SEPT IF/EF Fasting Chat Thread - All Welcome


This week is just better eating wise :wink:
I do some lowish dairy very low coffee (not every day!) carnivore-ish (very, very close, it’s my possible best in September) in a small eating window - and things go surprisingly well (my food joy was low in the first days but I can solve that with some more variety).
Today I accidentally had a lunch OMAD… I think… It’s only 10pm so I easily can eat later, I am not satiated but not exactly hungry…? :smiley: Lunch OMAD is something I rarely can pull off but skipping lunch is even harder sometimes :wink:
But even if I add something, a few bites are enough, carnivore is really something else especially lately… But I try not to. I won’t stay hungry though.

No idea if I will have some chance at EF later in this year (it would be nice) but I am very pleased with what I have now, I focus on keeping it. Monday was 3MAD, Tuesday was 2MAD, both IF 21/3 (Monday closer to 20.5/3.5, I don’t watch the clock too much but around that) with great macros, I am very pleased. Even if my fasting window wasn’t exactly 0 kcal… But very close… :wink:

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I think where I’ve come to is that omad is a whole other level of feeling good, energetic, light, but I feel so much better generally just eating a clean ketovore diet. Some days that extra is worth it, some days being lazy and just eating animals when I want to is good enough.


I don’t feel energetic on any timing or woe. I try to do it mostly to get good macros (I never give up losing some fat on keto, ever. well on my almost-carnivore, I have about zero chance on mere keto, too much carbs and hard to do anyway. plant carbs interfere. and the thought I am off already, I suppose. whatever, being stricter is easier for me for a while) and chill. I like being satiated and OMAD is best for that if I can pull it off to begin with. Multiple meals are troublesome. Sometimes TMAD works though.

I eat whatever I want whenever I want and can, basically… I can’t do it any other way. Too bad sometimes I am hungry and want nothing (just getting rid of my hunger somehow and I get it eventually) but I can handle it somehow. Still better than interfering plant carbs (I never had such a problem there, rather the opposite).

OMAD is the laziest to me. I just eat once and all is well for a day food wise. But I need a proper meal for that. I thought I had that today but I tracked and nope, way too low protein and meat and I had my meal for lunch so I wasn’t asleep in time and I got hungry (satiation run out way earlier but I can handle that now). I am predictable enough to know this and I do, I just was lazy to track in time.
I don’t like tracking, not even on simple days. I can’t not tracking though. And I actually like if I am not influenced by it but it’s a two edged sword…

I won’t delete paragraphs again but I better won’t continue writing more than half asleep…

Tomorrow will be a better day, I am well fed and I will have my walk and workout as well :slight_smile: Today had various problems, my bike broke down and the weather was hot and humid so even a tiny walk was super tiring instead of revitalizing. I have so low energy now, I NEED my exercise.

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45 hours in and will be breaking at midday. Was hungrier than the fast I did last week but managed to stay busy and ignore it. This morning my tummy wasn’t happy, which has never happened on a fast but I drank some water and it was ok - maybe just dehydrated.

But overall feel good and hope to do another 48-hr fast in 3 weeks when I won’t be travelling for business and expected to eat with my colleagues.


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I’m going to start another 48 hr. fast after lunch today.

Hope everyone is enjoying the change of seasons.

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If anyone is nearing or in maintenance, there is a thread for that at :