Resistance to sunburn on Keto

(Ren) #61

These pictures make me glad that I don’t sunburn!!! Helps being Filipino and having a year round tan.

(Duncan Kerridge) #62

My wife noticed yesterday I had gone brown. I don’t go brown, usually it’s white-lobster-white. This year I’m browning without burning.

(Jacquelyn Graham) #63

Yep, mosquitos are ticked off their favorite dinner is no longer spiced to their particular taste. I, formerly known as mosquito-bait, am frickin’ thrilled.

(Jennifer) #64

I am doing the same thing. Granted, I have been out in the sun more than in years past (the heat feels good, instead of oppressive). I work from home and on sunny days, I will take my lunch out in the garden. Either just laying in the sun or pulling weeds and such.

I don’t get that dark because of the fair skin, but I am getting a nice golden color.

(Arlene) #65

There is something to this. I am very fair skinned. I used to burn within 30 minutes. These days I can be out working in the garden for hours in a tank top and shorts. If it’s early in the summer I can still burn slightly after several hours in the sun, but I just cover up for a few days and all is well. I love getting my vitamin D this way. I do wear a hat to shade my face. I’m not wanting to accelerate the wrinkling process.

(joievawter) #66

:sunglasses: I wish I could have a year round tan. Maybe one day!

(gooeykablooey) #67

I take it back! Keto does not prevent sunburn for me :joy: first time in a swimsuit the other day in about 18 years lol I’m a lobster

I was even wearing sunscreen!

(Crow T. Robot) #68

Well, there’s your problem!

(only half joking)

(Arlene) #69

Yesterday’s high was 92 degrees here in Oregon. I was out in a tank top and shorts from 9am till 5pm. Absolutely no sunburn. My skin isn’t even pink. It’s important to note that I am a freckled, fair-skinned Norwegian who used to burn in about 15 minutes of sun. I used to make jokes about the fact that I couldn’t tan, just get redder. It’s just so amazing to be able to play all day in the sun and not worry about putting on sunscreen all the time. I haven’t used sunscreen in years because I just don’t trust any of it, but up until I started eating this way, I used to wear long pants, long sleeves, gloves, and a large hat to protect myself. That’s a bit uncomfortable in high summer heat!

(Dustin Bowen) #70

It doesn’t prevent me from burning but I’ve found that I have a MUCH better tan because I am actually outdoors and active now.

(Arlene) #71

It doesn’t totally prevent me from burning either, but I can go MUCH longer in the sun without worry.

(joievawter) #72

Oops. That is some virgin skin there. I would say, you need to season you’re skin with small doses of sunshine working up to longer.
That is what I do every late spring and now that summer is here, I have no worries for a burn.

(joievawter) #73

So, seeing the mixed responses of resistance to sunburn on Keto…
It definitely continues the truth of n=1, but I am now wondering if the amount of fat intake makes the difference between us all.
For me, my dietary fat intake is on the higher end because I need it. I don’t have much body fat to eat anymore.
So, I feel the amount I eat also contributes to my resistance to burn, as the higher the oil content in a sunscreen results in a higher SPF naturally.
Which leads me to wonder about those of you that may be consuming less dietary fat because you have some body fat to consume, this makes you less resistant to burn?
So, this ultimately makes me wonder if there is a optimal dietary fat consumption percentage that makes one more resistant to burn? I am so curious!


I have significant amount of weight to loos still and here are my observations this far. Mind you, I live north of the Polar Circle and sunshine is not abundant, but due to the clean air and the angle of the sun it is still easy to get a sunburn. Also since it doesn’t get all that hot here, you don’t really notice as much that your skin gets hotter.
I don’t use sunscreen but use almond or coconut oil (as of this year)
I have gotten sunburned but it healed VERY fast and my skin didn’t flake at all, it just got a nice tan after two or three days. The sunburn wasn’t painful and bothersome at all. And I definitely get tanned faster. I have fair Nordic skin and get a golden brown tan.

(joievawter) #75

@Siddy, very interesting. Good call on using the oils. I use coconut or almond oil when I or my family is doing prolonged play in the sun & water.

(Nick) #76

A couple of years ago I spent way too many hours in the sun at the height of summer in Barcelona. I browned nicely but never got sunburn. I assumed at the time it was somehow because of Vitamin D from the ‘mega doses’ of fish oil I’d been taking. (I was not keto at the time).

This summer I am keto (and stuck in northern England), but managed to get sunburn twice already :frowning: I’ve calmed down on the fish oil, but I am supplementing with 5000IU Vitamin D most days (i.e. if I don’t get much sun), so who knows.

(joievawter) #77

Just more proof of N=1. :slight_smile:

(chris) #78

and only 10 fish

(Lisandra Mathews) #79

I just started using coconut oil when I’m poolside too. I’ve not burned at all in fact got some great color.

(IDM Educator) #80

Awwwe buddy. I should take you to my secret fishing spots. I can easily pull northern, walleye, pan fish, and bass whenever I want.

You’re at the wrong lake. Lol