Restarting… again


Hi again… after eating a whole roll of Ritz crackers as a snack I found my way here again. Perhaps I should go back to the newbie section again. Either way, anyone else restarting AGAIN, here’s some encouragement to you! :slight_smile:

(Joey) #2

Welcome back. Yeah, eating a whole Ritz pack is not likely the sign of genuine healthy hunger. As you likely concluded, there are other factors at play.

Cutting out the carbs to eliminate those binge urges is typically the best path forward from here.

Let us know how things go this time.


You can do it, Bunny! If you can stay off those processed carbs for a few days, eat well and put the Sugar Monster back to sleep, you’ll be on your way and feeling much better very soon. Best of success :+1:


The horse is a good horse. It’s waiting. Climb up and continue the ride. Also the outlook is much nicer, things seem clearer, when horse riding.

(Alec) #5

Good on you for climbing back on! I did that 6 months ago, and I am still aboard the horse… you can do it as well.

You will feel soooooooooo much better in a week or 2!

Best wishes and best of luck.

(Marianne) #6

I absolutely LOVED Ritz crackers. Definite comfort food to me, pre-keto. I keep a package in the cupboard for cheese and crackers when we have people over, and they do not tempt me whatsoever - as long as I do not take the first bite. If that were to happen, I’d eat a whole sleeve or more. I never go there, however, it’s taken me my entire adult life until I started keto to realize that.

Three years ago after being totally clean keto, we went to a wedding. I was completely fine with hors d’oevres, dinner, etc., until I decided to “taste” one bite of wedding cake. That was it, I was off an running on a binge that I tried to hide. Most of the people had left our table and didn’t touch their cake. I proceeded to finish all of that, polish off the specialty bon bons that were on each table, and go to the dessert table and get a plate of cookies. I would have eaten more if no one had been around to see. That was the last time I strayed - because now I finally realize it happens EVERY time - there is no moderation for me.

So, you fell off the wagon - remember this is a journey, not a destination. Shake it off and start again. I think the worst part about falling is the guilt, doubt, fear and hopelessness that most often accompanies it.


Thank you everyone, it really means a lot!! Day 2 went well! :laughing: