Sam's vs. Costco

(Jane Reed) #1

I used to belong to Sam’s Club. After moving house I switched to Costco. Now I’m not so sure that was a good idea.

Costco’s Kirkland brand bacon does not come in thick sliced. Frozen chubs of ground beef only comes in very lean. Their heavy cream is full of the usual junk, like carrageenan. I can’t remember what Sam’s had.

What are the advantages of Costco over Sam’s, or vice versa? I may have to switch back, now that my shopping area has both stores close to one another.


Where are you? My Costco has awesome think cut bacon, and not just Kirkland’s brand. They have a variety of types of ground beef and bison as well. (I love bison) Their cooler room is chocked full of organic veg and fruits. Awesome precut salad mixes, etc.

Both are near me but I only go to Costco because I believe working people should be able to buy food for their table without food stamps.

(Jane Reed) #3

My store is in Folsom, Calif. If they carry thick cut bacon, I haven’t seen it. I am aware of their many fine products, both meat and vegetables, but it was particularly the bacon I was after and frozen ground beef with more fat in it.

(Christopher Avery) #4

I realize that product choice matters, and if Sam’s has what you want and Costco doesn’t, that’s a good reason to stick with Sam’s.

However, does conscious capitalism matter in your choice? It does in mine.

I was a member of Sam’s for 16 years, primarily because there was no Costco nearly as close. During that time I learned that while the two companies’ business models are nearly identically, their philosophies are vastly different. Costco is known as a much more conscientious company. They pay employees about 70% more than Sams, and they offer more and better benefits.

There are too many articles on the internet about this to select one. So here’s a search link based on a comparison of Costco’s and Sam’s ethics. Enjoy the reading.

I’ve noticed discussions on this forum about how Costco seems to be supporting keto. My hypothesis is that the more conscientious company is going to evolve more rapidly toward health trends of their customers.

Disclaimer about my bias: I’m an applied organization scientist with a 30-year focus on responsible leadership and culture.


Costco, hands down. I’ve been a member of both.

One near me has HWC w/o carageenan, another carries a brand with it. So if you only have one in your town, that may be your only option.

But overall, the Kirkland store brand is amazing and blows away Sam’s Choice/Great Value in terms of both quality and value for money.

(Jennifer) #6

I like the much larger selection of organic offerings at Costco. And it is more unique stuff. I do have memberships at both but only hit Sam’s maybe once a month where I hit Costco weekly.


Came across this list and thought this would be a good place to share it.

If any Sam’s club users can find a similar list, please post it in the thread. Will make both easy to find again.


I like BJ’s. 2lb Provolone zero carb for $6

(Stephanie Tebbs) #9

I live in Antelope and the Costco I go to is in Citrus Heights, CA (Auburn Blvd) and it carries thick cut bacon. They had grassfed beef and regular at 88%. They have ground buffalo as well. I hear the Roseville Costco has a lot more selection as well. Never been to the Folsom Costco but it may be worth a trip to a further away Costco to see if they have what you are looking for.

(Jane Reed) #10

Thank you, Stephanie, but I’m already driving 40 miles, one way, to Folsom. I think I’ve reached my limit. There is a Sam’s within a mile of that Costco and I may just switch. Also, there is a regional discount grocery, called Grocery Outlet, which usually has the items I like. Usually. Big boys like Costco and Sam’s are seldom out of stock but Grocery Outlet often comes through in a pinch.


I love Costco! Another one I frequent a lot to fill-in is a place called Cash & Carry, it’s essentially a restaurant supply chain but not sure what areas they are in. Great for cheese, meat, condiments, produce and La croix.


I love Costco. And, the Walton family doesn’t get my money if I can help it. So, there’s that too.

(Darlene Horsley) #13

My nearest Costco is 91 miles from my home. YES I make the 1 hour and 40 min. drive once a month. I soooo wish we had one closer.

(Troy) #14

Just a bump guess

If anyone has a shopping list for Sams club ( like the Costco One ) can you post or share if possible please

Thank you!

(Chris) #15

Every couple years I switch between Sam’s and Costco. I prefer Costco. It seems that Costco has less options, but each option is higher quality than Sam’s. I think the beef is a hands down win for Costco.

Costco membership is more expensive than Sam’s. Inconsequential when every time I go to either store I end up with a $200 receipt.

Lol, Dave Ramsey has a bit about the warehouse stores. “They check your receipt at the door to make sure you spent 200 bucks”

(Janet) #16

Darlene, does your store now offer the free 2 day food delivery??
Costco Grocery…like Amazon Prime Pantry! Check on the Costco Home page if you can use it.

(Janet) #17

Another Costco fan here. The thick bacon in our store is from European pork belly (likely pastured raised) and in a resealable package that actually works! Why US pork producers can’t figure out better packaging baffles me.
The EVOO and Avocado Oil (make mayo from it) brilliant buys. Way more organic foods. Recently getting Grass Fed Sirloin from Australia cooked and packaged sous vide method. Open and eat perfectly cooked sirloin! Imported cheeses…I could go on and on. Hands down Costco!

edit: I checked the Same Day grocery delivery for my NC store. The Kirkland Signature thick sliced Danish bacon can be delivered to my door in an hour. You can see the bacon by checking packaged meats at link provided above. They also deliver the Organic ground Beef in 3 pound packs. That is 85% lean, 15% Fat and much of Year grass fed. The regular ground beef that can also be delivered is 88%, 12% Fat.


There is no Sams Club in my area so Costco is my only option. I happen to think Costco is great but I wish they had more selection. Often the only variation of a product they have is a low fat or low sodium version and nothing else.

(betsy.rome) #19

About 30 min from my home is a shopping area with a Costco, a BJ’s and an Aldi. I shop for just my hubby & myself. I used to have a BJ’s membership years ago, have been thinking to try Costco. Is it worth it to buy a Costco membership?

(Darlene Horsley) #20

Haven’t seen it but I’ll check it out. Sure would be nice if they did!

Edited to add: checked it out and they don’t deliver to our zip code for perishable. :frowning: