September Keto delights


That’s nice, I find some sometimes but the worms like it too.

Sometimes I find “beefsteak fungus”, it’s called liver fungus in Hungarian. That’s pretty and interesting.

Most of my favs aren’t edible and it’s quite right as I try to stick to carnivore :slight_smile: But I truly lost interest, carnivore just took certain things away. I loved the taste of “herald of the winter” and now it tastes celery, ew. Never liked celery. I still like wild champignon, not like we find many edible ones… And I don’t even eat half of those, my SO appreciates them better. More mushroom for him, more meat for me. It works.

If the photo is big, you should resize it. I always upload a not very big one, I still remember the early internet times when it was pretty important but why to use a bigger imagine than needed anyway…?
I use my desktop computer where I am familiar with things and have my trusted old program for easy photo manipulation.

But if I am here, I show today’s pic. As usual, it’s just my planned lunch (minus some eggs), I didn’t eat it all and I ate other things as well. The eggs have bacon :slight_smile: Bacon ends are so nice, cheap and thick :slight_smile: I appreciate the crunchy, lovely look of rashes but they cost twice as much while basically being the same. So I only buy it when I really want the crunchy curly lovelies.
Bacon ends aren’t even super salty… And a great start for scrambled eggs!

(KM) #23

I just tried to upload the picture I took (on my phone) nothing fancy.

And I have to say this is the biggest challenge in my world. I know, first world problems, but unless I actually send the picture to my own email, then open the photo on my computer in a photo editing program, and save it in another format that’s a smaller size, NONE of my phone, gallery or camera software allows me to edit size or simply copy a photo I’ve taken. Every ■■■■■■■ time I try to share a photo, the same ■■■■■■■■■ Aaaaaagh.


First world problems can be pretty annoying and valid too! (Or it isn’t called like that then?) Like this one.

I have no idea what I would do on the tablet as I don’t need resizing there, well the make the whole thing smaller kind, I can cut my photos, that’s basic. I probably would google for the best simple pic manipulation app…? It would be my 4rd(?) app I download :smiley:
I guess I will figure these things out tomorrow. Sounds useful and I should be more in touch with these things.

I mostly use my desktop computer, I barely use the tablet for anything beyond reading. And I only use my phone for music - and clock when I travel :smiley: And a few phone calls per year if it’s really a must.

(KM) #26

beef, mushrooms growing on a stump in my yard, a little tarragon from the garden and a blob of mayo because I’m too lazy for bearnaise sauce.

I’ve spent the last hour - now three hours - trying to do what is supposedly a ten second task, so … good night and good luck, I give up. I put the amended file on the clipboard, it links an old (failed) post I’ve already deleted. wtf …

Omg. A photo. Actually uploaded. Too bad it’s not a chateau briand with King Charles photobombing it. Too bad I can’t remember which of 30 efforts actually worked. :woman_facepalming:

Can’t leave well enough alone, the fungus among us.

(Jane) #29

There is a limit to the size of photos you can upload here. 1024 pixels is the max on width or length. My iPhone defaults to 4032 x 3024 so I always have to reduce the resolution before uploading. A pain in the a$$ but has to be done.

I use a photo app (Resize It) that will crop, rotate and resize and save the new image to my phone. Then I select the new image and it uploads ok.

Sorry for your frustration! Hope this helps. {{hugs}}

(KM) #30

Thank you. I actually figured it out!! Probably won’t remember how tomorrow, but tonight I can sleep. :laughing:

(Jane) #31

Late to the party as usual :laughing: - glad you got it!

(Jane) #32

I like that I can rotate and also crop with the app… like when I want to crop out my dirty cutting board or other embarrassing things LOL.


@kib1: Oh I see you are stubborn like me, it’s useful quite often.
I am glad to see your pics, the food looks good too but those fungi… Beautiful. And in a very very great time, those must be tender… Sometimes I meat them when they are older, still usable cooked in the right way I have read but old mushrooms typically are full with wormies here :frowning: Often young ones too :frowning:

My last pic was 1282x775 so the width can be bigger for sure.
772x1156 got uploaded too.
I won’t experiment more. But I never had significantly bigger ones like these as I find that excessive.

I do that when I make the shot :slight_smile: I do crop it a tad more quite often, I don’t want any unnecessary things in my photos and the available ratio may be not good enough. But usually I need minimal work afterwards. It’s bad enough I need to remember to get the CF card out of the camera, bring it upstairs, put it into the card reader etc. Not a big deal but I am lazy and forgetful if it comes to the CF card. It’s an old camera, my SO says they don’t use CF cards nowadays… I like them though. Big enough not to lose it easily, the miniSD is so minuscule my human fingers are too big for it and if I drop it, I may not find it among the dust particles. Seriously, SD was small enough.
That’s why I never use photos from my phone. It has a miniSD card and it refuses to work with USB cables. No big deal as the phone makes bad shots. It has a huge depth of field though while the camera has a tiny one. I love tiny ones, they suit my flower shots nicely. My food ones not so much, it can be done great but that requires skills and getting them requires interest I don’t possess.

I bring some photos later, hopefully no one is bored of my pork roasts yet :smiley: I made green ham and pork chuck. I am somewhat bored of lean meat but I need it until I manage to drop my dairy consumption… I just can’t afford all that fat. Oh and I am in a passionate love with butter too, it’s recent.
And anyway, green ham is easiest and cheapest to get. And the fattiest parts are nice, the leanest parts are good for my SO… I just need some breaks occasionally but there is a huge sale on whole ducks now…! Can I bake a pretty and good duck? Are there any tips for it? I just toss my meat into the oven and hope for the best, normally. It works wonderfully with not super lean pork, not so much for fowl - they get tender but the skin never gets crispy enough and I actually put effort into that and tried things. It may get a big crispy but I would like more.

I don’t even remember what duck tastes like. I just know it’s fatty and it will mess with my macros for sure. Fowl always make me overeating protein but it’s fine occasionally.

(KM) #34

I came home and the mushroom had sprouted within the last few days, so very tender and no bugs at all.

By the time I get my chicken skin crisp, the meat’s usually also dry and overcooked. Hoping someone has tips!

(Jane) #35

I peel off the chicken skin and roast it until crispy. Then sous vide or instant pot the chicken so it stays moist.


Yes, that is the only way that works for me. But that’s troublesome. If I get it off raw, the fowl probably dries out, I never tried that, if I get it off later, some doesn’t come off, I don’t like to fry/roast a little bit (it’s for when I only make 2 thighs) for a long time separately and I may forget to get it off in time to get crunchy together with the meat…
But leaving the skin on isn’t good for chicken thighs anyway as the boring stuff needs spice (tandoori masala was the best this far) and if I spice the skin, the meat underneath won’t get it.

And Mom and Grandma managed to make crispy skin without taking it off! It is possible!

In the end, I just started to take the chicken thighs apart, skin will get roasted eventually along with something else and the meat goes into some dish, I won’t roast it anymore.

But the duck calls for roasting IMO :slight_smile: Whole. I have these stubborn ideas sometimes.

The piglet was SO easy, it got super crunchy skin and that skin was thick, the super thin chicken skin should get crispy too (I know I compare apples with oranges here…). The piglet was mostly fat though (IDK how it was possible but it felt so. my SO only eating the meat surely didn’t help my perception, my part got way fattier… it was wonderful but still too fatty for me. and it released a lot of lard, the smoothest I ever had… mmmm).

Oh, we will see :slight_smile: I will read about a bit and do my best. And in the worst case, I really will fry the skin separately as usual. It will be lots of skin, at least, not a tiny bit. That bothers me, I like to fill my pans and oven pans.

Reddish brown roasts always seemed the best, prettiest and tastiest things to happen to an animal in my eyes. It’s kinda luxurios, fit for a feast… And I LOVE crunchy. Very, very much. Skin must be crunchy or at least very crispy. Crispy skin is the single best part of a chicken. Especially if it’s not a good one, sadly I can’t afford that and if I could, I still would buy pork or deer or salmon for that price. Good chicken is pricy.

(KM) #37

Hmm… Your comment about the piglet made me think. I used to rub the chicken with olive oil before roasting. I wonder if lard might help??


I used fat before, sure, it was one of the tips I read about, it wasn’t successful enough.

But it doesn’t matter now, the supermarket run out of duck early so no duck for us. No problem, it was just an idea as the current sale is better than usual. But there will be duck for almost as a good price again, I saw it very often there. And we will buy it then :slight_smile:

No photo but the camera accumulator is charging now!
I mostly ate pork roast for lunch, easy, simple, quick, enjoyable meal. (There were sponge cake buns with cream cheese as well as I don’t do very simple… And coffee with egg milk and proper milk too.)
The meat was just like this (tablet photo, I ate these pieces yesterday) minus the turkey sausage:

The bigger one is roasted green ham, the small one is pork chuck. The former is a tad lean so I often eat something fattier with it (the chuck is perfect alone, it can’t help out a lot of lean pork). Today the jelly from the oven pan worked well enough.

(Geoffrey) #39

I don’t know what kind of phone you have but a simple trick if learned on my iPhone is to bring up the picture in my album then take a screenshot of it. Then it allows me to crop and save. Just the screenshot alone resizes it enough to post but I crop it to clean up the borders.