truthfully, eating out on fast food,
restaurants and junk food is equally expensive and contributes to poor health.
I just need to prioritize and budget well. Set aside money to buy all the nice
smaller sized clothes, too::grinning:

(Piglets = Bacon Seedlings) #17

That may be the most shocking thread title I have ever ever read :exploding_head: I do check the label when I buy, but mainly look for “No water added” because I want every bit of bacon grease I can get!! I do believe I have become a bacon snob and am quite ecstatic with that choice! Look, bacon seeds > :pig2::pig2::pig2::pig2::pig2:

(Scott) #18

I sometime get maple infused bacon or sausage and the cabs listed are the same as the non maple so I don’t sweat it. Just check the carb content and as long as it is low you are good. I ignore nitrates because they don’t matter, enjoy!

(Ann) #19

You answered my question regarding breakfast sausages as well. Bacon can get tedious at times (blasphemy, I know) but having sausages add variety to our breakfast menu. So adding Farmer Johns sausage links to my grocery list right now.:smiley:

(Bob M) #20

I have tried Whole 30, where you eat zero sugar in anything for a month. There’s sugar in things you don’t expect, like mustard. But I personally can’t taste the sugar in regular bacon, as compared to sugarless bacon. I’m sure there are super tasters out there who can do it, but not me.