Sam's vs. Costco

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It is for us, only two ole retired folks. The store opened near us only 18 months ago. I started with a membership deal from Living Social, but then was using it so much went up to the Executive member at $120 but I just got back $169 in rewards. We buy all our gas, meats, cheeses, paper and cleaning goods, oils, all organic vegetables, olives, nuts, wines, so many expensive foods but at a savings over other stores. Even went to one in SC so we could buy liquor. Photos, tire and battery. Have used their rental car service, but not had need of the caskets yet, thank goodness :slight_smile:

Darlene… this service is new…sure they will be expanding as they are able through Insta-Cart.


No Sams. Have Costco and BJs 10 minutes away in different directions. I like the exotic at Costco but I think BJs has a better selection of every day items and I save a lot with their coupons. I believe BJs also accepts regular coupons but it has been a long time since I tried so YMMV


Despite the booming Seattle economy the Sam’s Club down the steeet is closing up shop. I don’t think they can compete with Costco around here. I had both cards at one point and went to Costco 95% of the time.

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I work at a government agency that has Walmart as a frequent target of enforcement litigation.

I walk like I work, so it’s Costco. They’ve stopped selling untrimmed tenderloins which used to be my jam. But they have choice briskets.

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For the coconut oil…
I think they have the larger tub there

Those that buy the Kirkland brand

Is that the best “bang for the buck” choice?
Or what other brand on amazon perhaps?

Thank You


They stopped putting them out in my Costco too. I haven’t purchased one for a couple months, but ring the bell and ask the butcher. I’ve had no problem getting them that way. And the last two the butcher selected for me were excellent. Choice, not prime.

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Sam’s and Costco are both too high stress for me. It’s like shopping at Walmart without the fun of people watching. BJs is more my cup of tea. though I haven’t noticed good bacon at BJs.

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Good to know. Wife will be happy.

There’s an argument that choice might be the better meat at Costco, as they’re getting the top tier of choice and the bottom of prime.

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Same or Costco… both are 75+ miles away so don’t do either.

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Both for variety :smile:

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I have a Sam’s in town and a Costco out of state that are roughly the same distance from my house. Hubby and I took a trip over the border to Costco a couple of years back and then we did price comparisons (including membership costs and sales tax differences) on the things that we purchase from Sam’s on a regular basis. Running the numbers, Sam’s won.


What are the advantages of Costco over Sam’s, or vice versa?

Not all Costcos carry the same things. Which one to belong to depends on what your local store sells. Before you join a Costco, ask to walk around and see what they carry. Costco is my main store and I’ve been happy as a clam since it was open here about 20 years ago.

The closest Sams to here is about 50 miles, so it’s not in the equation.

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Politics. That’s all I’m saying about that.

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Update: I actually got an untrimmed one that was out. Didn’t even have to ask.
It’s weird, it goes cyclically what they have out anymore.


Yes. I noticed a couple weeks ago they had them (untrimmed whole fillets) out here too. Didn’t get one however since the freezer was full of sale ribeyes. :sunglasses:


I live in a Seattle suburb where Costco is king. The Sam’s club down the street closed its doors about a month ago, I think compared to Costco most people were not impressed. I went there a few times and my biggest issue aside from discovering random items they didn’t carry was that it felt basically the same as just going to Walmart. I can’t think of one thing they had at Sam’s club that was different from what I could find at an actual Walmart.

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I find this really fascinating, because we live at the polar opposites of the USA (Chattanooga, TN for me), and my experience with Sam’s is completely different here in the deep south even factoring in the difference in the cost of living. Aside from buying bulk meat at better prices, the quality is better than in the Walmart stores here, even though I do find a few good deals there too. Sam’s also lures me in-part because of their pricing of the 1lb bag of raw pecans (I’m from GA after all). Although I don’t really care for their philosophy, I guess I’m Price Driven like most folks, bottom line, in that I have to make the best money wise choices my budget can handle. Just a fact of Life. I really do wish my closest Costco was more in line with pricing/product but maybe because they are in a different states or something, I’m not sure. The Marketing is interesting.

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Let me preface this by saying I have worked at Walmart and now work for Costco, so I’m rather biased, but I do know both sides of the coin, so to speak.
Costco does sell Kirkland Signature thick cut bacon. I buy it all the time. Also a great place to buy bulk Coconut oil and Alvarado oil.
But beyond what they sell, if you care about supporting ethical companies, 100% go with Costco. It is bar none, the most ethical company I’ve ever had experience with. They treat their employees with respect. They also have a 15% markup guarantee for their members. Sam’s club will offer discounted and even free memberships or day passes all the time. That’s because they markup their products 40% or more. Will you always find a better price at Costco? No. But you will most of the time because we won’t mark anything up higher than 15%.
So of course you need to do what’s best for you, but if it means anything to you, Costco is far superior as a company.

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Yep. I feel reasonably good about shopping at Costco because of the employees and how they are treated. I dunno that a Walton owned company will ever give me that feel.

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I do payroll/hr at my Costco. I’ve orientated a handful of previous Sam’s employees. You will never find a previous Costco employee going to work for Sam’s, at least not by choice.
It really is true for the most part that we Costco employees love our jobs. Maybe we don’t always love the work, but we love our employer. And it makes a HUGE difference in how our members are treated. And we love to hear stories like yours.