Reunion… Whaaaat?

(Robin) #1

After 16 months of keto (and all of the support and information from ya’ll), I actually attended my 50th high school reunion. With confidence and pride. Two adjectives I hadn’t used in quite a while. Feels good. Thanks for your help.

(Bob M) #2

Great news!


Very Nice! :+1:


You are a star Robin, glad you felt so great about yourself for the reunion.

(Butter Withaspoon) #5

That is so cool! I’m grinning from ear to ear and imagining that I would feel ok too, physically at least


Superb - what a great victory!

(Robin) #7

Not sure I am a star. I am more like a happy little party light… I look better at night. LOL. But… you are right… we have to celebrate our success. I skipped every other reunion because I was NOT in a good place physically. Oh, vanity…

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #8

It’s certainly a great non-scale victory! :+1:

(Rebecca ) #9

Good for you! I’m hope you had a great time!

(Marianne) #10

Girlll, I bet you killed it!!! :hugs:

(Robin) #11

I was in good company at “killing it”. So many women my age looked fabulous. The guys seemed to age more, in general.

(Bob M) #12

Have you seen most men?

Or, funnier, this:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #13

The Psychology Today article is fascinating, and so is the study. And not to nitpick, but one cautionary thought is that the Darwin Awards are intended to “honour” those who have removed themselves from the gene pool (whether by death or by making themselves infertile) before reproducing, so there is a bias towards youngsters in their data. That youth, and the resulting unformed judgement or lack of wisdom, may be a confounder.

Although I admit that the ratio between the sexes of Darwin Award recipients is probably significant, regardless of confounders.

(UsedToBeT2D) #14

My 40th high school reunion is next. I’ve never been to one, and don’t ever plan on it. However, my wife says I look skinny, but I still need to drop 15 lbs. My ex-wife (the first) looks terrible, and I’m sure she is jealous of my transformation. I’ll consider it a win!!

(Robin) #15

Yep, that’s a win!

(Robin) #16

Bob, after listening to what people remember about me at the reunion, I definitely would qualify for the Darwin Award. Floating my VW Bug down the river. Pulling said VW Bug back out of the river. I could go on, but would incriminate myself. It was the 60s/70s. I plead the 5th.

(UsedToBeT2D) #17

That, in itself, is motivation.
Sorry, but I did not choose wisely the first time.

(Robin) #18

Same here. More than once. Live and learn!

(Laurie) #19

I’ve never attended a reunion. I did visit my hometown once, incognito, and couldn’t believe how many of my contemporaries were still there, married to each other and raising families.

More recently, a former classmate, who I remember as a nice person, facebooked my sister, wanting to get back in touch because he thought she was me (easy to get the names mixed up; it has been 50 years).

She replied – rudely I thought – that she had no idea who he was. THEN she asked me if I remembered him. I did, and I also googled him. He has had a very interesting life and there were indications that he is still nice. Too bad!

(Robin) #20

I think I would be reaching out!