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I just bumped up ZC info videos on this forum for some wanting to read carnivore. So this site in the ZC category as SO much info you don’t really have to go elsewhere.

You wanna learn ZC you read all you can here :slight_smile:

Zero Carb means 0 plant foods ever.
Carnivore means meat only. 0 plant intake.

How ‘strict you go’ is your choice with only something like coffee which is a plant but many won’t give it up LOL

Dairy is not ‘meat’ ever so dairy is man made so do we keep butter and cheese since it is ‘not meat’ but some do SO WELL dumping this but others do well keeping it.

Journey for you :slight_smile:

read up the zc info and you can see what we are all about and how you have to do your personal journey on it!

(Linda ) #346

So exciting to read all the progress ppl are making and learning out them selves and about their eating…
I have had a couple if snacks days but they have been colder so maybe it’s the weather making me more hungry but I don’t like snacking so I need to turn to meat not pork rinds or cheese whisps…

Yesterday was a catfish fillet followed by steak then I had lamb and a hand full of cheese whisps.
@fangs yeah I’m not going to mess with my fat either I notice I eat a certain amount of fat wether on steak or lamb then the rest of my meal is pretty lean anyway…so im going to stick to it things might change going back to Florida different meats but I’ll worry about that when I get there…

(Karen) #347

Missed a day but just about read up all the posts.
Yesterday I was feeling a bit puffed doing stair runs so listened to my body and did about 35 flights.felt I was maybe coming down with a cold but that hasn’t developed.
Went dancing in the afternoon…just gentle dancing and more socialising. Came home and had first meal of day about 6pm. Cheese and cold lamb and then cooked up some lamb chops in the lamb leg leftover juices. Arghhhh I should have learnt from my mistake from boxing day. Last night I had diarrhoea and tummy felt very upset. Hardly slept. Definitely the lemon and garlic. First time I have suffered diarrhoea since starting this plan 14 months ago! Just shows ya doesn’t it. Never again!

Today I went to another tea dance and danced a fair bit. Balance is getting good again and spins on point. So pleased.
Came home to first meal of the day again at 6pm ish and had some more lamb chops cooked in leftover pork roast fat and they were lovely. Tummy feels fine now. Hoping to get a better night’s sleep tonight.

I am wondering if the feelings of the onset of cold were maybe to do with the garlic and lemon? Felt fine today!


I reckon it’s how you clean it. And why you clean it. Cleaning up carnivore for me is removing food addictions, and aiming for an anti-inflammatory result of eating.

Dirty carnivore has lots of options with dairy foods, sweeteners, spices, beverages, fats/ oils, and don’t mention honey.

Cleaner carnivore may mean less dairy, ease the cheese, bump the butter for some. It may mean not eating grain fed pork, or chicken, or salmon, to reduce reactive polyunsaturated oils found in the creature’s body fat or eggs. It may mean making bone broth without vegetables or onions for ‘flavours’, and just using salt to taste. Then we can examine the detail on salt, whether it is ‘clean’ or contaminated with microplastics. It may mean asking,”What’s in the Pâté?”, “What’s in the burger patty?”

These are just starting thoughts. I’d like to hear how others interpret clean carnivore as we move up to the start line.

Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022
(Will) #349

I’m very interested in hearing others thoughts on this as well.

(Daisy) #350

To me, clean carnivore is whole, single ingredient animal foods. No dairy, no processed meats, just single ingredient foods like beef, lamb, pork, chicken, eggs, etc.

Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022
(Daisy) #351

very large eating day: meal one was one thing after another. I tried to eat my non beef foods so I had eggs and bacon while the turkey burgers were cooking. Was still hungry so I made half a pack of Swiss Colony bacon. Was still hungry so made the other half. Then this evening I made a prime rib for my husband. It turned out perfect and I had to have some! It was delicious!
image image image image image image image

(Robin) #352

Have mercy, that all looks super good!

(Linda ) #353

Clean to me is taking out all added crap like pork rinds and cheese whisps, not drinking diet soda, or eating processed meats …
But for January I’m going to take it up a notch and try all rumnents meat ,eggs and butter only see how it goes… for drinks I’ll allow bubbly sparkling water since it has no sweetners…

Clean Carnivore Crew, January 2022

Clean for me is ditching processed and dairy.

All real meat/seafood/fish and fowl. Will keep little butter in life for frying when needed. I will allow bacon. I eat alot less bacon now then before but I know when I require bacon, I require it, processed or not HA

Luckily I eat very little cheese in my life anyway now…so won’t be a stretch to dump it easily at all.

sorry that lemon and garlic in those juices got ya :slight_smile: For me any type of gravy nails me to the wall for sure. I used to be able to have a little on meats, now I run from any type of gravy LOL I am glad you are feeling better tho!! Happy you are getting some good dancing time in. I guess Raymond is still going with you and dancing also?

those are some darn great pics. that prime rib, WOW!

------------running errands and all that today so will keep food super simple. when I get home later NY Strip steak. Dinner I have a few chicken wings left I need to eat and will pair up with another steak or pork chops.

Rock on ZC’ers!!

(Will) #355

My plan for January is coming together thanks to all the information I find here. I’m going all in, nothing but beef, chicken and a little pork and eggs. I found a nice jar of beef tallow to use in place of any butter. My one cup of coffee a day is out for January. No cheese or dairy if any kind. Should be an interesting month


@Relic53, might be a bit tough with adaption but key to the whole thing is you get to eat all you need. You will feel very satisfied for sure :slight_smile: You also will have us right along with you doing the same things!!

remember also, beef or heavy dense fatty meat should be your focus definitely, but if ya get a tad wonky, never forget about seafood and fish for a change. Nothing wrong with a meal of surf and turf if you need it!

Just read up on zero carb, more info you know the better ya do!

Here is a great site:

not sure if you ran across it yet but darn it has tons of good info in it to read. BUT be sure to read only the beginner stuff that suits you, there is more ‘longer term’ type info for long term zc people, don’t bother with that kinda thing yet :slight_smile: Best way in is do what beginners need to do, it is the absolute best way forward.

We will be starting soon, hit the store and stock up on what you need!!


I deleted my previous, longer comment but I have my limits so I wrote another.
[next day]
And I never bring up my CF card so I don’t wait for it and send it now. And why to show my food when it’s not all I eat and the rest isn’t fully carni?
Probably writing anything is a bad idea. But I will be back and stricter than ever in January so I don’t bother with such thoughts too much.

Photos made close to the face tend to make someone look bad. A big face with tiny cranium, bad :smiley:
Of course, lighting and other things matter tremendously… I’ve read a lot about portrait photography despite I never will do it but painting portraits interest me (portrait photos too, I just don’t want to do them. reading about it is fun)… Yeah, there are powerful techniques and it combined with makeup, almost everyone can look great. But the human face is always interesting anyway :smiley:
Of course I never made a selfie and never plan to. I think I tried it once with a proper camera but it’s pretty much impossible, I need another person if I want a photo of me and I never want that. So if it’s the technicalities of a selfie, I am the absolutely most clueless person :slight_smile: And I am fine with it. But I could talk about portrait lighting a lot :smiley:

You and me both. And others will do it tighter too… We will have such a wonderful support system :smiley:

I weighed 80kg the last two times. In the evening, after much food and drinking but still.
It’s 79 know, in my heaviest, warmest clothes, after drinking… I hope I will be 75 in the 1st but I expect 76… So, more than 40lbs for me. Unless I gain muscles. I totally do, my weights are going up, Alvaro complains more about them being heavy and he has aching muscles as he did more exercises than ever yesterday (usually he just tries something out and goes away. maybe he is afraid he will get fat being at home for weeks. it usually happens as his activity drops while he eats the same amount)… IDK why he is complaining when he can do 3x12 for all exercises with my weights… I do less (I use more weight when I reach 12-10-8). He needs them a bit heavier :smiley:

Isn’t diet soda super sweet? Are there (at least on/off) carnivores who can drink things that sweet? I lost that ability after not so much low-carb while eating sweets and fruits every day in bigger amounts! Alvaro lost it too. We can’t enjoy super sweet stuff (but we enjoy alliterations :D).
But I am used to completely unsweetened drinks anyway so it’s even more extreme for me. Sometimes we have a tiny carrot liquid from a jar… Even if I dilute it with much water, it’s super sweet. I imagine a soda is way, way worse :smiley: Completely impossible to drink one without a ton of water and I may not exaggerate much.

Diet soda is awful for me anyway, due to the sweeteners. I only can handle sugar alcohols but only if the don’t oversweeten the food/drink. I would sacrifice great things to avoid all those awful sweeteners, they are the worst.
I never drank diet soda (it’s possible I truly didn’t, I just know they are awful as they use bad sweeteners). And I drank very very little normal soda. It’s abnormal to me to drink it all the time as many people do. Wasteful, unhealthy, unnecessary, wrong… All that energy and garbage too while we could drink water, maybe flavored with a little lemon juice or something (I mean little. a few drops per glass should be fine :D) but soda? People are odd, I always say. And it can cause an addiction and that’s bad in another way.

I can’t even imagine that. Where is the food? :smiley: I always ate food. That’s one thing that never could change. If I am hungry, I need proper food. I never understood how one can get satiated by sandwiches (so, so common) or sweets… I ate zillion things but first I needed my food. Or at least in the middle. I must keep in mind if I want to experiment with something that I can’t get away without eating my proper, substantial amount of food.
Vegetarian keto was problematic enough. Even though I found it easy and nice enough back then (for a while and not without hardships but it wasn’t really hard and I liked it). My views changed drastically since but I know better now.

Our word for soda means “refreshing”, I never understood it. It doesn’t refresh me. A lemonade (very little lemon and unsweetened. I saw a recipe this year and it was so so odd, I would add 100 liter carbonated water to 1 liter of it to make it fine for me or something :smiley: okay, 10 for a very strong version. and the sugar would bother me. so I am careful to make sure people understand what I call lemonade :smiley: water, preferably carbonated with a few drops of lemon juice. maybe mint, I have plants. I have a lot of herbs and I don’t use them for anything except 1-2 mint leaves a year but I like to have them. I have leaf vegetable plants, they didn’t die in the frost and I don’t use them for anything as they are not edible if you ask me - they allegedly totally are but I never liked leaves. I tried them, they are tasteless, well it’s better than the usual grass taste or something even worse - and they are pretty, they start green but gets deep crimson more and more)… Erm, I get carried away if it’s about my plants. So a lemonade is refreshing. Cold water is refreshing. Some artificial thing with too much sweetness is definitely not. Okay, maybe if someone who likes things super sweet and they are dehydrated and hot and the drink is cold, maybe it’s refreshing then? But I can imagine zillion more refreshing thing…
(Soda means carbonated water in our language, by the way. The simple one, not the mineral water with CO2.)

As far as drinking addictions go… It’s still coffee for me but I try to skip it in January… At least in my fasting window. I won’t have cream and the new coffee I bought when I didn’t find what I had searched for (I am not sure about tenses but I tried) is horrible (but I have some okay one left) so I have chances. The nice warm water drinking habit I picked up in November disappeared :frowning:

I eat this and that today (chicken soup, eggy-cheesy leftovers, one small sausage, we will see what else but it must be eggy… no proper pork but I thought it’s best to take a tiiiny break and have an easy time in the first days of 2022 with a lot of pork roast) and tomorrow I roast some pork and the 2 chicken thighs we have in the freezer.

I am unsure if we eat bacon tomorrow. Its expiration date is in February so if I don’t want it, it will be good for emergencies when I inevitably get bored of my pork and eggs. Though I try to get turkey for those times and we have beef but that is never carnivore in our household, it’s best for stew… I want at least January full carnivore (but we will see), no tiny onion in my food. I won’t miss it, onion is too sweet for me to want it, it’s just a must have for our stews just like paprika. In moderation, I think we use the least amount in this country :smiley: Okay, maybe not, there must be some onion hater… But I saw recipes with 5 times as much and they are considered normal.
Nope, I think my body and mind definitely craves simple and clean for the near future. I only add things back if I can’t do it without but it can’t happen in the first weeks. Maybe I will feel a bit odd but real need? Nope. And I can’t predict things beyond that, it will be a very new territory, it will be fun and informative!
So I will have a tiny little emergency processed stuff (bacon and a little pork skin from my pork jowl thing in the freezer) but that’s it. I won’t even have any kind of sausage, the time is ripe for that big step. I liked my 10-20g dry sausage on some days and I surely will enjoy it later, here and there, at least the best stuff from the pig farm shop but I can imagine a month without it just fine. It’s a big change, I made sure I had dry sausage all the time in this year, I depended on it. It was good with boiled eggs (I dislike boiled eggs right now), it was a nice finishing bite sometimes… Oh my, I have no replacement, I must handle eating only egg and proper meat dishes… IDK if it’s scary or challenging but let’s choose the latter as I am determined and stubborn and I know I must go strict. At least for a while.

No one in their sane mind and knowing me at least extremely vaguely can expect me not eating my eggs so clean and strict carnivore is eggs and proper meat (so not the processed, smoked, added who knows that kind. it still will be almost exclusively pork) to me. I don’t need condiments so that’s fine. I don’t think I need spices but we will see. So no plants or dairy at all (maybe except coffee and tea when I can’t stand it anymore. I just can’t promise I won’t drink those, I never drank only water. I try not to drink coffee, that’s it. tea isn’t important but sometimes if it’s not tea, it’s coffee and I want to avoid coffee), that’s the basic plan and we go from there. No added fat if I can pull it off (but I “cheat” as I will use the fat rendered out of my meat for my scrambled eggs :D).

Isn’t it a bit too strict for the likes of me? We will see. And it’s not for until June, just for the beginning. I try to be realistic but badly need changes and I always desired as low-carb as possible in January so I am pretty sure I will do my best ever.

I still don’t do pure OMAD but close, I will tighten it up too but actually it’s less vital on carnivore… I only don’t want to eat until the sun is up - unless I get properly hungry but I almost never do that. And I probably won’t need much effort to avoid too late eating on “proper” carnivore. So whatever I will do, on that. So I just eat if and when I need it and it will have a cute sized eating window and all will be well.

Yay, I am glad :smiley: I already liked a lot that you go dancing, people should do things that makes them happier and keeps them younger and healthier :smiley: Our woe is important but there are other highly important factors, obviously. But you getting better is an extra joy on top on the usual one now :slight_smile:
(I am a lucky hedonist. I can get real joy from so many sources…)

I never heard this expression but it’s funny. Sorry, it must be unpleasant to feel like that but the expression is still humorous to me.

(Will) #358

Thanks for that, there’s definitely lots of good information there. I’m almost stocked up and ready to go. I will have the rest of what I need this afternoon.

(Karen) #359

Finished off the cold lamb leg … most of sh1t gone from it and it was left with just the plain meat on the bone… and of course I gnawed it off the bone like an animal lol still I felt a little indigestion afterwards so some of that marinade must have got down into the meat… crazy as there can’t have been that much!.

I did sleep much better last night and woke with a spring in my step and jumped straight out of bed … of ourselves wheni had been to the loo I returned back to bed and told myself to take it easy hahahaha. Didnt go back to sleep and I could see the sun was trying to come out so I got up.

Bit of a nothing day today, didn’t get booked on to CrossFit, didn’t stair run either.

Ate 3 scrambled eggs and melted cheese for tea. Hadn’t taken anything out of freezer so wasn’t really prepped as I usually am. Got some stuff out for tomorrow though.

@Fangs yes I danced with Raymond. He’s been a grumpy sod recently but he was a bit better behaved yesterday lol he was so close to getting threatened with not taking him but I definitely have to let it all go.

@Shinita yes there is absolutely nothing better than doing things you enjoy, I agree wholeheartedly. We used to dance atleast 3 to 4 x a week before the pandemic and I am sure that will resume eventually. I am only doing afternoon tea dances at the mo because the driving, especially in the rain and darkness gets me so tired now since my stroke. Hopefully by spring I will feel more confident to drive later at night … just the fear of having another stroke attack and being in the middle of nowhere with no one about late at night. I have always been a very confident driver and that hasn’t changed fortunately. I do all the driving as Raymond doesn’t drive. I love walking too so i really need to get out walking more as I do tend to rely on when my daughter is free to walk with me. I have seen a walking group so I must get in touch with them I think.

(Daisy) #360

Today is my 2 year carniversary! I also decided not to wait until Saturday to start the Lion diet. Did an omad of a cowboy ribeye, chunk of beef liver, and 2 burger patties. Thank you so much for all of the love and support you all give me every day! I appreciate each and every one of you more than you will ever know!!! image image

(Heather) #361

I think I did the best when I ate super clean. I felt good and definitely had less inflammation. Since having COVID a couple of weeks ago, my tastes are all out of sorts. I can’t taste anything, if it doesn’t have some sort of salt or sodium in it. This has resulted in me consuming 2 pieces each of salami and cheese most days. I’m also back to boneless skinless chicken breast which is injected with broth solution (more sodium). I’m not thrilled to be eating this way, but I was barely eating at all before, because the taste just wasn’t there. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon!

(Daisy) #362

Covid messed up mine too for a few weeks. It’s been over 3 months and I’m just getting my smell back! Hope you get yours back soon!!

(Robin) #363

Boy oh boy, am I pulling for you!

(Edith) #364

Sounds like we are all ready for Clean Carnivore January. Is that going to be the new thread @Fangs?