Severe Health Dangers from Plants~


This is a wonderful read. Really makes one understand just how horrible all plant eating is for our bodies and what these nasty thieves do against our bodies. This is one top reason a carnivore is a carnivore :slight_smile: To rid the body of the offending horrible plants and thrive on meat and fat! Not eating plants should be a true core value to carnivores and this info explains why we adopt this science.

-----Lectins are one of the most insidious chemical weapons plants have in their arsenal to fight back against predators.

----- Wheat Germ Agglutinin, does many horrible things but one is the brain…Although most lectins are rather large, WGA is smaller, and because of this can sneak through the gut more easily than other lectins. And because the vagus nerve connects the gut to the brain, WGA can hop on this highway and go straight to the brain. To make matters worse, WGA can cross the blood-brain barrier. And because it’s a “sticky” protein, it can connect with many other substances that have no business in the brain, and transport them right on in. Naturally, this can result in neurological problems.

-----One of the hidden health dangers in plant-based foods is an antinutrient called phytic acid.
It is a thief.
But the health dangers of phytic acid are often insidious. The theft happens, and we don’t even know it.

-----Iron deficiencies and more…Iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in the world.
Since iron plays a crucial role in carrying oxygen to cells, deficiencies are extremely problematic to human health.
Plants have a form of iron called “non-heme iron.” And phytic acid interferes with its absorption.
Luckily, animal iron, called “heme iron” is immune from phytic acid’s theft.

------ “Broccoli Bomb”
The crucifers like broccoli have this chemical called glucosinolate.
I like to think of this chemical as the main ingredient of the “bomb.”
They also have another chemical called myrosinase.
I think of this as the “matchstick” that lights the bomb.


Read this and absorb the truth of what a more plant based diet can lead to such destructive troubles for our bodies. It’s a longer read but absolutely fascinating!!


Edit… original comment may have misconstrued. :laughing:

Nice article, thanks for sharing.


good heavens, now ya got me wondering on that comment LOL

I think we carnivores always say plants are evil. And then we say do the research and we all know most people WILL not go off and find this info.

It is good to have plant toxins etc. just spelled out in one place like in this info.

What got me is when you truly read how they work in your body and it is against you, not for you, then that ‘veg is healthy’ goes right out the window.

It is a great thing to chat about. Just how bad toxicity is in plants and how horrible our ‘current food’ is in this world from the ‘real nature’ of long ago. He hits on some great points.


It was just about this thread or that post triggering people and starting the “Carniwars” back up.
I didn’t want it coming off like I actually wanted that to happen but we have a few easily triggered people around here.


Oh that won’t happen I am sure.

omg…carniwars, that is too funny LOL yea it won’t go down that way :slight_smile:

everyone will respect ‘each other’s eating lifestyle’ and the values that go with it I would think.

Thing is for me being carnivore…truly ONE of the biggest reasons I eat this way is because of the info. in that article.

When you truly see the toxins, how they react in the body and more it is mind boggling that we can treat our bodies so horrible and yet survive…but we survive with tons of illness.

At the end of the article is the Tick Tock. I love that part. Saying that how all the illness, the prescription pills to correct symptoms but never fix the illness etc. flourish now in just a very very short span of time.

How the food source is so truly unpure from the plant area of it all and that certain plants were never eaten at all til X time and can correspond with illness ramping up.

I gotta say I think it is so fascinating in that what eliminating plants has done for me is just so wonderful. To feel alive again vs. a sluggy lifestyle from the old days.

You know younger you don’t notice as much cause one has that great youth on our side…tip into near that 50 area and all of the sudden that youth is certainly gone and we start to truly see all that damage from our food.

I can chat up this stuff for a long time LOL just interests me so much.


from the article…

Unfortunately, the fruit today is quite different from the fruit of yesteryear (as well see in the “toxin-time continuum”). We’ve bred them for size and sugar, we’ve engineered them for survival of seasons and sprays. We pick them unripe, treat them with chemicals, then transport them across the world.
What was once a seasonal treat that helped pack on pounds transformed into a daily “health” food, loaded with sugar and an enhanced toxic load.

------I mean this is SO true LOL
how can one not truly put 2 and 2 together and not see the above when it is really what is happening out there.

the manipulation of our foods is really rough. where it all will lead is kinda scary for the future.


Can’t take credit for it; that one was thanks to PetaMarie. I think very highly of her.

Too bad we’re all too scattered to have a meatup, cook steaks, and talk.

As are the vegetables, hell broccoli is basically a human invention!

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Since we’re discussing, I have some questions. If someone is doing carnivore or avoiding vegetables because of their toxicity, is that same person also avoiding sulfates in soap, cigarettes, alcohol, smog, chloride in drinking water, etc and so on? I’m not being shady, I’m seriously asking.

I’m not disputing the article just wondering in the big list of the dangers of the world around us where vegetable toxins fall for people doing a carnivore diet?


Valid questions. We can’t completely remove every aspect of toxicity from the modern lifestyle.
Personally, I’m fixing the things that I can as I can fix them and not worrying too much about what I can’t fix. Trying to fix everything will drive you insane.
I don’t own a microwave. When I use one I don’t heat food in plastic.
I do have some alcohol but significantly less than pre-carnivore, I just lost the taste for it for the most part but I do like a glass of wine sometimes. Might have a Churchill martini if the urge strikes, or some such.
I found out a long time ago that I couldn’t use most soaps and deodorants anyway.
As for water, I would love to get a filtration system going to get the flouride and contaminants out but haven’t done so yet.
If you look at my profile pic you’ll notice that shampoo is not a concern. :laughing:

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Thanks for answering and I love a good martini. I don’t drink in general but might have one once a year for a really special occasion. The dirtier the better.


Of course!
I’m just doing the best I can with what I’ve been given. With 3 kids to raise I can’t go tilting at every windmill that comes along. Besides, obsessive, singularly focused people are a pain to be around and I wouldn’t want to be that way.

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I have a 25 year old and I’m very grateful the little kid days are behind me! Three, pfew!


They’re awesome… well, one’s a teenager so you know how that goes. They’re my life though and I wouldn’t trade being a dad…usually. :laughing:

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Yeah, it’s my greatest accomplishment too.


Oh believe me PetaMarie that is a biggie for me in my life.

what can I drop in my life, how much of that can I handle, how will effect how I live and want to live and more.

Modern world. Just like bob said.

I tried natural deodorants. They suck. Never found a good one LOL
So I defaulted back to my regular old brand and said screw it.

I dropped chem cleaners mostly. I use vinegar, bleach and some other natural cleaners vs. big bad chem ones.

I started buying organic this and that til I would read up on the ‘organic end’ of it and a lot of times it was a crapshoot if what you were buying at a very high price was even truly organic anyway. Tons of fraud in that industry.

Heck the organic veg line of products, a lot of that ain’t real either…so…

I think what I eat is more important in general because it has a direct effect literally on my life. Now if I was to swim in toxins, yea direct effect. Walk into the smoke of a fire filled with burning plastic red cups…yea inhale that.

But my food is totally controllable by me. I can buy grass fed from a farmer I know. I can drop toxic plants cause science says they do this and that and contain bad things.

but in the end, how ‘protected’ can we be from it all? Not as much as a lot of us would ever want,

It is a personal life for all. Pick and choose what suits you and won’t…that is all we can do for ourselves. But food for me is a very controllable thing that directly effects my very soul and cells. I can feel thru this carnivore lifestyle my body loves it. No bad effects at all so I can safely say to myself at night that I did the best thing for me today in the food dept.

I think also we have stages in life. You know as we change as we get older. We know what we want more and more and what we can live without and how we will go about it.

Kinda like we know ourselves more deep. My eating gives me a daily energy and vibe that at least makes me feel wonderful at all times.

But heck, I worked with so much RoundUp and stuff on the farm over the years til we dropped that stuff…I am polluted from a few things already LOL no telling what will take me down at what time but my food gives me a daily boost of fine living til whatever happens, happens in my future.


Here’s a good on…when the author thinks of soy he thinks ‘healthy’ and I even remember that soy health craze back in the day. Everything was soy is good etc…then it was everything soy is bad LOL

here is a bit on it from the link:

From about the year 2000 to 2010 soybeans changed. In the beginning of that decade less than 10% of soybeans were genetically modified. By the end of it, over 90% were.
Soybeans are engineered to be resistant to glyphosate. This enables farmers to spray the crops with RoundUp. The chemical kill the weeds but not the genetically modified crops. As I’ve talked about before, this can have serious impacts on human health. Because while the crops may be engineered to survive glyphosate, we aren’t.

(glyphosate is a broad spectrum herbicide like RoundUp. This stuff kills plants very quickly. It was a great thing for weed eradication when needed…….but to read that they genetically modified soy bean plants to NOT die when hit with RoundUp and it is sprayed on the plants to kill the surrounding weeds is just crazy to me. RoundUp kills anything it touches cause I know…I used a lot of it thru the years but to ‘create a plant’ that it won’t kill…wow is all I can say. Scientists got it going on…but is it the right going on? boy it is a wild and woolly question about the future of our foods.)

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I lived in Iowa as a child and was surrounded by corn and soybean fields (they alternated every other year). It wasn’t the kind of corn humans could consume, it was feed corn. So, another interesting question is how this GMO food changes the meat we eat as well. Grass fed is one thing, grass finished is another thing entirely and most people can’t afford it anyway so it’s a good question for everyone eating meat out of feed lots to consider.


this was such a great read, thank you for sharing!! The more I learn about how toxic plants are for my body, the less I even want them. Yesterday we had Chipotle catering for a group, and normally I would fill up my bowl with lettuce since I don’t eat rice, before dumping all the meat on top… but this time the lettuce just repelled me… I filled my bowl up with chicken, steak, and some sour cream… lol.

The only thing I keep trying to research though, is what would happen down the road if I did veer too much (not that I plan to) like almond-flour-based-treats, cauliflower mac and cheese (stuff I like), too much of it in one period of time, like I veered for a week on vacation or something… what would my body’s reaction be, since a lot of my good gut bacteria might have died off by then (not being fed by fiber)? Would I do more harm than before just by a slight veer? And I’m not talking about discomfort. Actual harm?


PetaMarie….oh yea you are right meat and its contents have changed since old times.

every single food on this planet is not as it was created mostly.
human intervention effects every aspect of all food. I sure see that as you do with mentioning the feed lots.

Thing is our ‘global food production’ is plant based mostly. So if we start there…our diets are mainly plant based. Just think of a cookie. Flour, sugar, whatever other ingredients, baking powder added, of course some dairy and when you think of a cookie its main base is all plant based. Your Italian lines of pasta. All rice, grains etc. that are used in foods. Almost every single boxed/produced item excepted like canned meats are all plant based with plant based emulsifiers, preservatives and chem. stuff to make it long term for the shelf. We all know that thru the ‘long long ingredient’ lists of scary words we can’t read LOL Plant oils by the buckets available when not long ago. People didn’t use these products.

So then the meats, not so much the seafood. Seafood to me is about water contaminates etc. They do ‘farm stuff’ now like salmon etc and it shows wild caught beats farmed in nutrient tests etc. But a lot of seafood is wild still.

Beef for example. Different now but never as much manipulation as plant based food stuffs. In that antibiotics and such as dumped before slaughter but of course some is in there, who are we kidding on that. And animals fed inferior feed from the crazy gmo altered feeds out there…but those feeds are not directly being eaten by us. Yea, residue in meats. Sure I would think. But one isn’t directly eating and ingesting the plant. It has been ‘processed’ thru the animal and less of an impact than direct eating of that plant. Filtered a bit more than direct ingestion. So to me that helps me somewhat.

So to me personally, how I view it all is meat is a less of a devil from mankind’s intervention. Meat was never a ‘toxic’ substance to start with like a plant. Plants always had defenses built into it. So direct line of trouble there. Meat had feet, it was supposed to run to live. So your meat starts out cleaner than a veg would ever be for eating.

I think meat eaters do need to be an advocate for their food. Know it, research it, be involved in knowing what you are eating. As with any of our food supplies out there.

Luckily I do live in a boonie area. I was a farmer and ate my own meats. I can easily get grass fed from a friend and I can see the cows in the pasture before I get it LOL So that helps me.

but store bought can be purchased grass fed if a person wants so…if more local you can visit the farm etc.

But in the end, what food is not tinkered with? ALL OF IT…but with meat you have a tad more control on where you can get it and how much ‘toxin’ was in just meat from its life process vs. what ‘toxins’ are living in plants and are now enhanced actually by gmo manipulation and you are directly ingesting.

Also disease now. How many have Celiac. Gluten troubles and more. Don’t eat grapefruit with BP meds. I have yet to read a ‘don’t eat beef’ cause this disease is directly linked to this illness from all the common life illness many are living with now. I don’t see don’t eat meat cause your BS will spike and you might get diabetes. Most disease when an offender has to be cut is plant based.

So I guess in the end it truly boils down to how do you want to roll thru it all in life.

Some can give up so much. Like carnivores who thrive. Others want to have more options in foods and they thrive cause they also cut a ton of junk out of their lives.

personal choice thru it all is best I can say on how we want to survive. For me the science of plant toxins and what they do in the body holds real. So I put a lot of emphasis there to start as a lot of us carnivores do.


I like that a lot!! Lettuce would have just screwed up that delish sounding meal LOL

Actual harm if you go off carnivore a bit. Truly it is a discomfort thing…in that the discomfort if you get it is truly your body saying ‘hey, what is this horrible toxic stuff’ I am reacting too? I am sending signals we don’t like this :slight_smile: It is up to the person to listen.

So any ‘actual harm’ for our bodies usually comes with a warning system. It is up to us to react to that or dismiss it and take our chance if we continue past discomfort signals.

One thing is our bodies take extreme punishment. It gives us a lot of leeway. It has systems in place to help us as long as it can thru all we throw at it. But there is that one day, your internal body says Nope…we had enough…you will now get XYZ disease thru all this abuse and I can’t be reversed even a little now to truly make you as healthy as you can be. You wiped me out thru all these years. This can be a lot of factors, lifestyle, abuse of drugs/alcohol, environmental, stress and so much more effects our daily lives.

So I truly think actual harm doesn’t just hit ya…not like ingesting cyanide in full strength and going into immediate hardcore poisoning. I think the few times we eat off, bites of this or that, how much we react from it shows us how far we can leave from carnivore and still watch how we react to things at any time we feel we want to walk a bit from carnivore.

Most carnivores don’t walk far LOL we feel the other foods in our bodies pretty quickly. Once you eat longer term on this way, when you go back eating like a full blown carby who knows what meal we feel it bad. Our bodies gave us the signal, now what do we do with it? Keep eating worse or go back to meat and seafood and let our bodies rest and clear the ingested toxins as needed and we feel so much better.

hope some of that helps what I wrote :slight_smile: