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Hi guys, new to the keto diet and only on day 3 but I feel intense sadness and just wanted to know if this is normal, and if it will pass fairly quickly?

I stupidly combined starting keto the same day as my period so I’m thinking it could be hormonal too. I’ve also been blessed with a rotten cold!

Feel quite intense rage at my neighbours too, they’re always loud and it never bothers me but I want to slam their heads in their front door.

Please send good vibes!


Hi, so bad that you’re not feeling well!

I don’t think it is related to keto. Perhaps it’s just all the stuff together. Perhaps it has also to do with the reason that made you decide to go on a diet now.

Hang in there. Think of all the positive things you have in your life. Think of the beauty of this planet. Think of the power of time: stuff that seems insurmountable now will be just a memory, or totally forgotten, with time.

I’m sending you a fraternal hug.


(Karleigh) #3

Maybe you’re right! I needed to hear this, thank you.

I also think I found food a comfort and I don’t have that comfort right now so struggling a bit…;

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #5

If the sadness is related to keto, it could be simply from the stress of changing what you eat. Or it could even have something to do with the effect on your hormones resulting from cutting back on the glucose intake (also known as carbohydrate :grin:). This is good, because a high-carb diet raises our insulin considerably, and insulin interferes with many of the other hormones. Once it drops, the other hormones need time to figure out what they are doing again.

Please note that women often find that, since their hormones get re-regulated by the new way of eating, weight loss can wait a month or two to get started. If, like a lot of people, you are embarking on this way of eating in order to shed some excess fat, don’t be upset if you don’t drop poundage or kilogrammage right away. It will happen when the time is right. In the meantime, eat.

As long as you are restricting your carbohydrate intake, you can safely eat as much food as it takes to satisfy your hunger. The “eat less, move more” advice is not nearly as important as it is for us to avoid foods that go straight to our hips (sugar, pasta and other grains, starches, etc.). And remember, on a ketogenic diet we eat to satisfy our hunger, not to shove as much food as possible down our gullet. Since fat has over twice the calories per gram as carbohydrate, it takes a lot less fat to give us the same number of calories as the carbs we used to eat.

Keep up your salt intake, and drink plenty of fluids; that will help, too.


Sending good vibes you way and hope everything improves greatly for you!

(Robin) #8

I wish I could remember who said to me, Comfort yourself, console yourself, and congratulate yourself with other things.

Only you know what they might be. For me… A trip to our little local bookstore is not only retail therapy, but provides an escape when I need one.

Call a friend for comfort.
Simply get up and distract yourself. Listen to music. Go for a walk.

Eat your favorite keto food. If we are used to eating our feelings (I was), just the act of eating (even tho healthy) can trigger the same feelings.

Or it could just be your dang period! Give yourself a break. This too shall pass.
Now… I will count on you for the same advice when I get in a funk, ok?

Oh, and welcome to th4 forum. You’re in good company and You Got This!

(Marianne) #9

I can understand how you feel; I don’t think currently being hormonal is helping and that will pass. I think for some of us, embarking on a new way of eating that is so different from our old can be a shock to the system. You are saying “goodbye” to many of the things you used to love. When I started, I was so souglsick from a lifetime of extreme food addiction and obesity that I was ready to do anything. My recommendation is to make a list of the keto foods you really love - rich, satisfying things - and enjoy those to the fullest. Also, for several weeks, I would eat three meals a day, even if you never have. It’s important for you to feel nourished and satisfied. Try to eat clean keto foods (one ingredient foods, or things you make from combining one-ingredient items). This should help quell your carb cravings and hunger, and also help to avoid the keto flu. Keep the total carbs per day as low under 20 grams as you can. What helped me was limiting my salad/vegetable consumption to dinner (or maybe also a salad at lunch). Other than getting a starting weight, you don’t need to weigh yourself if you don’t want to. I detest the scale and will not weigh myself. It only serves to sabotage your progress, whether the number is good or “bad.” You will be able to tell by your clothes and appearance whether or not you are losing weight or reproportioning your body.

Good luck - eat well and look forward to every meal. If you can do these things, I think you will see progress quickly and feel better overall. Best!

(Marianne) #10

Food is a comfort, and that doesn’t apply just to carbage. There are tons of clean keto foods that are very comforting. I love the things we can eat. So delicious! Just substitute your new comfort foods for the old - and think of how much healthier they will make you! You just have to discover the foods that you find delicious. Keto is a miracle to those who follow it; at least it has been for me. Eat well and don’t count or worry about calories.

(Karleigh) #11

Thank you everyone for your replies, I hope this feeling passes quickly! I’m quite busy at work and have a packed weekend so hopefully my mind will be not focused on food.

I definitely comfort eat and I’m pretty sure I have insulin resistance too so whilst I’m using keto to primarily lose weight, the additional health benefits are a huge bonus and I guess it all goes hand in hand.

Cleared my cupboards of anything non-keto and I’m lucky in the fact I genuinely enjoy salads and vegetables so shouldn’t find this too much of a struggle, I just need to make sure I’m well prepared!

Finding the forum a massive help and I really appreciate all your comments

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Oh, girl, that’s not mental illness, that’s just common sense. My Kryptonite is rude, unnecessary noise, too, and I’ve committed a genocide of neighbor-killing’s in my own head over the years.

This is lovely.

Something that works for me when I’m feeling disempowered and desperate is to try to recall something that ticked me off twenty years ago. Seriously. Because I look back on it and think, “Wow, I never think about that, anymore. It doesn’t affect my life at all now.” It’s my This Too Shall Pass thing.

Either that, or I imagine myself hovering above the room I’m in, then floating above the building, then above the neighborhood, then the city, then the state, then the country, and I just keep detaching further and further until a calm realization sets in that the only reason this is hurting right now is because I’m thinking about it. I can think about anything I want. I have that kinda power.

You go, girl.

(Robin) #13

Beware of too much salads and veggies. That’s probably where most of your carbs will come from. Not saying don’t, just saying count.


Second thoughts!

(Marianne) #15

That’s what brought most of us here, so you are in good company.

When you have some time, check out the “success stories” on Before I started, I must have read each one several times. I knew from what people said about their powerlessness over food and weight that they had lived what I had lived with food for my entire life. The times that I was thin were only because I was engaged in a tooth and nail battle with deprivation, exercise and will power as my only defenses. It never lasted, and I was miserable when doing it. Anyway, these people all came through to the other side - and they said it wasn’t difficult. Based on what they had related, I believed them, and for me, they were right. I hope that happens for you, too.

(Marianne) #16

Wow, that is such a great conclusion - I applaud you both!


Yes, one of my latest best achievements tbh.

The whole neighbourhood is now at ease. :slight_smile: