Restarting… again


Hi again… after eating a whole roll of Ritz crackers as a snack I found my way here again. Perhaps I should go back to the newbie section again. Either way, anyone else restarting AGAIN, here’s some encouragement to you! :slight_smile:

(Joey) #2

Welcome back. Yeah, eating a whole Ritz pack is not likely the sign of genuine healthy hunger. As you likely concluded, there are other factors at play.

Cutting out the carbs to eliminate those binge urges is typically the best path forward from here.

Let us know how things go this time.


You can do it, Bunny! If you can stay off those processed carbs for a few days, eat well and put the Sugar Monster back to sleep, you’ll be on your way and feeling much better very soon. Best of success :+1:


The horse is a good horse. It’s waiting. Climb up and continue the ride. Also the outlook is much nicer, things seem clearer, when horse riding.

(Alec) #5

Good on you for climbing back on! I did that 6 months ago, and I am still aboard the horse… you can do it as well.

You will feel soooooooooo much better in a week or 2!

Best wishes and best of luck.

(Marianne) #6

I absolutely LOVED Ritz crackers. Definite comfort food to me, pre-keto. I keep a package in the cupboard for cheese and crackers when we have people over, and they do not tempt me whatsoever - as long as I do not take the first bite. If that were to happen, I’d eat a whole sleeve or more. I never go there, however, it’s taken me my entire adult life until I started keto to realize that.

Three years ago after being totally clean keto, we went to a wedding. I was completely fine with hors d’oevres, dinner, etc., until I decided to “taste” one bite of wedding cake. That was it, I was off an running on a binge that I tried to hide. Most of the people had left our table and didn’t touch their cake. I proceeded to finish all of that, polish off the specialty bon bons that were on each table, and go to the dessert table and get a plate of cookies. I would have eaten more if no one had been around to see. That was the last time I strayed - because now I finally realize it happens EVERY time - there is no moderation for me.

So, you fell off the wagon - remember this is a journey, not a destination. Shake it off and start again. I think the worst part about falling is the guilt, doubt, fear and hopelessness that most often accompanies it.


Thank you everyone, it really means a lot!! Day 2 went well! :laughing:

(James H Shaffer) #8

I did keto back in late 2017 till late in 2018, in nine months I lost 175lbs, which was awesome, then did carnivore for a few months but weight did not budge. over the last three years I managed to regain about 100lbs of the weight, so decided to restart the only diet that ever really worked for me. Keto again, started 10-13-2022 and amazingly went from over 400 down to 372 already about two weeks in. no head aches or any real transition, but then again I never had much “keto Flu” the first time with brain fog being the only thing I experienced last time, zero issues this time. Just like I never left. Pissing like a Russian race horse. also wanted to mention that I had covid and that knocked me out for a month, then had to blood circulation issues that have required surgery, still have one more surgery before the end of the year. So exercise is not in the plans yet. just straight up Keto and OMAD. feel great thus far!

(James H Shaffer) #9

for me I make Keto as simple as possible, cut the bread, rice, potatoes, sugar, out! balance out the good fats with a good amount of leafy greens, ample Protein, rinse repeat. one meal a daily. used to supplement with CMT oil before every meal, now just sticking to one good balance low carb meal a day, taking a few good vitamins and drinking plenty of water. seems to be working.

(Robin) #10

Good for you. Back in the saddle. Yeah, covid did a number on many of us. Sorry to hear about your issues with it.
You are exactly correct… the simplicity of keto is the best! I didn’t add exercise until I had lost most the weight and now I only do it to stay strong. You can lose weight on keto without exercise. Just ask @PaulL. :vulcan_salute:t2:

(Edith) #11

Welcome back! I definitely think this is the way to go. Trying to find keto replacements for all the things we “miss” going low carb is what keeps the cravings and I believe makes keto less effective.


It depends. I love my replacement bread (it’s eggs but separated, whipped, mixed and baked ;)).
But simple is good. We should find the right amount of simpleness, being bored and depraved isn’t the way to go either but simpler easily can be better, more beneficial AND even more interesting. I like simple. Or… I like a simple base that easily is enough - and I can add my cooking hobby and fun experiment things on top IF I am in the mood. Complicating it is for fun or very occasional need, maybe, it’s not mandatory all the time… I couldn’t go back to that anymore. Being close to carnivore made me lazy :wink: In a pretty good sense. Even if I add extras, it’s usually just grabbing something, no extra cooking is involved.

(Edith) #13

Oh my gosh, me, too! After my carnivore trial I could not go back to making recipes: cutting, chopping, measuring, yadda, yadda, yadda. It was just too much work. Now I just cook meat and maybe a veggie or small serving of fruit.


And I did vegetarian keto… Vegs are so very time consuming. And fun and tasty but rarely can make some proper, satiating food even with the help of some eggs (low calorie density and carbs make me hungry. I need much food at once too). Now if I eat some of them, it’s a slice of my SO’s raw vegs, effortless.
I never went back to cook vegetable dishes again… Except a single legume one for my SO as it’s just boiling it and voila, base for the next 4 lunches.
Preparing vegs is in the past (for me. my SO still cooks them in weekends sometimes), that’s sooo nice :slight_smile: We mostly lived on veggie dishes (usually with eggs especially me on low-carb where legumes were out). So much better without them.
I still need to pressure can our fruits, that’s more than enough cutting for me…

(Alec) #15

Now that made me laugh, but it is so true… I know when my body has decided to use some bodyfat… wee every 2 hours….

Dinner time:

  1. Take meat from fridge (5 secs)
  2. Put in baking tray (5 secs)
  3. Sprinkle salt (5 secs)
  4. Turn on oven (5 secs)
  5. Slap meat in oven (5 secs)

6. Take meat from oven (10 seconds… slower cos it is now hot!)
7. Carve the meat (60 seconds… I take care!)
8. Place on plate (10 secs)

Total meal prep time: 1min 45 seconds. Easiest cooking I have ever done. And it soooooo works to lose weight. And delicious. And incredibly healthy. Am I selling this enough? :joy:

(James H Shaffer) #16

only weigh once a week on Sundays, keeps me motivated during the week. have had two meals this week where I honestly did not feel like eating much so I didn’t. it is really crazy how low my hunger(or lack there of) has gone. but feel pretty good with good energy. washed and detailed my Jeep after work and did some other choirs. did not eat til a couple hours past my usual time but was not hungry so just ate some small items maybe half of what I typically eat. was fine, not hungry in the least. just amazing


Oh I don’t cook meat every day… Once I managed to put 3.5kg meat into my mini oven… It’s lovely to work (the same points but I turn and check my meat too and cut my big slab into smaller pieces in the beginning or it never would get ready and wouldn’t have as much lovely outside I want) ONCE and eat several times. Hard to imagine something simpler than that. I even live “in the middle of something” as some people with wrong priorities say (we have forests and foxes and ponds and a river!) so… Sorry, I can’t bring a better example but even baking a bread is way easier than buying bread. And making my own food is WAY easier than that (but I like baking and it’s not much work anyway just more than frying or roasting something).

I just need a packed freezer and fridge and I am okay for a long time.

I eat eggs too, that is simple too, my sponge cake muffin breads are a bit more complicated but still simple and I love to play with fluffy, creamy substances like that so it’s joy, not work.


:partying_face::partying_face: you are selling it enough for me. I am not no chef type either. I hate kichen time :slight_smile:

I almost never bother with the oven anymore. No big roasts and such, I think my ‘oven’ is basically my crockpot now. Roast in crockpot, take out later and eat. Mine is mostly slap steak or chops or chicken in hot fry pan, flip around a bit and onto plate and done…heehee…alot of times no carving or fork come into play to eat :wink:


It’s morning. The day is sunny. I am restarting my healthy low carb eating WOE again. Just like I did yesterday. Each day is a new start for everybody.

(James H Shaffer) #20

down to 368, four lbs this past week :slight_smile: