Round 2 let's try this again

(Katie Woods) #1

I did it. I gave up before. The Keto Flu kicked my ass and those carbs welcomed me back with open arms. A little too open… So again my doctor says, “Keto, I told you Keto. Do it, follow the directions step by step. You CAN do this.” Your body will thank you for it. As I creep closer and closer to diabetes already my cholesterol and triglycerides are through the roof. I feel much older than my 38 years… So here we go again. Wish me luck.


I wish you luck! You CAN do this. Your doctor sounds like a keeper!

The initial adjustment might be difficult, but keep your electrolytes up and push through this. You will feel SO much better and your body will heal. You will LOVE the way you feel once you make Keto a habit.

You CAN do this!!

(Katie Woods) #3

Thank you!


Good luck! Going off keto isn’t necessarily a problem, I did it zillion times (after some level of fat adaptation, though), it worked for me as long as it was short :smiley: It can be tough first, some of us do it more gradually but it becomes easier and easier if it’s for you. And you probably get great benefits. You still have tasty food…
It’s harder if your body has problem with some food you continue to consume. If it’s too hard, maybe try to change something. Too bad we can’t know what exactly works best for us.
Good luck again!

(Katie Woods) #5

My issue is Biscuits and Gravy… I love them too much!

(Polly) #6

But they don’t love you do they!

People can get stuck in all sorts of abusive relationships, and your addiction ( because that is what it is ) needs to be broken. If you keep up the biscuits and gravy you will become merely another sorry statistic. You can beat this.


Well you can still do some form of the gravy- just not the biscuits. Unless there is a recipe for keto biscuits? Anybody? We use almond or coconut flour instead of the regular carby kind. And check out youtube for a lot of surrogate recipes. I love “headbangers” recipes - especially his mac and cheese

(Katie Woods) #8

Nope, they make me feel like poop! I loved most of the keto foods before…I just got so sick not staying hydrated.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #9

The so-called “keto flu” is the result of a lack of sodium. When we greatly reduce our consumption of carbohydrate, our kidneys return to their normal rate of excreting sodium, so we have to work a bit harder to keep our salt intake up. If you do that, there is no need of experiencing the keto “flu.”

Some people like to call the keto “flu” “carb withdrawal,” but “sodium deficiency” is a far more accurate term.

(Katie Woods) #10

Yes, I did so many things wrong last time. Lots of salt and water this time definitely.

(Susan) #11

Welcome back, Katie, and best wishes in getting back on track =) You can do this. What an awesome doctor, very cool having a doctor that supports the Keto lifestyle.

(Keto Koala 🐨) #12

@Katie_kat Good luck Katie, I was gonna be called Katie but they decided I looked more like an Amy. The keto flu will pass. :heart:

(Kirk Wolak) #13

Go on youtube and find Dr. Cywes (Carb Addiction Doc).

Look, you MUST treat carbs as an addict. And Keto Flu as WITHDRAW.
You’ve EARNED IT, LOL. And you can overcome it. The liver has a 72 hr “memory”.
And the BEST way to overcome it, is to FAT Fast.

Over eat fat on the first 3 days to get you over the hump. Bacon and Avocado, whatever…
so you are NOT hungry, eat until you are stated. Plenty of salt on that Avocado.

I found that FORCING myself to drink a full glass of Snake Juice every morning (lookup the formula),
has really helped to keep me focused. I drink it BEFORE I allow myself to drink anything else… It slows you down from drinking a lot, but it is full of the electrolytes you need.

And PLEASE stop thinking of this as a “hack” you do to lose weight. You are learning that you have a TOXIC REACTION to carbs. Both an addiction, and a destruction of your metabolism.

I have chosen to live Carnivore, and FAIL down to Keto. I relapse with the occasional keto treat, and if I want more the next day, I go to Fat Fasting mode to overwhelm my body with good calories. Then I ease back into fasting.

I accept that this will probably be a lifelong struggle for me, and that I am NOT perfect, but I can promise you that I will NEVER go back to “real carbs”. Because I know the poison that they are to me, and the ADDICTION that they IGNITE may be more than I can handle. So I avoid them.

Finally, find a better reason… A bigger why! When I think of the years I lost with my daughter being morbidly obese, and now when we go on vacation, I have hiked ALL DAY with her… That’s my why!
My future grandchildren… And my pride in myself, and my ever improving blood markers, and body image…

It’s TODAY against all of those whys!

Also, I find it helpful to plan a 6 month out MEAL where you can have anything you want, if you still want it. That one day, followed by as many days of fat fasting until you are in control again. Write the things down that you want to have. This way it’s not about “NEVER”, it’s about “NOT TODAY!”


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I’m struggling with getting enough fat, though I haven’t been tempted by carbs today. I will look up the Snake juice. I have never heard of it. Thanks @CaptainKirk

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Katie is my nickname! Amy is a good name too!

(Kirk Wolak) #16

My God, I could consume 12,000 calories of fat a day if I wasn’t careful.
I’ve literally poured sucralose egg nog flavoring into a QUART of HWC, and enjoyed the entire thing in well under an hour! LOL. (Not recommended, because it simulates Fat + Carbs which is the worse).

Getting fat in is easy… STOPPING is hard. For me…

Honestly, find a few foods you like. If you are struggling, try Pepperoni (i’ts hyper palatable).
I’ve eaten 3lbs in a day…

But it’s a good thing, if you focus on fat, and get FULL, that’s your body starting to work properly!
Both Protein and Fat will trigger FULLNESS… Carbs don’t do that, b/c we were NEVER designed to exist on them… Like we do now.

BTW, make an Omelette with 8 yolks, and only 1 egg white. That’s a fatty meal. Throw some butter in there… Incredibly filling.

Get creative. But eating the same thing, all day, FAT heavy… It’s supposed to make you BORED of the food.

This way you can tell the difference between “Hungry (needing calories)” and “Willing to eat (wanting something to occupy your time, or that tastes good)”. We are 99% the latter IMO…

Good Luck!

(429aa64cee5562cabe47) #17

I really dont eat a lot, but then I would binge on the worst things. I’m extremely busy during the day at work. I work in a warehouse so constantly moving. Then homework and family keep me busy. I feel like I’ve ate a crap ton today and still 46g away from my fat goal.:roll_eyes:


If fat makes you full, how do you eat a ton of it? I am curious as I can’t eat very much if I use my most satiating items… Too much to lose fat, yes but not massive overeating.
Added fat and hwc doesn’t make me full or satiated, that’s why I can overeat them. Well, I couldn’t even reach 4000 kcal easily, I imagine :smiley: I rather not try but I couldn’t go over even in high-carb. It’s nice when we have our limits. The body is supposed to tell us it’s enough. 4000 is already twice as much as my need but still, some limit. It’s way lower on keto.
Carbs trigger long term satiation in some people too. (Of course. Almost anything is true for many people from all those billions but this one can’t be super rare. Why would hungry people eat carbs for a meal then? They totally act like they got full with a mostly carb sandwitch. I never could do that.)

I have hunger (I feel hungry) and Needing fuel separately, actually, they rarely meet. It’s probably very individual how many and what kind of signs we have urging us to eat. If I fancy food, that’s appetite, it doesn’t even resemble hunger (just like thirst is totally different, I don’t understand how people can mix them). And there are other cases. I am sure most people often eat due to real hunger. Probably not always but that 99% can’t be the normal case and it usually improves on keto.

Yolk omelette is good indeed but we need to do something with all those whites… I produce a lot of whites even without that (and eat very fatty already) so I rarely fry yolks but it’s awesome. More yolks help even if it’s one white and 2 yolks. And one can put yolks into nearly everything, at least I do that. It’s one of the best fat option if added fat doesn’t work for some reason, IMO. Nice, tasty, versatile, nutritious option.

(Kirk Wolak) #19

The secret to over-eating fat is to make it hyper-palatable.
Pepperoni does this by adding Pepper, which competes for the same receptors on the tongue. It allows you to STOP feeling the “fat” and notice the spicy flavor.

In my case, I cannot NORMALLY drink 1-2 quarts of HWC. But if I add a sweetener (sucralose, stevia, etc), then I can (and will, if not careful).

This is why going bland is a good idea. Meat, Salt, Water. Very basic, hard to over-eat. People will complain that it takes the “joy” out of eating. Well, if they are overweight… Maybe eating is too big a source of Joy for them?

But remember, if you have a lot of fat to lose, you can let your body burn your body fat for the rest of the fat.

For me, Hormones matter most. Then calorie mix, then calories. The calories do matter. But after everything else is lined up. The point of the fat is that it is fundamentally neutral towards insulin. Too much protein can spike insulin. A high enough spike will actually mess with the Randle cycle, and leave you lethargic after eating (you stop fat burning, and start storing fat, while having your glucose start dropping from the excess insulin. Kinda like you feel after Thanksgiving dinner!)

Now to be clear, ONCE I eat, my appetite opens up. I may get FULL, but it is temporary. If I come back in a couple of hours, that fullness is no longer there. That’s what’s dangerous for me. If I kick into GRAZING mode, I will just keep going. (No kidding, I’ve plowed through 3lbs of bacon between meals, and 3lbs of pepperoni between meals). The feeling of being full goes away, and while I am not “hungry”, I can still snack on fatty things… To my own detriment.

Hence I use TRF and try to stick to OMAD/2MAD.


You don’t need to force in the fat, get enough, but it’s the lack of carbs keeping you in ketosis, not the eating fat part.