Rudolph the Red Meat Ruminant

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Lovely Boxing day with my Sian and her Dave and my son Ben. I cooked the lamb leg and I can’t tell you just how tender the meat was. Sian cooked the turkey the day before and warmed it through yesterday. Far too dry and it was just the breast which is always dry for me anyway. Too lean as well. Not complaining really she put on a lovely spread and put a lot of time into making our day a lovely one.

So for me she made some sauted prawns in garlic butter for me while they had prawn salad with dressing and for main I had lamb turkey breast a couple of pigs in blankets and I made mistake of trying a bit of pork stuffing. Can’t believe it was so sweet, could taste sugar in it hence I didn’t finish it. Helped myself to a bit more lamb and picked on a couple more pigs in blankets while still at the table. Later had a morsel of cheddar. Didn’t eat a whole lot really and certainly didn’t feel stuffed. Sian made me take home the lamb which I would readily have left as I am not so keen on cold lamb but nothing will go yo waste. I had another slice last night.

This morning I cancelled the CrossFit session I booked as it was another 40 min cal row and snatch workout. Just didn’t fancy it and I also had a bit of a funny tum which I will put done to the stuffing and the bit of mint sauce I had with the lamb.

Did a full 100 stair runs though and really pleased I broke through the, I can’t be bothered barrier! Eaten a couple of slices of lamb for brunch and a slice or two of cheddar. Ribeye for dinner later. Tummy fine now.


So agree and now it is done and over, thank goodness LOL I hate all the ‘overly food focus’ on the holidays, drives me batty plus it all seems overly greedy in some way to me, I don’t like that, but I sure was part of it back in the day :wink:

@Karen18, Happy Boxing day, glad you had a fine one!!

-----------Today is super simple day.
Deal with some mom stuff and retirement home and banking I have to do and then eat a NY Strip steak later and dinner, just doing burgers again…might be cooking up a lb. of bacon with those burgers too…weee…why, cause I can HA

everyone enjoy the quiet of the aftermath of the holiday, relax, enjoy, chill, think super easy carnivore food and just melt back into a good eating routine that works for us! We all got this easily!!!

(Linda ) #324

Yesterday’s food was lamb hock, and super fatty lamb belly.

Todays food will probably be the same. Just keeping it simple.


Where you at Azi? you back home in FL or in Nebraska still?


Hit markdown price on wings. Never happens, so I saved some bucks.

Got 12 wings in oven now.
have a few wings to finish from last batch.

NY Strip steak and wings thru the day.

Me—pouncing on that wing score----means wings I am gonna eat.

(Daisy) #327

Very porky day. Breakfast was leftover sausage from yesterday. Did not need to eat anything else today and ended up eating ham, beef sausage and cheese. Wish I had left it at the sausage :joy:
image image image


I went off plan. And felt it. Ouch.

It feels like I ate wrong for a week. Initially, it felt like the world had ended, and I was a failure to me and all those around me. But when I think about it, it was only two meals and one extra feed. It was all to do with traditional German and Italian family meal dishes and desserts at Christmas time. Reminiscent eating; eating memories. Eating to remember? Interestingly the aberrations also coincided with OMAD - one meal a day eating. It included some in season summer fruit. People, other people, think I’m crazy to say that fresh fruit is unhealthy eating, and I get labelled as orthorexic.

My guts were fine, no changes. Notably no excessive gas, nor heartburn. Thinking deeper. My worst food addiction, chocolate was not part of the off plan eating. Wow! That is a big win. Something good is being learnt.

Being in nutritional ketosis was helping control the joint pain I’ve had since mid-August. That is what has come back to visit me. Painful joint flare-ups and some difficulty walking because of it. I’m paying for going off plan and am recording it here as a reminder to self. Being in nutritional ketosis on a carnivore plan amplified the pain relief, and general feeling of better health.

Yesterday was a fourth day of our Christmas heat wave in Western Australia, we are recording all-time high temperatures, and there has been a COVID outbreak in the city (we haven’t had any pandemic spread in the state where I live for the past 2 years), so there is a general stress in the air with people pointing out each other’s responsibilities without perfecting their own.

Mrs. Bear’s elderly Italian uncle died in the Christmas lead up. I only ever met him once. He died from septicaemia due to poorly managed diabetic ulcers. He was over 90 years old. Lessons. My mother-in-law/ Mrs Bear’s mum/ sister to the deceased has been a bit flat as a result. I could sense the sadness in her Italian Christmas dessert. But being an Italian nonna, she expressed her grief in feeding the family until we were bursting.

Yesterday I had iced long black coffee with cream, 4 egg omelette cooked in butter (like welcoming back an old friend) with Christmas ham off the bone. The ham was grown and processed on a local farm, and was the most delicious I can remember. Then last night I cut and picked the last of the meat from the ham bone. So it is ready to make a meaty bone soup base.

(Robin) #329

Yep, my knees have “jointly” become the spokesperson for my body.
All I can say is I didn’t vote for them.

(Linda ) #330

Still in nebraska I’m hoping to head home its time to get back to florida

(Linda ) #331

I think sometimes when we stray a bit and our body starts reacting…Its a sign we are doing what’s right and it’s so easy to move back and swiftly…

I think it be so much worse if there was no reaction and can’t feel the damage being done inside be so much easier then to justify going off plan .

So im greatful my body objects to carbs and sends me running back to carnivore.

Hope your pain resolves soon


yea sometimes it isn’t immediate like heartburn or bloat etc.
Sometimes it can take a day or 2 to ‘sink into our bodies’ and effect joints or bathroom issues a day or so after.

for me the last time, and I can’t remember now how long ago, but it been a long time…I ate alot off plan and MY TEETH went into aching like there was no tomorrow. For days I had lower molar and jaw aches big time and upper side of that was ouchy. It was miserable. I thought for sure it was a tooth eventually, but in like 4-5 days it went away when I was back on plan. This happened a few times as I transitioned and backslide to eating junk…my teeth. They show me real fast what the crap does to me :slight_smile: And joints. Feel it there too but one biggie is the bloaty guts. I am one to get it right in the guts and I am so glad I am over that part of crazy in my life.

So sorry your wife lost her uncle. Sending hugs to the family!

We all got a new year coming at us. What we do with it is our choice, I say we all go hard at changing our lives to what we deserve, better health and vitality and vibrancy to enjoy our days :slight_smile: So forward we all go!!!

--------------So I was tired of wings and now I am into wings again. Go figure. I don’t care, I just eat what I want when I want it so wings it is.

eating leftover wings today with burgers or steak.

keeping my eating very very simple. very very clean. I do best this way.

I can’t wait to the New Year to do a little ‘lean meat and changes to my fat content’ in my day thru my control and just see what goes down for me. I ain’t pushing much, just wanna see ‘if I control’ how I do kinda thing, most times I do best staying out of my own way LOL but I wanna just try a few small things to see. New Year and away I go on trying it.

the year is closing and a new one coming at us. Like I mentioned to FB above what we decide to do wtih that year is up to us. Lets make it a fine one!


Carnivore is amazing - I still can’t get over how I actively don’t want to eat things that aren’t carnivore. Last year, I was alone for Christmas due to lockdowns, but this year I was with my family who had sweets, cakes etc available - and I didn’t want/crave/desire any of it. It didn’t bother me at all seeing it - whereas when dieting traditionally, I think we all know it’s a willpower thing to not succumb.

And a shout out to my amazing family, who were 100% supportive of me eating carnivore. I had meat - and just meat - for every meal. Perfect.


Septimius that was a fab post!! :100:

I also got the ‘good family’ for support too so that helps a ton doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

Nice thing is, ya feel WONDERFUL and healthy and on plan and vibrant the ‘day after’ which is the best feeling one can accomplish if ya ask me when we fight for big changes in our eating plans and what health changes we desire!

Good post and so happy you are doing so well! You got the spunk S! I love that!!

(Daisy) #335

Back to omad today! I wish I had stayed with the one meal yesterday, I would have felt much better! Anyway, today was scrambled eggs and bacon, 2 thin, bone in pork chops from a local farm, and 2 bacon wrapped filets. They were from the grocery store markdowns and frankly not good. I think I have one more pack in the freezer. Won’t buy them again, no matter how much they are discounted :nauseated_face:. Starting January 1st, I am publicly committing to at least 31 days of the Lion :lion: diet. I need a good strong carnivore reset to get me back on track and I think this is the perfect way. I have only committed to 2 weeks before, so I really want to give this my all. I will be consuming beef, lamb, bone broth, and water. All parts of the beef, including organs (mostly liver, but maybe heart too. Don’t enjoy the other parts and I want this to be enjoyable to be sustainable). Salt as I need it. I don’t currently seek out salt, but will add it if I feel the need. I will go by my taste. I don’t intend to stay Lion diet long term because I do think seafood and eggs are a very important part of a well balanced carnivore diet and I like being able to have chicken and pork when I crave it. But not for 31 days! Also, my 2 year carniversary is on Thursday!
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New Year Resolute. First I’d like to thank Rudolph for guiding us through December. I found my way back on plan after Boxing Day after going off track on Christmas Eve. If Rudolph was around in these parts her nose is red because of sunburn.

I think I’ll take a daily portrait photo for January. Apparently how one’s face looks is an important bio marker for health assessment. I heard it in a podcast. It may be a fun experiment. I won’t share the photos publicly. So, don’t panic. But I’m interested to see what I can see and what changes.

Any hints on portrait selfie taking? It’s not a thing I do. But I know the 35mm lenses in phones and iPads increase the size of the central facial features, compared to a 50mm lens.

(Edith) #337

Maybe that’s why I always think I look terrible in a selfie. I thought it was because I just look terrible.:rofl:. But…. I really like the idea.

Edit: Idea for the selfie: set the phone a distance away and use the timer. Maybe that will keep the picture more balanced?

(Edith) #338

End of year update:

So… it was several months ago I said I was going back to strict carnivore. Well, I never made it back to total carnivore and I also fell off the wagon and started drinking Diet Coke again during the pandemic.

I finally completely gave up Diet Coke. I made a vow to someone in my life that I would give it up forever. As a result, there is no going back ever. I think every time I gave it up previously, I knew in the back of my mind that it wasn’t permanent. Because of my vow, I know it is permanent this time. It has been four weeks today. Now, this is the interesting thing. I haven’t needed extra salt supplements since I stopped drinking it. I’m still using salt on my food, but it’s been three weeks since I stopped tossing down extra 1/2 teaspoons of salt during the day and so far, I feel fine.

For the New Year, I am really going to buckle down and get strict. I also have 5-7 pounds I really would like to lose. I may try leaning a little more towards a lazy PKD. I’m still having problems with my feet. I would like to not feel like I’m eighty years old when I first step out of bed in the morning.

@FrankoBear, I was thinking about you last week with your joint trouble after your vaccination. I got my COVID booster shot last week. The day I received the booster, I had done a workout that I hadn’t done before. The next day, my muscles were hurting so much, I thought it was from the workout. By the evening, my muscles were sooooo sore, I could barely walk. The next morning my muscles were back to normal. I think the muscle soreness was from the vaccination. Then for the next several days after that, I was really having trouble with my feet and ankles. I thought my arthritis had really flared up. I felt crippled. (I hadn’t gone that far off plan to be having that much joint pain.) That lasted for about four days and then suddenly went away. In hind sight, I think the painful feet and ankles were from the booster shot, as well.

I didn’t realize it was the shot at first and I told my husband that if getting back to strict carnivore after the New Year didn’t help with my joints, I was going to have to go to the doctor. Your experience is what helped me realize what was the cause of the problem. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Anyway, I hope that sticking to plan helps you overcome your poly arthritis soon. My four days were bad enough.

@Ketodaisy, congratulations getting back on plan. I look forward to hearing how the lion diet works for you.

@Septimius, I’m so glad to hear how supportive your family is. I could call my family supportive (which they are) but for my young adult daughters its more of support with eye rolls.:roll_eyes:

@Fangs, I hope all is going well with your “mom stuff.”
I went through a chicken wing and thigh phase about a month ago and I think I over did it a bit. Right now, the thought of eating a chicken thigh makes me feel a little sick. Chicken breast, which I don’t usually like because they are too low fat and dry, I am finding quite appealing at the moment. :woman_shrugging:

@Carnivoor, are you still around? If so, how are things?


Fab report Edith.

My pain, your gain :+1: Helpful, remindering, pain.

That die soda is dangerous stuff… says the coffee drinker. Fully food science engineered for addiction. Amazing and well done to hit it with a cold :turkey: turkey! I used to drink the sweetness of Pepsi Max as a ‘cheat’ when I was on a calorie-controlled corporate bars and shakes plan before finding keto. I think the mental health and hunger initiating side effects are too massive in those corporate chemical concoctions. It took awhile to shake the die soda cravings, but keto and hunger control helped. Eventually the gut biota rebellion died; the bugs that wanted die soda. These days I find a whiff of an ‘energy’ drink or die soda, even on someone’s breath, a bit nauseating.

You, @Fangs and @Azi have inspired “Clean Carnivore January”! Time to take a few days to reflect. I have eased the cheese, for example, and feel good for it. The Lion diet sounds interesting, as it seems to be ruminants, electrolytes/salts, and water.


wonderful posts on the board!!

VE that was a very interesting update on how that vaccine ya figured settled into your muscles and joints. Sounds horrible how bad your feet and ankles were!

yea that diet soda is evil stuff. I have to put soda in that category of a top useless item on this planet :slight_smile: Second is all those nasty cereals out there LOL

I am right there on board with you guys. FB called it for Clean Carnivore January. Definitely!! KD doing lion diet for a month is great.

None of us are bad carnivores :slight_smile: We are doing great. This new year gives us a good chance to ‘hit that stride and find a few changes’ we want made happen. For us guys, what we want in changes will happen, everyone on this thread has gumption to do just that. Hey we eat carnivore, if that isn’t a narrow lifestyle in food choices that we all do handle so well, ya know we can tackle a few extra changes. We got strength, each of us to take action to handle goals we want realized.

FB I have no clue on photo stuff. I like tho putting the camera stationary and taking the same shot for comparison. Be interesting to see those changes for sure, can’t wait to read about them all!

For me guys, I am dropping this last damn 20 lbs come hell or highwater LOL

I eat all carnivore I want in a day. I am up 2, down 2, up 3 down 3 for a year easily and I AM THRILLED with that IF I was at my maintenance area. But I can easily afford 20 off this ol’ body and it would put me in that place I feel I wanna be so I am going to manipulate a bit to get that conquered and see what goes down.


We all got a few changes we require…let’s get’em!

My store flyer said NY Strip steaks 6.99 lb
On my way home from errands and stuff and I hitting store and buying a ton of those babies! If that store doesn’t have a ton, will hit the next store too :slight_smile: I need beef in the freezer. I am going into my New Year beef stocked with steaks!

Rock on strong all!


I am super proud of you. I was hopelessly addicted to Pepsi Max for about 15 years, and although I had white-knuckled my way down to drinking less and less, it was pure willpower. Going carnivore meant my tastes changed and I dropped it. I still can’t quite believe it now.

It’s surreal, because I can sense the mouth-feel of it even now. Those food scientists clearly engineer it so it hits all of the right points - the feel of the bubbles, the sweet taste, and I’m even convinced that it does nothing to quench your thirst, meaning you drink more and more.

I was feeling a bit rubbish earlier in the thread (or last thread?), but I feel better again now. I think I just need to accept that this is not an immediate fat loss diet - so it will just take time. I think I just got a bit …if someone had said to me that they’d stuck with something 99% perfectly for 16 months, you’d expect to see a complete transformation.

But I do have other factors affecting fat loss (medication namely) - and one of the things I’d said was that I didn’t want loose skin, and that isn’t happening. I think I am losing slowly and steadily, and just not in areas that are immediately apparent.

I am going to watch you all closely at New Year, but I am not intending to make any changes. I think I was missing something when I was eating primarily pork and not any beef, and having now steadied that boat, I don’t want to adjust fat/lean etc - I don’t think I am at that point just yet.

But I will be watching everyone keenly, and wishing all well.