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they don’t, genderfluid is whatever the heck ya wanna be and there will never be any ‘official’ gender cause they are fluid and never ‘think or put a label’ of gender. :slight_smile: They are beings, done deal :slight_smile: now what magic we put on those being like being able to fly on demand or have antlers when we want or as a human we are ‘just here’ as a species?? :wink: this day and age all reproduction can be test tube and nature is gone out of the equation so those new have leeway to just ‘float thru it all’ in any way they desire I guess :blush:

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I need to know what the testicle tasted like…! I don’t know why because I am not sure I could go down that route. How did you cook them?

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Took another LFT this morning and 8 am still negative and no symptoms. Both Sian and hubby Dave had a positive PCR test but both are feeling fine today thankfully. Raymond is having an angiography either tomorrow or Monday and has been told if they find anything that needs dealing with they will go ahead and do it while he’s under. He says he is being well looked after which is really heartening to hear.

I had sautèd chicken n melted cheese for a late brunch then tried slow cooking a steak and those horrid burgers. Well the steak ended up in the bin, never again lol but the burger tasted better slow cooked so I will do the rest of them in the slow cooker. Plus eaten some nice mature vintage cheddar.


I ate my meat cold today :smiley: I ate little but I think it’s because of my super satiating last meal.

I made a photo about that. It was twice as much pork jowl and it had a bit meat (very tiny and I ate those parts completely so none to show now) but otherwise I ate this much yesterday:

Pork shoulder roast, beef tongue covered with paprika, pork jowl covered with paprika, scrambled eggs with pork jowl (3 eggs), 2 more eggs and 1 more egg and ~2g butter in my coffee.
Circa 100g protein, 200g fat, very satiating items so it lasted very, very long.
It’s about as high as I can go, both with fat and calories for a meal. It’s not even close to my normal eating but I wrote already, the pork jowl is already expired, the pork shoulders were on a big sale.and I love both so they got paired up. And pork jowl and scrambled eggs, that’s great. I enjoyed that immensely today as well. It’s nostalgic, it tastes like dumplings with eggs tasted in the past. Those dumplings are very eggy to begin with as eggs provide all the liquid in the dough. Okay, not nearly eggy enough for me now, of course :smiley:
It’s like egg and ground pork skin… The skin or here the fat tissue combined with egg reminds me of certain big old fav pasta dishes of mine. But they are better, of course, as they have way more tasty eggs. I feel so, so lucky even though I abandoned pasta 10+ years ago without a problem.

Sorry, it seems I can’t not talk about carbs. They played a huge role in my eating. But I try.

Today was way less. And I had some soup thing. I realized I still have the water we cooked the beef tongue in… I made some egg pudding with it (oh yep I ate that too, only 1 egg. it was good), I put some into the freezer (after I got out 1 kg chicken liver. I have freezer problem. I must get out the little vegetable there. Alvaro got upset when I told him we can’t have vegs there. he doesn’t keep any vegs there since a year or something. the stuff there was bought by me for our experimental meat+veg soups. I think I will stop and he will make his veggie soups and I will make my meat soups. but my meat soups are boring, sigh. maybe I will stop the soups and use egg milks again when needed. he doesn’t need the place he admits but it’s the principle :smiley: I told him that he can have ALL the freezer place theoretically and in principle, I only need it in practice. he is happy with that) - and I made soup with the rest. It’s not tasty and rich enough alone so I added some fish soup paste, I don’t know if it’s a thing elsewhere, it is here. Not a great stuff just with water and I never have fish but I noticed that combined with a too thin broth it gets quite nice.
It was enjoyable, I even ate a lot of the liquid at lunchtime.
But I had my proper meal 2 hours later.
As I had the stuff above… I put back the pork jowl, ate the scrambled eggs, the bigger half of the pork shoulder roast, half of the tongue (I think I got bored of it at this point or maybe that’s not my fav part?) and as I mentioned, some soup (with a poached egg) and egg pudding (one egg). And I even drank the coffee. It felt so much but it surely wasn’t… I go and track, it’s easy and I am curious! Even if my fat intake is somewhat of a mystery.

1334 kcal, 108g fat, 73g protein, guesstimation says and I can’t be very off. 1000 kcal less than yesterday. Nothing unusual.

Tomorrow there will be liver and I won’t make new pork as I surely will be okay with the tiny leftover, the liver and many, many eggs (lots of protein again!). I miss eggs, I want to eat much, much more! 6 is very low for me, I eat this many when I am bored of them (or fancy lots of meat and HAVE lots of meat, nice combo ;)). And now I have my scrambled eggs phase. With pork jowl. My new fav dish… I am a lucky hedonist eating wise.
Then I will make some properly meaty days, these weren’t completely normal even for me. But I can’t have everything, lots of meat, many eggs and lots of fat tissue as well… I need to choose. I probably wouldn’t be happy with very similar days anyway.

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Was that pun on purpose? (sorry, I worked in a high school for too many years.)

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Successful Omad today. Eggs, flat iron steak and shrimp. image image

My husband had to work a double today and my kids really wanted to go to this tree lighting event they had in the town they go to school. I don’t do crowds, so I always say no every year, but this time I agreed. I was reminded of why I don’t do crowds. It was so awful for a homebody like me. Probably a thousand people there, literally elbow to elbow. There were moments when I could get away from the crowds, but most of the time I felt sick. I get visions of terrorist activities and am always trying to locate an escape route. I felt like there were none most of the almost 2 hours I was there. Just a massive crowd of people. The moment the fireworks ended, I grabbed the girls and hightailed it out of there. There are a lot of things carnivore has healed me from, even ptsd wise, but this was obviously not one of them yet. I can’t express the anxiety I felt being stuck in those crowds. I feel bad because I know my kids enjoy going to places like that, but it’s just so uncomfortable for me. I’m definitely not a city girl. Give me my little farm with my couple acres and all my animals and I’m a happy camper.

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I’m not a fan of crowds either. That’s one of the reasons I homeschooled my kids, so we could do fun things during the weekdays when everyone else was at work.

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I pressure cooked the testicles I ate today (not sure if carnivoor also had testicles?) for 25 minutes (more than enough, probably should be less), then I peel off the outer flesh layer, cut them into strips and fry them in butter (today Ghee, but I will go back to butter next time). They taste great. They have a soft almost creamy texture with a mild taste. High in protein and a significant source of vitamin C. I will post a picture from this morning for mine.

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First meal was spleen, liver, testicles and pork belly. How often does a carnivore get the RDA of vitamin C in one meal!! 300% of the daily iron as well.

Second meal was beef heart, salmon and cheese.


That is me. I can’t do crowds either and avoid like the plague UNLESS I get stuck in some situation like you did then I buck up and can’t wait to get alone again. When younger I did more stuff, but older I got I just don’t gear that way. Loner type and on the farm and riding my horses became what I loved. One reason when we take out the rv I do state parks and COEs or boondock even, I despise the crowded rv private cgs. I can’t do them. Too many people packed together. I can handle alot of social stuff while I grit my teeth, but then I gear at more anti-social type personality, get me out of dodge and on my own LOL

One thing tho KD. You went! Even uncomfortable and all that you let the kids have a fun time with the fireworks and more and YA DID IT! That is a big step in the right direction of an automatic NO we aren’t going and you stepped up and went. You got thru it but I do know that relief when you get out of it too and back in your comfort zone :slight_smile: Anxiety is a tough nut to crack, but you took a big leap on that one and going. More power to you!!


I like when the tree:human ratio is 1000:1 or more… I can’t even imagine living in a village anymore. I probably would do well with no one else in 10km… :smiley: Except Alvaro, of course and I like my online acquaintances and friends too :slight_smile:

A few days ago I watched a video and it was mentioned zillion times that oh, there is a dark side of the bright lights of Tokyo and they always seemed to consider all those neon lights with zillion people, lots of artifical things and no trees in sight as something GOOD. It’s one of the worst possible things for me. I HATE being in cruel artificial lights. So not the single warm lightbulb in my house but some colder and more annoying. Even all the stimuli, it wears me out and triggers a headache in no time!

Give me a forest, a little pond, a big pond and a river. Mountains are welcomed, sea as well but I can survive with the previous ones :smiley: No neon lights or human settlements are needed for sure… I don’t even know when I saw a neon light last time. Villages don’t have them I think and it’s not common in the small towns nearby either. Even the city isn’t full with them…

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What is spleen like? I saw some pig spleens last week, first time in my life… So I could buy some. They weren’t particularly tempting but nothing bad and one can’t tell the tastiness from the looks… I know different animals are different but sometimes there is some similarity. I tend to like all the livers (except turkey liver) and I enjoyed all the tongues this far (just pork and beef).

There are SO MANY things to try out!
I never ever want to try tripe though. Very popular here especially as stew but NOPE. It can’t be good. I like meat. Tongue is meat. Liver is kind of meat. Stomach isn’t.
I eat stomach or intestine if it keeps some nice meaty stuff together (head cheese in stomach, sausage in intestine, that’s normal) but that’s just a thin neutral thing, technically edible but not good.
And I already know I dislike lungs.
And I don’t want to taste eyeballs.
Now that you talked about testicles, I would try it if offered but I won’t go out of my way to get some (I probably couldn’t anyway).

I fry chicken liver today, that’s a very common thing, almost everyone eats that (just not almost every week like me. nice variety and I like liver, all kinds I tried had different tasting ones but all was fine except the turkey one. I usually choose chicken as it’s everywhere and it’s nice and tender)… It was strange to me to learn that people in some countries aren’t used to it… I understand it’s not to everyone’s liking but it’s very common and normal here.

Yay for organs and less common meats!

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Sheep and cow spleens taste almost the same. They are like beef liver, but MUCH more mild. Maybe 1/5 the strength of the taste, so more like hints of beef liver. In both cases, recipes call to leave the skin on, but I remove it and do not like spleen unless the skin has been removed. Once removed, it is quite tasty. The texture can be a bit spongy, so make sure to keep it dry (say from blood) or it soaks up the liquid and turns soggy and imho does not taste the same/good when soggy.

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You are quite lucky!

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Hahaha no there was no pun intended, in fact i had to go back to my posts to find out what I had written lol!

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Raymond down for surgery Sunday and apparently top of the list. They have a backlog of ops to do hence doing some Sunday!

Sian and Dave just have a dry cough now and seem pretty fine and shrugging covid off. I will do another LFT tomorrow but I feel fine, no symptoms.

Got all my Xmas cards done and written a letter in most so I am pretty chuffed with myself cos some years I dont get any done! Steam pressed a few dresses and dropped them off through my daughters window lol for her to put on Ebay and collected a parcel to post. My only trip out today. Fairly mild day and I do need a bit of fresh air and see a smiley face or two. Post office was empty and lady protected behind screen.

Brunch about 1pm which was cheesey scrambled eggs x4. Dinner was a smallish rare ribeye steak. Plus a bit more cheese


Mmmmm, my current love, scrambled eggs! And such pretty ones for me too nowadays, not my old brown ones :smiley: And even before, brown ones with a ton of onions… I asked Alvaro to make me some onions several days ago… I still didn’t touch them, they spent some time in the freezer but I had freezer problems and got it out… Poor onions. I actually like onions I think. I just don’t need them. Maybe the livers will need them, they usually don’t, only my first liver eating on carnivore was like that… Oh well.

But no cheese on my scrambled eggs nowadays. I used them on my rich omelets… With a lot of sour cream… I miss my scrambled eggs as I had to eat certain other eggy things today (I found some sponge cakes, cheese and sausage in the glove box today, I had egg pudding and I always fry the leftover, already liquid part of my sponge cake eggs. I start to get bored of sponge cakes and I had to fed the cats some old ones. they were ecstatic) and had no room for my darling scrambled eggs :frowning: A day without scrambled eggs is a bit sad day :frowning:

Well I started with these today (all my photos became blurry this time… especially the fried things and I wanted to show them most):

Soup with an egg, pork meat-skin-egg fried things (frikadeller, I found for the word I use in Hungarian. is it something a native English speaker understands? or they just know meatballs? no idea. it’s the whole pan, I only ate half) and egg pudding (I ate half).

2MAD, nope, my body dislike 2MADs now, the second meal feels wrong and a too early first meal can’t be big enough. I ate around 3pm but I actually was a bit hungry. It seems that’s not enough. But it still was an okay day, with slightly high protein even without any liver and only 140g meat+skin in total. I ate several eggs but not enough, I want a huge scrambled eggs tomorrow! I surely will have a meaty day eventually, it’s so unusual I keep it that low since days… But I don’t worry, it will change.

It wasn’t a carnivore day, it just happened. Circumstances, I had them. But I still did keto (and probably over 99% of my food was carnivore - if we don’t count the spices but maybe even then), my mind was still mine so it’s fine enough. It’s December, not a good candidate for a carni month for me, I just do what I can comfortably as I need this approach.
It’s a bigger problem that I got ideas now (I made some new recipes I want to try… it’s compulsion strength thing) but it’s probably nothing a proper, nice, big carni meal can’t help. I think. I have no experience in it yet but it sounds realistic.
(And I just hope that writing it down helps. It would be so lame to come tomorrow and admit I went off keto or just don’t talk about it… Right? I am weaker after a non-carni day. I am weaker in December. As it’s so temporal anyway. It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t fight these impulses a little. And it may be enough now as I like my carni food and I have okay supplies.)

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@Shinita Writing it down always helps. With everything.
And I want to know more more about that egg pudding.

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And… are they called “frikadellers” or is that some wonderful new cuss word I wanna use every day? I burned the bacon? Frikadeller!!!