Reversing fatty liver

(Sheila) #42

I have been T2 for more than 15 years which is why I figured I had a fatty liver. I ordered this test. My Dr said it was no use since my AST/ALT both came back 12/13. I been Keto since 12/2017 and IF 16/8 nearly 2 months. My A1C markers are progressing tho. I went from 9.7 in Dec to 6.9 in April (without meds). But for whatever reason my Insulin isn’t lowering my glucose fast enough. I get daily readings of 170-200 any time of the day and definitely after fasting. So trying to find out why am I still bloated and only lost 17 pounds tho the first 12 pounds was water weight

(Steve) #43

Your metabolism’s been broken for 15 years and you’ve made HUGE progress in the first 4 months of the year - you should be proud of your progress! :slight_smile: We can’t fix everything overnight.
Me, I think you should stay the course and you’ll get there - but there’s lots of information from people that have been in your shoes in many of the threads here.

(Sheila) #44

Thanks for the encouragement. Great group! That’s exactly what I am looking for someone who has been in my shoes. Can you please provide me some key words to search, I have tried a couple of things and cant seem to find a similar situation as myself.

(Steve) #45

You actually don’t have to look too far or hard. :slight_smile: There’s the entire type 2 diabetes category within the Health section:

(Lane) #46

I was just formally diagnosed with Fatty liver with NASH a month ago. According to my medical records, my primary care doctor knew about it in 2016, but like everything else with her, she failed to tell me the complications of staying in a fatty liver state, and I developed NASH. (She is no longer my doctor, obvs.) My GI doctor sent me for a scan and I was first diagnosed between an f2 and and f3 on the scale for fibrosis. I was terrified, and my GI referred me to Cedars Sinai Liver center, and I saw a specialist there. He reinterpreted the fibroscan results and said I was more like an F1 and we spent the rest of the appointment discussing my weight loss and diet. He was happy for me to continue Keto, he also liked the IF as well. I’ll see him again in December for another scan and bloodwork. I am hoping I can reverse my NAFLD and halt the progression of NASH. It’s pretty scary stuff because there’s literally no treatment other than weight loss and a liver transplant if it gets too bad.

(Steve) #47

You definitely can!!! The “rub” is the further along you are, the longer the recovery takes. (and why doctors should be stressing the urgency as soon as it shows up). In six months you should be able to have very significant healing of your liver!!! :slight_smile:

(Lane) #48

Yeah, which is why I’m pissed off at my doctor for underplaying the seriousness of the disease. I mean, fatty liver sounds like you have a chubby panda bear in your tummy, it doesn’t really sound dangerous or threatening at all. And as I recall, she never said “fatty liver DISEASE”, it was "you have a bit of a fatty liver. No insistence that I start losing weight, nothing. The day my GI told me to start losing weight, I went home, asked my friends on Facebook what they had found helpful and several people said Keto. So we started a few days later. The next time I spoke to my GI I told him I was down 8 lbs and he was like, amazing, keep going. So fear was a great motivator, and now we are finding after nearly two months we are feeling better in general and no longer feel held hostage by food.

(Steve) #49

Wow! Sounds almost exactly like my doctor (though I didn’t fire her). Really hard to get a family doctor up here (we’ve had a chronic doctor shortage for a couple decades now).

I try not to fault them too much. It’s their training that’s failed them. They’re doing what’s taught. The problem is, we need to get the medical associations to completely tip on their ear and look at medicine differently - and bureaucrats are rarely quick adopters of change. :slight_smile:

(Regina) #50

What does your doctor do about the liver cysts, if anything. I have read that for the most part doctors don’t think about intervention until they get huge.


You have the Fatty Liver swelling and pain or discomfort correct. The bloat has been crazy at some times adding what feels like 5 plus inches and discomfort to pain when palpate. I have had a fatty liver for 20 years, and no advice from any doctor on fixing the problem except losing weight as they continued to increase and change my diabetes medicine due to progression. With Keto eating green salads and ACV I am hoping this finally will be on the mend. One of the tests that it seems most Pre and T2D do not get tested is Insulin as the Doctor community only looks at your Glucose. After being T2D for 25 years I finally found this out and ask… result of 24.8 showed me they have made me hugely resistant and have long progress for me and the Doctors thst are on my team!

(Steve) #52

Sorry to hear that your metabolism is so broken. It will take some time to heal - but you certainly can heal!!! Be glad that you’re still T2 - not sure that the T1 people can revive their pancreas with diet. We’re lucky that the liver is as resilient as it is!

Hoping your next tests results are very much improved!!! :slight_smile:


That’s pretty much it—nothing. They show up every time I have an MRI for NASH—which I actually hope I no longer have. They’re always stable in size. I had liver enzymes drawn this week and my doctor said they’re “excellent.” He left a message on my phone so I’ll have to wait until they’re posted on Labcorp to really know.

(Regina) #54

As I mentioned elsewhere, I had the Amplazter device put in for atrial septic defect 12 years ago, and doctor mentioned the cyst and that was that. 12 years of yearly ultrasounds and it has shown up again for the first time (imaging got better? - the first was a transesophageal ultrasound.) It sounds pretty large (don’t have the stats in front of me). Ultrasound doc recommended ab ultrasound, but that report did not make it to my GP. Have no issues or pain, but man, can turning 60 make you scared of everything. I don’t want an abdominal ultrasound!!! I used to love doctors, but the older I get………

(Regina) #55

So happy you are doing so well. Excuse my whining!


I’ve been an RN for 34 years and every year I put less faith in medicine lol.

(Lane) #57

Ultrasounds are easy peasy. Painless. Have you ever had one? Don’t fear it.

(Regina) #58

Yes, I get one on my heart every year. It’s not the test - it’s what they will find? Like reading that 1 out of 4 have NAFL? I’d rather just KCKO and not get any bad news. Thanks for your answer. Now, can you absolutely lie to me and tell me that colonoscopy preps are easy:rofl:?? I’m really dreading that!

(Steve) #59

I actually started getting colonoscopies when I was 35 - a cousin of my mother’s died of colon cancer. By far the easiest pre-treatment is “the big jug” - it’s a very salty solution (some people have a harder time drinking it all, some don’t). It’s much easier, the colder the water is that you mix it with. The little bottle of liquid laxative is just nasty…not a fan. :slight_smile: (some people do both).

The one thing that I found was that the jug really wasn’t sufficient to clean out a larger guy (over 300 pounds) they should really make an even bigger jug for larger people. (makes sense when you think about it). Think now that I’m down into the 230’s, the next one will be fine (won’t require follow-up enema’s).

Really wish I’d get the all-clear to go to every 10 years like everyone else - my father had some pre-cancerous polyps, so I’m still stuck at every 5 years for now.

(Doug) #60

Steve, in the 1960s my mom had some health-type book that had the recipe as a half gallon of slightly warm water (like body temperature) and 1 tablespoon of salt. Definitely works, and if needed one could up the volume to 3 quarts or whatever. I find it super-easy to drink.

One question - does weight loss automatically reduce the capacity of the alimentary canal?

(Steve) #61

I guess it would really depend on whether you fill out that space in the first place (then the corollary would be true). It’s certainly true that if you eat smaller meals, your stomach will shrink over several weeks - meaning that it would take less food to give you the feeling of satiety.

I always figured that when the abdomen gets larger, that the body would move to fill that space - but maybe the inside stays the same size and the excess is entirely your fat store. Mind you, larger framed people should have larger organs and a longer canal (everything tends to be at scale). If there isn’t an increase as we gain weight, then that means I can expect the same experience from the “big jug” as in the past. :frowning: (not thrilled about that…due for another one next year).

Yeah, I think the Golytely jug is only a gallon (seems like it’s a lot bigger when you make it up) :slight_smile: Considering how much water I drink, that’s not that much. :slight_smile: I’m sure it seems like a lot, as you’re to do go through it in a fairly short period. (following drinking a lot of water).