SEPT IF/EF Fasting Chat Thread - All Welcome

(Jane) #1

I just started a 48-hr fast so starting a new fasting thread for September.

(Chuck) #2

This weekend is my one year anniversary in this journey. I am down 52 pounds, and 14 inches off my belly. I average 19 hours of daily fasting, I eat a moderately low carb diet. If it is real food, not highly processed, refined, fast food or artificial sweeteners it is okay for me. I don’t count calories or track micronutrients. In fact since I stopped counting calories and track micronutrients my weight has really gone down and my body has become able to tell me what I should eat or what my body needs. Our bodies are wonderful at telling us what we need to eat, when we need to eat, and how much we need to eat.


I still can’t do EF but after another wilder weekend I go stricter again! Both woe and IF wise.
I hope I will get many nice OMAD days this month - but I am fine with TMAD with a tiny eating window as well, my actual goal is getting nice macros, chill, convenience… Losing 1kg this month would be nice and even borderline realistic… I just need to be strict enough :wink: Fortunately that brings so many benefits, I never would behave just for fat-loss!

Good luck, everyone! Fist of all, Jane! 48 hour is nice enough, it was hard but doable for me on keto and the fasting thread in this forum helped me then.


I’m going to do a 48 hr. fast after the Labor Day holiday. I haven’t done one that long in a while, doing lots of 2MAD and 1MADs lately. Time to work on extending those at least a couple of times a month.

(Geoffrey) #5

I guess I’m doing some kind of fasting but only because I only eat when I’m hungry.
Since starting this woe I’ve learned to listen to what my body is telling me about what it needs. So, sometimes I eat once a day and sometimes twice.
Today was only once.

(David Cooke) #6

12 hours into my usual Monday 24 hour fast. I will run 5 K fasted tomorrow morning then eat a hearty breakfast. Then it’s on to 18/6 eating and probably a beer or two on Sunday. I intend to keep this up until the week before a hill race when I 'll stop fasting altogether.


Mmmm, I should go back to my old idea about Monday fasts… Even if I can’t skip a whole day, I probably end up with some nice OMAD day…?
It couldn’t happen today for reasons (low-meat weekend and a whole bunch of lovely roasted pork in the oven… as I forgot to put it into the freezer… I got tempted and borderline hungry early) but I didn’t even think about it. Next week I will! Thanks to remind me of this old idea. Monday is the best day for a fast for me, I just shouldn’t have a Sunday like yesterday, I need some big, proper meal there.

(KM) #8

I came off a 5 day EF on Friday evening with “egg drop soup” - two beaten eggs stirred into some bone broth. That went ok, as did a plate of bacon and eggs for lunch on Saturday, but Saturday evening I ate a big fatty meal of “pizza” - basically a pile of ground beef and a lot of cheese with a little bit of homemade pasta sauce mixed in (maybe 2T) over a mushroom cap, and i had perhaps the worse acid indigestion attack of my life, it started while I was eating and kept me up half the night. I swear I have acid burns in my eustachian tubes.

Heartburn is never an issue with me, I might reach for Tums once every two years, and this meal isn’t anything foreign to me, so I assume it was a refeeding problem. Any thoughts?

(Chuck) #9

Personally I do my best hiking, climbing the steepest climbs while fasting. If I eat then try to do my hikes then I feel so sluggish.

(Jane) #10

Could be a re-feeding issue - maybe too much food so soon after a 5-day hiatus.

(Jane) #11

23 hours in and been easy so far. Was a but cold this morning so spent 2 hrs outside weeding the flower beds. Took care of that!

I thought it might be harder since haven’t fasted in a couple of months. Plus coming off a vacation last week where I ate more carbs than usual.

So far so good. Will break tomorrow at lunch.

(Jane) #12

45 hours in and will easily make it to lunch to break at 48 hours. I miss being able to fast longer when I was working out of the Ft Worth office and not at home, but I can’t fast longer with my husband eating and 48 hours is his max. I have good will power against all but that and smelling cooking. I can peruse recipes and pictures of food all day long.

Had a bit of a rough go last night around our usual dinner time - was actually hungry. But I put some salt under my tongue and it eventually passed and I was able to get to sleep with no hunger.


Well done! I will be ending a 48 hr this afternoon. Cheers!
I have been practicing a therapeutic fasting and nutritional plan since last January. Three 48 hr fasts and one 22 hour fast each week. My eating window is 30 -45 minutes when I eat moderate protein and moderate fat (I have a whole pantry of fat on my body) and very low carb (20gm or less). Oh…and I rarely talk about my way of living so no squinty eyes commentary on how terrible this must be for my health.
I’ve lost 92 pounds, no longer have joint and muscle pain; no more weekly migraines; no depression; more agility; inflammation markers all decreased.

(KM) #14

I find evening is the hardest, it’s just when my day is done except for the lovely eating (and formerly drinking) part. Even if I’m not exactly hungry, my mind won’t stop pestering me for a couple of hours.

(Chuck) #15

For me my worst time is at about noon. I have never been a breakfast person, my largest meal has normally been at lunch time. I have set my eating window to be no longer than from noon to 6pm. But I do make exceptions for Sunday brunch with my family. I prefer not eating after 5pm or before 2pm. But it all depends on scheduling. I average fasting 19 hours per day. My shortest is 16 hours my longest is 25 hours so far. I haven’t pushed myself yet to go beyond 36 hours. And I haven’t seen the reason to.


I am in the kitchen very very much but yes, evening may be the trickiest. If I do EF (that I can’t anymore), 3pm may be the worst as it’s my lunchtime and I am rarely satiated at that time. Of course, I just don’t fast if I am not satiated unless I am not hungry AND I am super determined…
But sometimes I can skip lunch. I still tend to get hungry later or rather just need fuel (weakness, dizziness, sometimes loss of balance and sight for a moment, not fun. my body has various tools and it’s not shy to use them. it’s no way it needs food every day, I have so much in the storage…) so no EF for me now. If I don’t eat, even manage to skip dinner at the usual time, I still may want food later but if I manage to be not hungry even at 2am and falls asleep, I wake up satiated again and probably will be fine until noon… But skipping another afternoon and evening, that was only possible on high-carb when I was really curious and determined.

Today my eating window was big for my eating abilities, about 4.5 hours but the eaten food was minimal outside of 3-5pm… So I had a biggish elongated meal and a few bites later, not bad. I wasn’t hungry at 3pm yet, per se but I like eating and I wasn’t fully satiated anymore… I don’t practice skipping lunch lately but it should have been a lunch OMAD, I could eat enough for that. Oh well. I don’t particularly feel good about restrictions now, I just don’t even try, I eat whenever and whatever I fancy, basically. (My poor carni… I so fail it every day but it’s still keto and the vast majority of my food is carnivore so good enough for me.)

(Jane) #17

Sounds terrible!!! LOL

Congrats - you have done well. Funny how nobody will make comments when a fat person is eating donuts…

(Jane) #18

No reason for you as you are doing well. I didn’t start fasting until I was 9 months into keto and wanted to get the last 10 lbs off. It did help reset my “setpoint” - the weight my body kept going back to whether I overate or underdate. It also helped reduce some of the loose skin, so worth it to me.

We typically eat lunch around 11 and dinner by 5:30 so a daily decent fasting window. I put butter and collagen in my morning coffee so technically not fasting the whole time but I don’t worry about it.

(KCKO, KCFO) #19

Well, I completed my 48 hr. fast successfully even add a little extra time to it. I had not done one of
these for a while. I only had coffee and green tea and very little of either. I need to remember to do more of these.

(Jane) #20

Hubby and I started another 48-hr fast after lunch today. I will be in Minneapolis next week on business so won’t be able to fast and then down to Houston for 3 weeks in October working a shutdown (12-hr shifts, some on nights) at one of the chemical plants so won’t be able to fast during that time either.

So, taking advantage of being home and getting another fast in.

KCFO everyone!