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Except, of course, if you are trying to keep your insulin low.


Update time… Another week down and a lb down(133 lbs)… Easy pace down into the 11-12 min range… Harder efforts are coming down as well … Energy up during the day even after runs and morning feeding(mostly Hamburg, eggs, avacado and maybe some berries)… If I’m hungry again by 2:30pm I just have a can or two of sardines… Dinner is where most of my carbs land… Potentials are carrots, cabbage, a little potatoe, sweet potato and/or a half cup of berries… None of these cause any intestinal upsets for me…pre hard workout/long runs are a half banana and some PB but I’m finding it may not be necessary for my long runs)… Always making adjustment along the way!!

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How did I miss this posting? Interesting.
Reading your post I realise that I also went through this stage, took me two years for my body to think of it as normal, now I can concentrate on running technique…
My daily program (even on ‘rest’ days I’ll take the dog for a really easy run of 2 K): coffee, water, a little salt by 5am, then out. Come back to as big a breakfast as I can manage, eat again around midday. That’s my last meal, unless I allow myself a small beer which screws up my intermittent fasting of course but doesn’t make much difference to my running performance.For me this is the most important marker of health.
I am probably 5 Kg overweight, I only got down to an ideal weight for a runner, once at the beginning of my Keto journey.


Nice…well done:)…my Body seems to have adjusted pretty well for the most part…next week I have a 5k time trial so I’m being a little more generous with my carbs as a test but no where near what my carb count was pre low carb. Aiming for sub 24 min…minimal amount of 1 1/2 hr long run through the summer so it will be tough.
In general prior to this week this is what my schedule looked like:
Prior to am easy runs:
1/2 a hydrator with water(I use LMNT)
Run anywhere from 1-1/2 hrs
Post run: Hamburg and 2 eggs and coffee… sometimes an avocado
If I’m feeling like I need more I have an afternoon snack of a can or two of sardines
Dinner- again Hamburg (occasionally chicken) and some type of veggies…most veggies I digest pretty good.
Harder workout days:
I add some type of carb the day before and following the workout trying to stick with ones that are nutrient dense but also testing and I like variety…some choices are: banana, PB, chocolate, sweet potato, white potatoes, and Ezekiel bread.
Weight is maintaining right now and when my race is over next week I will fall back to much less carbs… I’ll reset the body with a week off running and then I start 1/2 marathon training:)
Hope all is well:)


On hard days have some carbs, both pre and post-run if you want to get faster. Your body will still need carbs at higher intensities. I will consume 150+ grams of carbs on high-intensity exercise days with no adverse weight gain.

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Zach Bitter goes Keto most of the time and he trains hard. Meaning he’s fat adapted. A week or so before a race he gets “carb adapted” so I guess he aims for the best of both worlds.