Round 2 let's try this again

(Katie Woods) #21

I am not in ketosis yet as it is still pretty early in the process. 3 full days of carbs less than 30 net. I wasnt nearly where I was supposed to be for calories either. Trying to meet each of the levels is trial and error so far.


Very nearly all of my food is 8/10 at least, I am a hedonist, joy is basic to me and very important.
It has not so much to do with overeating. If my food is not very tempting, I eat something else instead so it doesn’t help. And if I am nicely full on the right diet, I can’t eat more from the most tempting food (not like food is tempting at that point, my appetite automatically turns off, more like it becomes negative. I easily eat a lot with zero appetite and zero hunger).
Good meat is clearly among the best, tastiest things ever so it’s hard to find something tastier, actually. My food must be really satiating so I can stop but preferable can’t help but stop without eating a ton (and I fill myself with simpler stuff first, those are quite delicious at that point too). I probably would get bored of meat even if I used a variety but no spice could help that. But eggs and some good meat? It’s pretty much impossible for me to get bored of it although I want my little cheese and cream too. The rest are for fun and nostalgia, probably… And because they are there.
Pepper doesn’t hurt, clearly, I love it. Both red and black, together. But some good meat with salt is perfect too. Egg is great even without salt but better with it as I am used to salted food.

If I eat a big meal, I am full for 24 hours (it works even with carbs but I need a bigger meal then). Sometimes almost 48. I love that, useful. But I eat a bit less (like, 1500 kcal) and I am often hungry in 2-3 hours… I quickly reach the state where I actually can eat again but I don’t need it and often don’t feel any desire either. Carbs tend to mess up things especially for the next few hours.
I only can eat very much if carbs are involved or lots of added fat or cream is present (and there are other conditions too)… I may feel slightly uncomfortably full but there is no complete satiation and if there is an urge to eat, that’s not pretty… Fatty pork is super satiating so I need a tiny bit and I am full and satisfied (provided I already ate and I wasn’t not really hungry but not fully satiated yet before). 1-2 oz does the trick. I know many people is totally different. And I want to try it with not smoked pork and without eating first… I probably could do almost a pound then, for my first, bigger meal… I do feel lucky. If I ever lose fat on keto, that will be due to having a lot of days close to carnivore, with fatty meat and eggs and cheese! And it will be easy.
At least it seems so, I have almost no experience with eating much meat. And no experience over 1.3 pounds of meat per day/meal.

What is TRF?
(And why can’t I be concise? But that’s a rhetorical one.)


It’s possible you are in ketosis but if not, you will be soon if 30g net carbs is a proper amount for you… It’s not low enough for everyone but probably okay for many of us. Did it work for you the first time? If you got keto flu, probably…? I never had keto flu and I don’t know how easy to get electrolyte problems without keto. Maybe it’s possible if one pops in/out keto? No idea.

I don’t know your targets or limits and that how far you are from them but it’s fine not meeting them very closely. I saw people who stressed way too much about them and that’s bad for multiple reasons, unhealthy, unneeded, people fall off the wagon easier, they try to force their bodies into numbers they (the bodies) don’t necessarily want… It’s fine to have an odd day with “wrong” numbers, usually but it should be fine longer term. It’s just hard to say sometimes what are the ideal numbers for us.
Would you give some more info? Maybe someone has some more helpful insight that way?

(Kirk Wolak) #24

TRF (Time Restricted Feeding). That’s limiting your Meal to 90 minutes or less.
Nothing goes in your mouth outside of that small window. You may have 2 windows if you are eating 2MAD. It changes an 16-8 Fasting to 16hrs (1.5hrs eating window), 5hrs fasting (1.5hrs eating window)
As opposed to some people who will eat 3 or more times during their 8hrs…

Salt is CRITICAL. I enjoy eating anchovies for the SLIGHTLY salty taste they have. When I start salting them, I will head straight to the doctors, LOL… I throw them on top of my fried liver, the problem is they are expensive. I eat 2oz at a shot (1/2 the jar, or a whole can)…

(Kirk Wolak) #25

Where are you consuming so many carbs? And if you are starting. ALWAYS start counting TOTAL CARBS.
This helps prevent you from making rookie mistakes, or finding out “some” of those other carbs AFFECT you!

I would shoot for 5g total carbs a day for 3 days, then you SHOULD be in ketosis. Then I would add about 5g total carbs (for 3 days), until you find that you break. That will tell you YOUR current carb limit (and it can change).

The upside of TIGHT restriction up front, is LOOSENING it feels like a gift! Lets say 10g is your number you have to stay below. If you start at 30g for 3 days, then 25g, then 20g, then 15g (you have just spent 12 days NOT getting into Ketosis, and THAT gets frustrating because you are not getting the upside benefits, loss of hunger, etc.

As always YMMV… You have to do you. I have heard other people argue they would HATE to be that restrictive for 6 days if they didn’t have to be, and it would be their deal breaker. (I am thinking WOW, imagine finding out 5g is your limit. That will suck. And wont 12 days of FAILING get to you? Wont you keep thinking OMG how low do I have to go).

Also, try to limit the NUMBER of times food goes into your mouth. (If I only eat ONE meal, I can tolerate MORE carbs! If I eat 2+ times in a day, it’s the 5g number or I am out in a couple of days)…


(Elmo) #26

This is a really good post. I wish I had had your doctor 20 years ago. Hmm… even 30 years ago. :smirk:

My wife persuaded me to try keto, and I’ve been on and off a lot, but “failures are only temporary” here and I’ve made great progress, even with too many steps backwards.

(UsedToBeT2D) #27

Ding. Round 2. KCKO. Go back to your corner, wipe the blood from your face, go again. You will be glad you did.