Rings right this morning

(Shona) #1

No weight lose today and my rings feels tighter more salt or less .?

(Prancing Pony) #2

Or you ate something that causes inflammation in your body. It can be very specific, if I eat chicken I get inflammation.

Also fighting off a cold does that to me too :wink:

(Susan) #3

Or it could be hormonal (TOM visiting?). I am post menopausal so past that now, but I used to always have tighter rings and bloating then, pre-keto.

(Shona) #4

I’m 63 past all that lol I’m in the middle of a depression so having trouble eating anything .Nothing different in the last while except maybe stevia in my tea. I’ll stop artificial sweeteners and see what happens.Also diagnosed type 2 recently .No meds if I lose weight and avoid carbs. Thanx for your advice

(Susan) #5

I wish you all the best in being able to fight the diabetes just with Keto, and not have to go on meds =)). Others here have done it and I am sure you can too =)). I had to get rid of all artificial sweeteners myself in June, so I hope that will help you too, take care, and best of luck to you =).

(Full Metal KETO AF) #6

My rings fit in the morning and fall off in the afternoon. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Shona) #7

That’s it. Exercise…20 minute work out and a run on the tread mill. Rings are loose again.

(back and doublin' down) #8

You mentioned “no weight loss today” and it’s great to becoming more aware of what’s happening with your body. however…in my experience, weighing every day can really mess with the mental aspects of this WOE. Think long term trends. Even when there’s no weight change, the body is healing and doing stuff “behind the curtains” so your efforts have value!

Congrats on going the direction of nutritional healing :slight_smile: