Richard's Fast Calculator is Broken! :(

(Whitney) #1

When I am doing extended fasts, I like to check in with the awesome calculator made by @richard. It has really helped. I am 5 days into a fast and wanted to check my values and the calculator seems to no longer be available? See attached for a picture. The calculator is still “there” but all the fields to enter my value are missing. Can this be fixed? I was hoping to use it to show a friend how I do have enough body fat to support this kind of fasting without slowing down my metabolic rate.


(Bob M) #2

I never knew that existed.

It does not work for me, either. I would like to use it too.

(Michael) #3

Huh, thanks for the link - interesting in theory and as a calculation. Despite the energy results, I think the mental game is at least as important when fasting. Some people fast regularly with very little body fat (like under 10% for males) and seem to love it.

(Butter Withaspoon) #4

I remember the 2 keto dudes podcasts about this. It’s why I only fast for less than 24 hours. I can feel the high feeling come in quicker, and if I start to cool down it seems a good idea to stop soon after. I probably should do a bone broth supported multi day fast every year, but it’s hard to get around to it!

(Bob M) #5

This is where these type of calculators might fail. For instance, Peter Attia fasts for a week at a time, and exercises a ton while fasting, and he is quite thin.

In addition to fat reserves, there has to be an ability to access that fat. Peter Attia, though he has little fat, can probably access what he has. Meanwhile, someone with insulin resistance may not be able to do this.

(Michael) #6

Aye, Peter Attia is who I was thinking about predominantly, although I have read of quite a few others similar to him.

(Bob M) #7

I was also thinking of Siim Land, whose book on fasting I read. Also thin and fasted a lot. But he started young, in high school, and didn’t have 30+ years of damage to metabolism, as some of us have had.