Should I throw out 5lbs of Bacon?

(Rebecca ) #21

My husband accidentally bought Maple Bacon once…"blech":nauseated_face:! It was cooking and I said “I smell maple…what is that??” It was so overly sweet and just not “bacony”… that bacon went in the disposal!!

(Ann) #22

I guess is the best time to ask …what’s the best bacon to buy out there?
Other than Wright…:bacon::bacon::bacon:

(Susan) #23

I tend to buy whatever is on sale tbh --last week Walmart had their Great Value (their store brand) on sale for $2.99 a pack and I bought 8 of them -tossed 4 in the fridge, 4 in the freezer. My entire family loves bacon, not just me, even though I am the only Keto person.

I buy the Great Value Pork Breakfast sausages at Walmart as well, you get a good sized pack for $9.

(Daisy) #24

I typically buy wright, but like @ctviggen I’ve been losing my taste for it the longer I’m on carnivore. Never thought that could happen!
I do eat a lot of breakfast sausage, but I only buy Bob Evans brand. It’s the only one I can find with no sugar in the ingredients.

(Bob M) #25

For me, bacon is like tortilla chips: I can keep eating and eating and eating…There’s no off switch. (And I never ate tortilla chips while on low fat, but did eat them later on in life, before keto.) Pork chops, steak, even chicken (though not as much) cause me to stop. Bacon does not. (I will eat bacon on things, like bacon wrapped something, chicken for instance. But bacon by itself is tough for me to stop eating.)

I did not know Bob Evans doesn’t have sugar. That’s good to know. I don’t eat breakfast, but will eat “lunch” as breakfast sometimes.


If you ever want to try something a little different see if you can find some pork belly slices. It’s basically uncured bacon. Pop them in the oven at 425 or fry them up crispy. I actually much prefer this to bacon now.

(Ann) #27

Great excuse for me to buy those Costco sliced pork belly. Do you add anything on that, any spices?
Thanks for the tip.


I don’t, but I suppose you could salt it if you liked. The thin sliced is best for what I’m talking about. It’s actually like thick cut bacon.

Oh yeah, and keto really doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes the simpler foods are the best and you don’t need all the fancy stuff.

(Bob M) #29

I’ve found some really good (though cured) sliced pork belly at a local Polish Deli. It’s basically deli meat (aka “lunch meat”). It’s got more meat/muscle meat though and less fat than most bacon. It’s also good fried up.

Your trick of putting them in the oven would work well too. I might have to trek over there next week.

I’ll have to look at Costco, too.


Let me know how you like it. My daughter says it’s better than bacon and I tend to agree.

(Ann) #31

I definitely will. Thanks. Will be doing some shopping tonight at Costco.

(Daisy) #32

It’s really rare that I can find pork belly where I live. Sams club every once in a great while will carry it. We don’t have a Costco sadly.

(Marianne) #33

Wow! I have to look for this! Thanks for the tip!

(Marianne) #34

We don’t do any of that. I shop at BJs (like Costco, Sam’s, etc.), and get the cheapest meat we can. I’m sure it’s loaded with stuff that isn’t optimal, but that’s a choice I make. Honestly, I have found keto to be waay more economical than how we used to eat. Now I generally eat OMAD - before, I used to eat like every three hours, including after dinner! Junk, processed and order-out food (pizza, subs, etc.), isn’t cheap, when you are consuming a lot of it.

(Marianne) #35

I agree - I did a double-take!!!


(hottie turned hag) #36

Girl, this ^^^^ is not necessary for keto.

If you’re into it then sure but don’t feel like you must buy that “fancy” stuff to be keto.
I’m far too frugal, and also realize labeling “grass fed!” can be a misnomer; a “grass fed!” steer may be fed grass for a brief period and its meat still labeled that way.
Just like “cage free” and “free range”; doesn’t mean the chickens are kept in chicken yard with sun and actual grass.

Factory farms have ingenious ways to label stuff that essentially means nothing significantly different is actually done as far as the animals’ conditions (this is a well known fact among farm animal activists).

And EAT THAT BACON; most bacon lists sugar but it’s only in the curing process and is negligible and won’t affect carb count atall!


Yes, it has to be ‘grass finished’ as well to receive full benefit.


…and as stated above in the video link, the danger of nitrates in meats was debunked back in the 80s, so don’t fall into the trap of spending extra money to avoid that either.


…and in regards to breakfast sausages, be aware of the carby fillers they use sometimes. Not all breakfast sausages are created equal.


I already ate homemade food on a budget before keto and even so, my keto food costs less.
I don’t buy meat in shops, I have my own high standards, morals and choosy tastebuds but even so, there are possibilities. I usually did vegetarian keto and ate as much as before (a bit less if we include my overeating days on low-carb) and still, it costed less. But if I buy animal fat from a really good source, organ meat and the fattiest parts I like… It gets even cheaper and tastier too. And I still use some unnecessary expensive ingredients… So there’s a room for improvement, more variety and taste, smaller costs.