Reunion… Whaaaat?

(Laurie) #21

Yes, maybe I can do that!

(UsedToBeT2D) #22

I wish that I could go back knowing what I know now. That girl that I should have told…

(Robin) #25

I agree it would be fun to “see” this group. But I will fly over and meet you at the destination. Funny…. Think what a keto cruise would be like. Those buffets of meat, meat, and maybe some more meat. LOL

(Jane) #26

I was worried about my first cruise after going keto, but found it very easy to stay low carb. And when I ate a bit higher carb I burned it off from all the walking we did. Both on the ship and the shore excursions. I did not gain any weight.

The ship was easy - it was when we had all-day shore excursions we did not always have full control over the menu. I could have not eaten lunch, but I enjoyed myself and limited the damage (no sugar).

(Robin) #27

I don’t “worry” about taking a cruise. It’s just the epitome of being stuck with a bunch of people for a long time and I can’t hop in my car and escape. Kinda my Achilles heel. I passed up a 50th birthday trip with my gal pals because I wouldn’t have been able to leave. Like LEAVE leave, not just get away for a bit. Go home. Maybe if the ship had a helicopter standing by for wanna-be escapees. LOL

(Jane) #28

I have a few friends who won’t cruise for that very reason. I’ve never cruised with anyone I know except my husband so never had to deal with needing to get away.

It sure is a stress-free way to vacation as all the logisitics except the shore excusions are taken care of and the shore excursions are optional.

(Denise) #29

That’s so great!! I hope your friends get the “bug” on the good health we can have (and the benefit of looking better too) while getting into Keto :wink:

(Denise) #30

I so relate to this :wink: I’ve been on my own too long to go without my vehicle, or some sort of escape-plan from the crowd :crazy_face: I like to visit, but I like my own company as well.

(Bob M) #31

I personally think we’ve spent thousands of years with women being the primary caregivers and with men being the primary warriors. I think we still have some of that in us.

While I was in high school, I remember a male friend trying to change a light bulb on the ceiling of a room (basement? garage?)…while standing in a foot of water. Not a bright idea, and one I think many women would say “that’s stupid” or at least “that sounds unsafe”. :wink:

Are there exceptions? I’m sure there are. Many of them.

But men tend to be more risk-taking than women, in general.

(Robin) #32

Oh honey, women take risks by being with those men!

(Jane) #33


(KCKO, KCFO) #34

I’m just hoping there will be another Keto Fest on land someday. Cruises are not our thing. My DH enjoyed doing the Keto Fest tho’.

(Robin) #35

Keto Fest??? What did I miss now, dang it?

(Jane) #36

There hasn’t been one in a couple of years but I always wanted to go to one to meet everyone and hear the keto gurus talk.

They were put on by the Dudes!

(Robin) #37

How fun. Maybe once covid is really in our past, it can happen again.


It’s scheduled for October 2022.

(KCKO, KCFO) #39

The 2ketodudes raised funds to hold a weekend festival all about keto, and meeting other ketoners. I was at the last one in 2019, I think there were two before that. Got to meet so many of the people involved in promoting keto/lc eating. Held in New London CT, Saturday was a pig roast, cooking demos, and meeting the speakers and other ketoners, Sunday was all about the science and more keto feasting.

I see someone has posted something about one in 2022, hadn’t heard about that so will be checking it out.

(Robin) #40

Yay! Just submitted my email to be notified when it is confirmed. So fun. Also, Have never been to CT and that season would be incredible!

(Jane) #41

Oh man. I booked a Mediterranean cruise for October 2022 and will be flying to Athens, Greece that weekend if the world doesn’t stop spinning before then!

(Robin) #42

Well, that’s the best excuse I can imagine.