Rillettes de Porc avec Graisse d'oie

(Richard Morris) #1

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When we were in Sydney recently we visited a french charcuterie where they were selling a pork product called Rillettes which is a fatty meat paste, used the same way as Pate on crackers, or on cheese, or just smeared on a lettuce leaf. I asked the chef how he made it and he said he confits…

(Louise ) #2

Ohhh my :yum: They look delicious :yum: I did see Aldi have something similar at or near Xmas last year. Top notch :+1:t2:


I have a tub of goose rillettes in the fridge but this looks way yummier. YUM YUM pigs bum!

(Richard Morris) #4

Pork but is not bum … it’s shoulder :slight_smile:


Is that not called butt? :smiley:


Do you freeze it BTW or maybe just add an extra layer of fat on top to seal it in? You can get old confit jars here where they would layer up the duck with fat and preserve it that way.

(Richard Morris) #7

Just fridge it. Add a layer of fat on the top to seal it.