Second chance

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Don’t worry about ketoacidosis… it is highly unlikely you will get into that space. You really need to be seriously ill to get ketoacidosis… it is not a normal state you get to with even the most carb-restricted diet. I think I have seen ketoacidosis defined as above 10. But seriously, you should not worry about that.

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Eat more fat.


Thanks… i’m still searching how to do this. I wish doctors would guide people with their diet. And dieticiens here would be more educated in things other than “less calories to lose weight”.

I’ll visit the butchers tomorrow. And ask them what fatty meat they’ve got.

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Now, that’s a plan that we could all do with following! :joy::joy::joy:


Haha uhoh. Im not a native speaker. I’m saying something very weird, aren’t I? :flushed:

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No, not at all… I was not joking, we should all do what you suggested! And BTW, your English is just fine… :clap::clap::clap:


pfiew. I think my English is fine…but I know what we were taught at school…not slang or things like that. Sometimes things mean something different formally than they mean on the streets. :slight_smile:


You are right :slight_smile: Slang is like that. English isn’t my first language either but I picked up lots of slang during the last decades… It’s fun :slight_smile: Of course, there are still so many I don’t know… But it’s the case with my own language too, to a lesser extent. Live languages, let alone the slang part… That changes so quickly, you just hide below a comfy rock for a while and you may not understand young’uns! :smiley:


I had rice and cake a few days back. Now I don’t get back into strong ketosis. :-/

I don’t think I had too many carbs last 2 days, but didn’t count. Yesterday I had meat, fish. A bit of spinach. A tiny bit of oat milk in my coffee. A spoonful of peanuts. That’s it. I want my body to make more ketones. But maybe I’m too impatient. :slight_smile:

How do you guys deal with being offered things? I find it a bit hard. At work, people brings home made foreign dishes…home-baked cake…etc. And it feels rude to say no. And a bit sad…I really enjoy such foods, also for the social side of it.


I don’t see why, actually. At least when I look at it calmly, I do felt such things when it came to my SO’s Mom’s baking (and she is good at it)…
It’s rude to expect you to consume things you don’t want especially if the thing harms you. Is it rude to reject food because you get sick or die if you eat it? If it goes against your religion? Do you feel just because it’s subtler, it’s not super rude to your own body to give it stuff that harms it? I really respect my body, it works so well in general, it’s my life long ally… I should listen to it most of the time, I will be healthier and happier if I do!

If you don’t think the cake could possibly harm you, it’s harder… Sometimes I don’t care but it’s occasional and I still don’t accept just about anything. Things with added sugar have a really hard time to persuade me as they are clearly bad and it’s so very unnecessary to use added sugar just to make things sweet! But yeah, my first several low-carb years were different, I ate home-made cakes galore at festivals… They happened very rarely and I felt okay enough… But it’s good I don’t do that anymore.

I never understood the social problem. You talk with people, you even look at the food… Why is it so very different if you don’t eat it? Maybe it’s my lack of social life though I had no problem with spending hours in a cake shop drinking mineral water even in the past… I eat with my family at Xmas dinner but 1. I can avoid carbs if I want to 2. it’s still not about the food, it’s about the company. There was a couple who came, talked, exchanged presents but refused the food (okay, they ate elsewhere but still). A proper family member or friend or any host should understand it’s our own business what we eat. I find it super rude and not loving to force food and booze on people. Both are pretty prevalent in my country, at least in family settings (but the booze part is worse as I have heard), I had that a lot and I ate a ton but it wasn’t enough for my family (thankfully, not Mom, my more distant family at big occasios) and yelled at me to eat even more. I didn’t. I ate as much as I wanted (and it was way too much). It’s NOT nice to expect our kids and grankids to eat themselves sick and fat. So I don’t feel sorry about such people at all. They need more people to refuse them.

Yeah, in real life it’s not that simple. It’s just sharing some cookies proudly, no force or anything… Sigh. I can’t tell you what to do but if you know it’s not good for you, don’t eat it. Especially if you doesn’t even desire that very thing at that moment. Don’t feel compelled to eat it out of politeness, that’s very very tragic in my eyes. I had my share of compulsions, not on a super bad level but still, it’s horrible. I am a hedonist and I can handle a lot including some carbs here and there so if I desire some food, I eat it without any bad feeling. But when I don’t and I only have some compulsion for various reasons (like, the stuff is there… it’s a common one… especially when it’s time restricted, now or not again for a year, for example…), that’s really bad.
Just think about it. Do you really want the stuff? Along with the consequences? Even if there aren’t any noticeable ones, you surely have some reason to do keto… Sometimes we see some tempting carby food and forget our reasons. It can be useful to stop. Or decide not to go off in the next month, almost no matter what.

It’s easy for me with my near zero social life but I mostly get sweets in December. I fed it to my SO as much as possible :slight_smile: (Moderately easy when I consider sugar an enemy and can make my own desserts.) And my December is doomed anyway but I want my off eating to be tropical fruits, not sugary Xmas rolls when I can make better ones without sugar, not like they are needed…
If the offerings are common, I may get desensitized eventually. And if I feel I get tempted to eat some cake, I can just make and bring my own things. It’s way easier for me to eat something vaguely similar but better than just being “good” with my normal food.

I don’t know or care what strong ketosis is and I never cared about ketosis to begin with (except when I wanted fat adaptation but that was 7 weeks), I just try to eat as low plant net carbs as possible as my body likes that best. Accepting sugary cakes is the exact opposite of that. (Anyway, I don’t eat just 1 or 2 or 3 slices so it would be an insane sugar overload. Thankfully I can’t really eat sugary cakes to begin with, they are inedibly sweet :slight_smile: )

You may need some individual self-persuasion to make things easier for you. Good luck!

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I am 58 years old. Most of my friends are the same age. I am the only one who is not on any medication. They all have developed some type of chronic health condition such as autoimmune disorders, type 2 diabetes, anxiety and/or depression, high blood pressure, the list goes on.

I would much rather say, “No,” to treats than have any of those health problems and be on medication.
My favorite quote, “Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.”

Do you have a why? Why are you eating this way? If so, knowing your why will help you say no.

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The simple answer is no.

I am Factor 5 (Lieden) heterozygote making me at times the risk at developing a DVT. I have known this for years and worked with tumeric, blood donations and other “thinners”. The second moderna ( April 2021) for me with this special condition proved to be problematic, creating an aryrthmia, then tacycardia and 11 clots in 4 of my 5 lobes. This went on for 11 days before I finally went in to the ER. I won 3 days in the ICU. While in the 5 star accomodations I fasted, raising my ketones to unprecedented levels. I showed my cardiologist that in February of 2021 the American COllege of Cardiology recommended exogenous ketones as a viable heart therapy, as we know a hear in failure can only fuel itself on ketones.

The nurses, worried abut y safety compalined to my cardiologist who said simply “Leave Mr Rhodes alone, he knows what he is doing”. I broke the fast on the third day and had my wife bring me a ribeye and a stick of Kerrygold. I ordered 6 poached eggs alongside my ribeye. Doc didn’t bat an eye.

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You describe me in the ICU, reading up on PE, since i couldn’t sleep I was learning. Learning that the arrhythmia in 20% of cases was PE induced, that FV is linked to Atrial Fibrillation. By morning I was conversing with the medical team at such a high level it was asked of me where i practiced medicine. At home in my living room. I am not a doctor, just an engineer The fact that I should of been dead ( 1 in 6 die immeadiately) and another 25% the following month shows just how onery I am.


Thanks all!

I was stronger today and avoided what was offered to me. :slight_smile:

The most important reason for me to do keto is the possible mental health effect. I have severe ptsd and hope this helps mood and anxiety and all that. Hope it helps the scary feelings and thoughts.

I think I just really switched back into ketosis again. It seems my energy and clarity of mind is better. But it’s as if my body panics about the change. My mood and anxiety are worse, and it’s a very physical fear feeling. I dont have physical keto flu issues at all. I’m just a bit fearful that my fear won’t subside.

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Of course he said, Leave Mister Rhodes alone! He’s probably scared of taking you on.! :wink:

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There is nothing rude about say no thank you. Is not your health more important than hurting someone else’s feelings? If you were deathly allergic to something that was being offered would it be rude to say no? Of course not. You have to decide what is more important to you, health or image.
I am committed to my lifestyle of eating and nothing or no one will deter me from that.
Stand strong in your convictions and be educated and ready to defend your choices.

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Bummer. Do you think you’d get something similar with the Novavax vaccine?

Finding it might be an issue though.


It’s a bit of everything…

I’m addicted to sugar.
Food is my comfort when I feel down.
I love the taste of veggies and fruits a lot more than meat.
I love the social side of cooking and eating together.
Everyone brings in food at my job.
My teen kid doesn’t join in.
I work at a vegan coffee bar. So they are questioning my morals - and yes, I felt a bit guilty about the environmental/animal rights side of it all.

But I thought of my why’s. My physical and emotional health. Being there for my kid. Better relationships. Being able to live my faith in a better way. Being able to do the things that fit my values, like volunteering with disabled kids. All that’s important. It’s the core of my life.

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Can’t help with the morality of killing animals, but the environmental impacts are overblown, and in fact, ruminants help the earth, not destroy it. Though of course there are bad actors everywhere.

At my house, my wife and I are eating keto, but our kids are not. It makes for interesting meals sometimes.


Thanks. Maybe it’s overblown…I never really looked into it well enough. I’d rather not kill animals (well, have them killed for me). Especially as we do it here. But I tried vegan. And my health broke down.

That’s an interesting combination indeed. My kid wants to learn cooking right now…so we’re in for some interesting stuff.

Could anyone give me a bit of uhm…encouragement, hope, keto happy end stories, whatever? I’m struggling. My mood crashes, my anxiety soares…I had the brilliant idea of starting keto in the week I have a very tough talk and sollitation day. I need a bit of “light at the end of the tunnel” stuff to get through the flu phase… :slight_smile: