Richard's vegetarian stirfry

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This is a simple dish that cooks as it’s prepared - there is no mise en place required, no preparation just throw a pan on and start chopping things and adding them to the pan.

The trick is that the food is all diced so it cooks quickly. It’s also prepared with the food that needs the most heating added to the pan first.

I also use up all my “on the edge” avocados with meals like this as no-one cares if there are brown streaks in an avocado when it is diced and cooked into a stir-fry.

I serve this with scrambled egg, or puffed tofu, or egg noodles.


[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Richard’s vegetarian stirfry - - shallot, ghee, capsicum/bell pepper, Enoki Mushrooms, celery, Spinach, avocado, hemp oil, vegetable stock or water, Put a pan on the heat and lubricate it with some ghee; While the ghee gets up to temp, dice the ½ shallot.; Add the chopped shallot and the pan will cool a little.; While the pan is getting back to heat - chop some mushrooms. I leave the tops of these enoki to add in at the end as a garnish.; Add the chopped mushrooms to the pan and it will cool a little; While the pan is getting back to heat - slice off a face of the capsicum into a plate, slide the plate into batons, slice the batons into a dice.; Add the pepper to the pan and it will cool a little ; While the pan is getting back to heat - Chop the stalks off the spinach (reserving the leaves) and chop the celery and add them to the pan; Slice the avocado in half, then slice the flesh in a crisscross pattern.; Then use a spoon to scoop out dices of avocado.; Add the avocado to the pan; Add the reserved spinach leaves to the pan and turn the pan off the heat; I also add the mushroom heads and any other garnish (parsley, lemon zest, pine nuts, etc); If the pan is not steaming due to the liquid in the spinach, then add a little water or vegetable stock until it does.; Put a lid on and let the steam wilt the spinach leaves; Add a little oil to dress the meal and make it a little glossy.; - [/wpurp-searchable-recipe]