September Keto delights


Starting the September Keto thread. I hope to have pics again soon.

Having (lots of) slow roasted, wrapped in bacon, country pork ribs, and a small salad of tomatoes, spinach and boiled egg.

(KM) #2

I made the most lovely pound of chicken wings and arranged them to look like a sunflower, then ate the whole plate before thinking about a picture. That plus a handful of cherry tomatoes from the garden, so fresh and good!

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #3

Photos please, or it didn’t happen :rofl:


Oh how wonderful, I don’t need to feel bad not to bring photos :smiley:

I went back to my roasted pork and it is amazing! I started like this, roasts all the time… But fried fatty pork is wonderful too and quicker… I barely had roasts in summer. But now I am kinda bored of my fried leanish pork (green ham) and went back to roasts… Mmm. I roasted some leaner and fattier (pork shoulder) pork the day before yesterday and I ate some (not much, just about a pound as I had a very early meal and then I didn’t want much meat for dinner) yesterday, all cold and wonderful.

Maybe I bring pics later, not like it will be anything new… :smiley: My main food is pretty repetitive and I can’t make good shots of food anyway.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #5

Awww you can. Try this :- Put plate near window with the window on the other side of the plate, get low :+1:


I usually put it outside in the sun :smiley: Maybe try to put some flowers behind…

Lighting is fine even with my dark kitchen (it has multiple big windows but no direct sunshine), I like the cool reflected light + lamp from outside combo.
It never will be sharp as the camera has a little depth of field. I love a tiny depth of field, great for macro shots, not so great for food except I KNOW it’s great for food if one knows what they are doing, I don’t :smiley:
But I just can’t bring myself to care. I don’t want to make good shots about my food, I merely wish to make less than horrible ones…

But today I ate before I remembered making a photo so none, again. But I make pork roast tomorrow too ~ Then liver but that’s always ugly and black in my photos :smiley: Not like it’s particularly pretty irl… :wink:

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #7

Direct sun maybe too harsh for most foods.


Yes, there is harsh light, I often find that fun.
And still more interesting than my usual shots.

(Marianne) #9

They are the best! Enjoy!

(Jane) #10

Eggs and chorizo topped with sharp Provolone cheese. With slices of avocado. A delicious dinner ready in about 10 minutes.


It’s going to be steak night. I have some nice rib eye waiting, maybe some ■■■■■■■ mushrooms on the side. Drooling just thinking about it.


Lol! It won’t let me name the mushrooms. S#!take is what they are. :slight_smile:

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #13

hhahhaha :rofl::rofl:


@Janie: I still love this plate of yours… :smiley: Pretty food too, now I want to eat more and I finally finished my lazy indulgent elongated weekend lunch some time ago…

No photos from me but I made my best pâté this far! Using some not thoroughly fried/roasted liver and meat definitely helped with the smoothness… I forgot adding extra fat (butter, it’s the traditional one), it only has a bit from the lightly fried liver and sour cream but it’s still good, isn’t lacking :smiley:

And this is a keto thread, not a carni one so I can mention the nice meat and veggie soup my SO cooked over open fire. I think this is our very first soup where vegs AND meat were ingredients. I jumped from vegetarian keto to carnivore-ish quite suddenly so never mixed the two. But my SO’s Mom makes the most delicious mixed soups, ours can’t compare but we did forget the pepper and tomato in it. My family never put them into soups and stews.

It’s like the kiddie forum we made once. Hungarian has some words containing the same word as your mushrooms just in Hungarian, obviously… Deer and magpie was impossible to write there due to it… It’s possible to make it a bit better and our forum wasn’t big enough to cause performance problems I suppose but that part was made by another programmer. Such things bother me so I probably would have done something about it. This word is a way smaller problem in English but not being able to write deer in Hungarian, I have found that bad.

(Jane) #16

Tritip roast sous vide at 138 F for 24 hrs. Hubby added some grill marks. Fork tender.


And it’s ribeye again tonight. I just love Ribeye, I bought a bunch and froze them. Always hits just the spot…

(Robin) #18

Janie, you are now officially my spirit animal.


Dinner today: omelette made with 3 eggs with spicy chorizo, feta cheese and olives.

(KM) #20

Uploading: 16946420954798639712260086198205.jpg… Those are “chicken of the woods” mushrooms, the fungus among us.

(KM) #21

Ok, no idea. How do I get this uploaded? It says it’s too big.