Scotch Eggs and

(Shaena Peterson) #1

My sister-in-law made me laugh, she told my son, “yes, but you don’t get to eat any good food.” Beg to differ. Glad I discovered Scotch Eggs. Got a bit creative with this batch - chorizo and bacon, minced peppers, herbs, mushrooms, tomatoes, and a tomatillo.

Moved to a strictly ketogenic diet July of last year. I weighed 250 and wasn’t healthy. By last January I weighed 170 and haven’t been this healthy in years. Friends say, “you look great!” My response is always, “I feel great!” Impressive numbers. Cholesterol slightly high, but doc said no worries because all my others numbers are perfect.

And I eat better too. Choice cuts of meat, high quality cheeses, fresh vegetables. What’s not to like.

(Susan) #2

That looks very delicious, @Shaena.

Congrats on the 80 pounds that you have lost so far, and best wishing on the rest of your journey getting to your goal weight.

(Shaena Peterson) #3

Thank you! Though 170 is probably my goal weight. Laughingly say I’m built more like a plow horse than a pony. Or, with size 11 feet, it’s not surprising I’ve got a size 11 rear.

Pleased my weight has stayed at 170 - there’s about a five pound float, but it seems right. Will continue with a ketogenic diet for the rest of my life. Have added back in a few things - grapes once in a while, but not much else.

Oh, and I’m a believer in BPC. Do think the collagen I add daily has improved my skin and joints. I’ll be 68 next weekend and look and feel better than I have in years.

(Ellen ) #4

You’re so beautiful!

(Susan) #5

Oh, okay! Well you look fantastic, very healthy and your skin is lovely =)!

I am 5 foot, 2 inches tall, and a petite build (extremely overweight still but my frame is petite). I was 293 in February and I am down to 245 now, so I have lost a total of 48 pounds. My goal weight is around 130 or less, maybe 120? I really don’t know atm. I am thinking 130 might be good for me, because I used to weigh 140 and looked quite good, but ofcourse I am almost 55 now and that was when I was 25; and before I had 5 kids too!

If you are feeling good where you are now then that is amazing =).

You look terrific =)).

(Bob M) #6

That is impressive!

So, “scotch eggs” are basically meatballs? You know, I never thought of making them out of chorizo, bacon, or anything other than a ground (aka “minced”) meat.


Looking great! You are a walking talking advertisement for the benefits of Keto lifestyle.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #8

I agree, you are beautiful and your skin is amazing! Keep up the great work!

(Shaena Peterson) #9

hadn’t made them before. but now i’m an expert, this is my third batch. :slight_smile: first one was italian sausage and boiled the eggs for 8 minutes. the first batch had some herbs and peppers, but the amount has increased. eggs boiled at 6 minutes seems about right and 25 minutes at 400 degrees. use silicon baking cups and these are a really easy way to make lunch for a week. get my sausage from a local meat market and always have a package of their italian and one of their chorizo in my freezer.

(Becky) #10

First of all…WOW you are gorgeous darling, and you glow!!! Congrats on achieving and maintaining your goal!
Second, those look delish…so you just wrap a boiled egg in meat? This I have got to try! Thanks for the new idea…(ok granted it probably isn’t a new idea but it is to this girl!)

(Edith) #11

You do glow in your picture. Congratulations!

(Parker the crazy crone lady) #12

Ah, thanks for the details. I worry about making scotch eggs as I can’t stand over cooked eggs (green ring). That’s me though. I like soft boiled eggs lol. I guess they wouldn’t hold together properly?

(Shaena Peterson) #13

boiling for six minutes leaves them nice and yellow, but not too soft to peel. plus, i made some with jalapenos and cheese inside too.

(Shaena Peterson) #14

thank you, it was to me too! and so simple, easy to get creative.

(Parker the crazy crone lady) #15

Perfect. Thank you. Tonight I’m making meatloaf with a mixture of some nice grass-fed ground beef I found on sale and head cheese from the local butcher shop. Next big cook will be scotch eggs and maybe chaffles?

('Jackie P') #16

You look wonderful!

(Cynthia Chitty) #17

To avoid the green ring shock try this

(Pam) #18

Is there a recipe for these? I can google it - these look great!

(Wendy) #19

Beautiful and have a healthy glow! The Smile is a bonus!

(Bob M) #20

I assume you would have to under cook the eggs, so that when the entire egg/meat “ball” is done cooking, the eggs are also cooked?