Salsa dip for pork rinds

(Diane) #1

This dip is fantastic for dipping plain pork rinds. I get the flavors of salsa with a significantly better macro ratio of fats to carbs. You can further adjust the amount of salsa up or down depending on how you want to control or adjust the carb count in the final dish. Similarly, you can adjust the type and amount of hot sauce to control the heat. I like the following proportions.

Salsa Dip
1 cup full fat sour cream
3/4 cup commercial, bottled salsa**
2-6 TBS Frank’s Red Hot Original Hot Sauce (to taste & heat preference)

**It’s best to use salsa which has been heat processed. If a fresh salsa is used, this dip won’t keep as long. If the whole recipe is going to be eaten immediately, fresh salsa can be substituted in the recipe.

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(Jacqueline Porter) #2

I make this with cream cheese! That’s good too :yum:

(Diane) #3

Sounds good! I’d probably add some cooked sausage crumbles to that.